Do Subliminal Messages Work While You Sleep?


Do subliminal messages work while you sleep? Well, it’s a good question but I know I cannot make you believe it fully till I share my own experience. 

So, coming straight to the point, I would like to take you a year and a half back into my life. 

I was in the final year and I was eyeing a college for my higher studies. 

Only I can tell how badly I wanted to get in! But it wasn’t that easy. Only the best of the best were selected for that college. I won’t say I was bad at studies or just an average student. I was good too. But for that college, just good wasn’t enough. 

Each day, I started adding just one hour extra to the time I devoted to my studies, and with that, I started programming my mind that I’ve got this! 

I watched the college campus videos before sleeping, I imagined myself there, I visualized myself sitting in that class and studying, making friends, and having the time of my life! 

Before sleeping I spoke these lines every night, “I have gotten selected for my dream college, life is good, life is beautiful. I have got what I wanted” and trust me, on most nights, I actually had dreams of my future college! 

I kept doing it for almost a year and then what? It is today, I am sitting in the hostel room of my dream college and living my dream in real! Yes, subliminal messages do work!! 

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What Are Subliminal Messages? 

Subliminal messages are stimuli that lie below our threshold of consciousness. They fall below our absolute threshold level (ALT), that’s why we cannot perceive a subliminal message, even if we are looking for it. 

Subliminal is very different from the subconscious and we should be aware of this fact and not try to confuse the two. A stimulus can influence us subconsciously without being subliminal. 

How Does A Subliminal Message Work? 

We can’t consciously perceive subliminal messages, even if we try to look for them. Also, there is a lot of skepticism toward the subliminal influence. 

Subliminal messages work through a process in which external sensory stimuli work to trigger reactions without us even noticing. 

Digging a bit deeper into the concept, modern science has discovered 37 known sensory inputs across 7 broad categories, which are, 

  • Visual
  • Auditory 
  • Tactile 
  • Olfactory 
  • Gustatory 
  • Vestibular and 
  • Proprioception 

Though, the visual category dominates our perception the most. 

Subliminal messages target our two senses, Visual and Auditory.

Under each sense, there is a different technique for how subliminal messages target our senses. 

Many prints advertisements today as well as in the past, made use of subliminal messages to attract their customers. They work on the subconscious but it is too quick to be perceived by the person but yet are capable of influencing the person! 

Do Subliminals Work Better When You Sleep? 

One big reason why Subliminals work better while you sleep is that subliminal messages work on your subconscious and nighttime, while you sleep, is the time your subconscious is the most active part of your mind. 

So, what you do right before you sleep, matters! Speaking in easier terms, subliminal work better at night because your mind is much calm and relaxed and you’re not thinking anything or worrying constantly. 

This way, whatever you do at night before sleeping, you can stay focused on it and it’ll stay with you, in your mind, for a much longer period. 

Once you listen or see a subliminal while you’re in a calm straight, the message straight away goes into your subconscious and starts changing your beliefs. Once your beliefs are changed, you’ll automatically start to attract all that you desire! 

Why Change Our Subconscious? 

Changing your beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious mind is very important. The reason being, sometimes in life we hold on to some beliefs so strongly that it causes hindrances and disables us from getting what we really want to achieve. 

These beliefs are called limiting beliefs and one should get rid of them at all costs, whatsoever! 

Holding on to them too tight will not allow you to become a “go-getter” and you will always face problems in fulfilling your dreams. 

The whole point of subliminal messages is to change your limiting beliefs and make yourself feel empowered and free of all the negativity inside of you. So, you can prepare yourself for abundance and prosperity in life. 

How To Speed Up Subliminal Results? 

First of all, get a paper, a pen/pencil and write down your goal. Be focused, think before you write and be as clear as possible. 

Focus on one thing, one goal at a time, and try not to mix it all up with numerous haphazardly thrown ideas or desires. Also, make sure the goal you choose and want to fulfill in a short span, is achievable and doesn’t require another gazillion things to be done on the way.

Another thing that you can do to fasten up the process, is to listen to your subliminal audio more than once during your day. With that, make sure to listen to it just before you sleep so it stays in your mind and your subconscious too can focus on it and work on it while you sleep. 

Always remember that excess of anything is bad and there’s a fine line between genuinely wanting to achieve something and being obsessed with it. 

Obsession is never a good idea. Make sure you strike a healthy balance and not ignore every other thing that you ought to do during your day for listening to your subliminal audio. 

Do your deeds as you did, with that, just take a few minutes out and listen to your audio at a decent, soft level. 

Here are a few pointers to be noted for speeding up your subliminal results:- 

  • Stay focused. Do not do any other thing while listening to your subliminal audio. Make sure you’re completely into the audio that you’re listening to and you aren’t distracted at all. 
  • Do visualisation related to mind and body relaxing while you’re listening to the audio. This will help you stay calm and focus. 
  • Visual your desire as if it has already happened. Enjoy the feeling and absorb it into your mind and your body. Feel the happiness and success. 
  • Try to look out for any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that are in your mind and try to get rid of them as soon as possible. 
  • Change your limiting beliefs with positive and encouraging ones. Make sure there’s no negativity in your mind while you’re in the process. 

Things to avoid while working on your subliminal:- 

  • Try not to rush too quickly. Sit, relax and feel it all. Let the goodness sink in and allow yourself to be happy. 
  •  Do not write down your affirmations while listening to the audio or repeat them. Just feel it all. 
  • Do not allow your mind to wander here and there or think bad or unhealthy. 
  • Do not force yourself too much to visualise anything. Let it all come naturally. 

You can also listen to your subliminal on repeat while you’re asleep. It is a proven fact that while sleeping, our conscious mind shuts down and our subconscious is activated. 

If we listen to the subliminal audio and video while sleeping, the subliminal will straight away go into our subconscious and affect us greatly. 

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The Bottom Line

Subliminal messages are a great way to change and reprogram your subconscious mind and allow yourself to think and achieve big in life. 

Subliminal messages have been long used in advertisements to target the customers and it has been proved enough that they do work without the person even knowing about it. 

While you associate subliminals with the law of attraction, make sure you trust the process as much and allow yourself to feel the positivity and a sense of achievement within yourself. 

Tip:- You can make use of subliminal boosters if you want and speed up the process more and expect quicker and faster results! 

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