Do Weight Loss Subliminals Actually Work? Best Subliminals For Weight Loss

Can one really lose weight with the help of Subliminals? Are Subliminals really that powerful? Let’s find out:-


As rightly said, “what we think, we become.” It all starts with a thought. A thought that we allow ourselves to generate and then intentionally or unintentionally, start aligning with it. 

Scientists and researchers have been greatly interested in the topic of the subconscious. Researching in-depth and gathering information on how our subconscious mind plays a crucial role in our lives. In not, just one aspect or a few but all our life’s aspects are greatly influenced by our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious is the part of the brain where our memories and motivations occur. We are already aware of how some advertisements make use of subliminal messages and try to influence our thinking and then our behavior. 

The question now is, can Subliminals work and help us lose weight and how long does it take for Subliminals to work

Here, we will try to know more about the working of the subliminals and try to explore how it can help people lose weight. 

Our appearance has been of significant importance to us since forever. Let’s find out if subliminals can help us in any way to lose weight and gain a fit body. 

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Quick Recall On The Working Of The Subliminals

Subliminal messages are stimuli like sounds or images that are too faint or quick for most people to consciously perceive. Though their nature is as such that they’re way below the threshold of human awareness, they still can stimulate the brain and affect behavior. 

Making a human still perceive the message and react to the subliminal message without even realizing it. For this very reason, subliminal messages, for a long time, have been used to influence people’s thoughts and change their behavior. 

There have been several instances of the usage of subliminal messages, including quitting smoking, boosting self-esteem, working out more and even for weight loss. 

Subliminal Messages And Weight Loss 

Speaking in biological terms, there are two major pathways in the brain to regulate the intake of food and drinks in the human body.  

  • The homeostatic pathway encourages one to eat when the body is in an energy-deprived state and 
  • The hedonic pathway can override the homeostatic pathway and cause hunger, even when your body has enough energy to carry on its functions.

Both these pathways are controlled by the neurology of the brain but mainly, the stimulation of the hedonic pathway is a product of stress, thoughts, emotions and things perceived via advertisements. 

This verifies the role of the subconscious cues which may influence various eating behaviors. In other words, we can rightly say that, if used properly, subliminal messages can be used to lose weight! 

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Subliminal Programs For Weight Loss 

The main functioning of the subliminals in the area of weight loss is their ability to work on your subconscious mind and reprogram it for the better. As we have already read about how what we eat or drink is processed in our bodies via the two different types of pathways. Which is controlled by the neural part of the brain, automatically, making our brain an important influencer of our eating behaviours. 

When we talk about the subliminal programs for weight loss, these programs come in several shapes and sizes. 

You can find CDs, DVDs, Mp3, audiotapes, digital apps, YouTube videos, and more, all containing Subliminals to help you reduce weight. Learn more about how many Subliminals can you listen in a day.

Other weight loss subliminal programs make use of hypnosis, positive affirmations, and even guided meditations to help you align with positivity and good spirits. 

There even are background music associated with Subliminals to enhance your experience and also keep you calm and relaxed throughout the entire process. The background music also helps your mind to perceive the subliminal messages better and more accurately. 

How To Use Subliminals For Weight Loss 

Here is what you need to do to aptly use the subliminals for weight loss. 

  • Choose your kind of weight loss program. The one that best suits you. Preferably, choose the one which contains specific instructions for you to follow. 
  • After choosing your suitable type, you can listen to the program anytime in the day, just make sure you are fully focused on the program and your mind is fully out of stress or any other distracting thoughts. 
  • You can lie down, close your eyes and listen to what the program says. 
  • The best time to listen to the subliminals is just before retiring to bed. 
  • If you want to listen to music while listening to your subliminals, you can even find subliminal messages that include background music with them. 
  • Music-based subliminal programs include instrumental music, binaural tones or nature sounds to accompany the subliminal weight loss messages. 

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Fastest Weight Loss Subliminal Programs

  1. Subliminal Guru 

Subliminal Guru is one of the best subliminals for weight loss. Here are a few of the many different types of audio downloads they offer:- 

  • Get a flat stomach 
  • Think yourself thin
  • Stop overeating 
  • Get fit fast 
  • Get rock hard abs 
  • Stick to your diet 

And many more! 

  1. Real Subliminal Affirmations 

They offer 8 different albums that are very specific for your fat burning needs and even create custom audios if you want to be more specific. Here are some audios that they offer:- 

  • Healthy eating habits 
  • Increase metabolism
  • Stop chocolate addiction 
  • Lose weight subliminally 
  • Motivation to exercise etc

A 15 years old company that has mastered the art of producing top quality subliminal audio tracks. Each track is unique and effective in its unique way. Here are some albums they offer:- 

  • Beach body confidence (men)
  • Diet willpower 
  • Think yourself thin 
  • Love to exercise 
  • Eat healthy food etc.
  1. Vortex- success

This program aims to untie your subconscious knots to help you lose weight and live a positive, healthy life. The album primarily focuses on overcoming past fears and failures and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and not letting you achieve your goal. 

  1. Mind Zoom 

This one is pretty different from the rest of the programs. Mind Zoom is a software program that allows you to build your own audio tracks yourself. 

You can choose the exact audio, background music, and affirmations that you would like to listen to and even record your own audio. This is the best program for you if you feel your needs are more specific and detailed than others. 

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Do Subliminals Really Work?

There have been numerous studies and research done on this topic and most of them have shown positive results. 

Yes, subliminals do work and they are very effective for weight loss amongst other things. People have used them for over some years now and have shown a drastic difference. 

Talking about my first-hand experience with subliminals, I have a close friend whose wedding was coming up and she was a few kilos overweight. She wanted to look perfect for her special day but did not have the time to put in rigorous workout activities.

She decided to follow Subliminals along with her sophisticated workout routine and the effect got doubled! After 6 months, she showed the exact same results with a normal, not-so-heavy workout routine as somebody who had one, would have shown. 

Everybody was surprised and in the limited time that she had to shed those extra kilos, with the balance of workout, diet, and Subliminals she was able to keep her spirits high, workout, eat well, and stay positive throughout. 

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