Are Subliminal Messages Safe? Can They Damage Your Brain?


Although subliminal messages have been used widely by many people for various beneficial purposes, the question that arises is that are subliminal messages really safe? 

Subliminal messages work on your subconscious mind. They are a great way to crack bad habits, and positively shape, and transform your mind.

Let’s dig up a little and see if subliminal messages can be dangerous and used in bad or unhealthy activities. 

Is Listening To Subliminals Safe? 

Studies and research suggest that there is absolutely no evidence or proof that states that Subliminals are dangerous for your brain or cause any harm. But the key here is, Subliminals are heard repeatedly and whatever you hear repeatedly, shapes your mind and thinking. 

There is no danger involved in listening to Subliminals as such, but what might be dangerous and cause harm to your brain, is listening to the wrong Subliminals. 

One needs to be extremely cautious and well aware of what kind of subliminal he or she has chosen and is listening to. 

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Can Subliminals Damage Your Brain? 

A prominent subliminal creator named Mind Power was making use of negative affirmations in its Subliminals. Those hidden, dark affirmations caused the users demonic nightmares and restlessness. Some even developed mental illness!

Subliminals work on the deeper levels of the brain. The places where the normal things cannot reach. They are responsible for the complete transformation of the brain. This is why it is of utmost importance that the user chooses their Subliminals cautiously only from the sites they trust for these Subliminals. 

Do Subliminals Really Work?

It was in the year 1957 when a movie theatre inserted images of buttered popcorn and coke into a movie. The images were shown for only a fraction of a second at a time. 

On the conscious level, the audience could not register those pictures or take active notice of them but surprisingly the popcorn and coke sale in the theatre, at that very night drastically increased! 

There has been constant debate and argument about how powerful Subliminals are and how deeply they can work and influence our thinking but thankfully, with the kind of technology we have today, we can measure the effect Subliminals have on the brain! 

So it is safe to say that Subliminals do work and have the power to bring about a change in our lives.

Are Subliminals Permanent? 

Subliminals and hypnosis are often thought of as similar or one, but it isn’t true. Like hypnosis, Subliminals do not float around or constantly remain in your sight. 

Subliminals instead are subtle hint-like things, they can be words, images, or other things that are out of the perception of the conscious mind and can only be perceived by the subconscious mind. 

Also, Subliminals do not make you instantly react like hypnosis does or makes you suddenly do something or anything against your wish. 

Generally, subliminal messages are not permanent in nature. They can always be transformed, again transformed, and even eliminated. 

The results obtained through subliminal messages can only be permanent if the intent of the person using them is to change some behavior. The results aren’t shown instantly or within just a few trials, which requires consistency. It takes time for a person to witness the results. 

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Using Subliminals Safely 

The key to any transformation process is a strong will. If you aren’t willing, you cannot reach great heights. A strong will helps you climb mountains and a weak one, will not lead you anywhere. 

It all begins with a thought and that’s how Subliminals work. There are plenty of websites that offer Subliminals of different types. Involving different topics, having different purposes, and working differently from one another. 

Subliminals work for the following categories of people:- 

  • People wanting to quit a bad habit 
  • People wanting to attract something good in life 
  • People looking for mental as well as some sort of physical transformation 

Our mind is an extremely powerful force and anything can be achieved in life only if we make apt use of our minds and the strength that lies within. 

If you are not really dedicated to the end product of the Subliminals, they won’t work. You need to be focused, consistent, and fully determined to welcome the change the subliminal will bring into your life. 

There are different Subliminals for different purposes. For eg:- some help you to sleep better, some bring positivity into your life, some are meant to fight some sort of stress or disease, some for attracting wealth, and some are even known to help change your physical appearance.

You need to find your purpose, your aim, believe in it, be consistent in your practice, and wait patiently for the results to unfold. Be very cautious about the sites you choose your Subliminals from as well. 

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Can Subliminal Providers And Messages Be Trusted? 

Not everyone in this world has the purpose of harming another being. Some actually wish for the world and its people to be better.

The majority of sites are authentic and correct destinations for you to choose your Subliminals from. Like you will be benefited from listening to the Subliminals, the providers will only be benefited if their Subliminals could actually bring about a good, positive change in your life. 

There can be only two outcomes. If you like the way the specific Subliminals bring change in your life, you would continue listening to them and might as well recommend it to other people. This will help the website grow and also earn money. 

On the other hand, If your Subliminals make you have nightmares or bring uneasiness in your life, not only will you immediately stop using them but also suggest people not to fall for this fraud at all. 

Your reviews would either make a creator’s business grow or crash as per what kind of experience you had from it. Therefore, yes Subliminals can be trusted and one should have faith in the right ones and choose what suits you the best!

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The Bottom Line 

Subliminals play a major role in shaping one’s life. If used in the correct way, they can bring you experiences you could never imagine having. 

Subliminals have helped people leave behind their worst of habits, like smoking, consuming excessive alcohol, gambling. They’ve also helped people form new good habits and attract a lot of positive things in their life. 

Whether it is wealth, happiness, money, or even weight loss, Subliminals can help you attract them in your life. Only, the intention and the effort need to be pure. 

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