How Much Time Does It Take To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Did you know that every action we take in our lives is determined by our subconscious mind? Subsequently, all our feelings, fears, habits are also controlled by the subconscious part of our mind. But is there a way to reprogram our subconscious mind? And if so how long does it take to reprogram your subconscious mind?

Generally, it takes around 20-60 days of constant efforts which includes daily Subliminals reprogramming and affirmations. Although this timeframe can vary depending upon person to person.

How Can I Reprogram My Subconscious Mind Faster?

One can accelerate the process of reprogramming their subconscious mind by taking the help of other Law of Attraction practices such as Visualization, Vibrational Jumping, and taking the help of Affirmations.

A lot of trying goes into this process as there are no straightforward steps you can follow to successfully alter your subconscious mind. That is why it is important to be patient and not lose hope.

The basic aim is to fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts so that slowly and gradually your subconscious mind starts to look at the positive side of the events. Doing this also attracts positive vibes which help in raising your vibrations

Here are a few steps you can follow to reprogram your subconscious mind faster:-

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Being Consistent

Being consistent is a really important step towards a conditioned subconscious mind. Don’t perform the exercises for a couple of days and then forget about them for a week.

Either perform them on a consistent basis or don’t do them at all. I might be a little harsh here but I have seen many people complaining about not able to reprogram their minds when in reality the reason for that was their half-hearted efforts.

Looking Forward

Decide upon your future goals and desires to have something to look forward to. Having a set goal is necessary for your subconscious mind to focus its energies on.

Also having a goal will help you in keeping motivated and not get tired. What I like to do is write down my goals or desires on a piece of paper and stick the paper on my fridge or somewhere I will always be able to look at it.

What this does is it constantly reminds me of my goals and helps me in going forward and keep working for goals until I ultimately achieve them. Once I do achieve my goals I always take a moment of appreciation and gratitude and thank the Universe to help me make my dreams come true.

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Try Visualization

Visualization is a process in which we focus on a future where our dreams have already been achieved. This process focuses on understanding the emotions which we will feel once our dreams get true.

All these emotions lead to release of toxins such as serotonin and endorphin. These positively affect the subconscious mind by sending positive signs into the brain cells and hence helping you get closer to your goals.

Visualization, when combined with Subliminals and affirmations, has shown some highly positive signs in helping reprogram our subconscious mind. You can listen to audio Subliminals before you go to bed. On the other hand, affirmations can be used either at night or in the morning after you wake up.

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Just make sure you perform all these exercises with a positive mindset and in a stress-free environment.

Start To Look At The Positive Sides

If you wish to fill your subconscious mind with positivity, you need to start looking at the world from a different perspective. Instead of blaming the Universe for your problems, think of them as challenges and overcome them instead of crying about them.

Your thoughts affect your life to a great extent and it’s our choice as to which way we wish to take our lives. If you keep thinking about wealth, happiness, and prosperity you will in turn attract those in your lives.

The famous Law of Attraction is based on this concept. What we think is what we attract.

How Long Does It Take To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

There is no fixed answer to this question. It may vary from person to person. However, a general number is anywhere between 20-60 days. In this time frame, users are seen to have felt some major differences in their thought structures and their perspective of looking at the world.

The older you get difficult it becomes to reprogram your subconscious. By the age of 35, the majority of our subconscious mind has already been programmed due to our habits, rituals, and the people around us.

How To Reprogram Your Mind For Positive Thinking

The world around us is filled with both positivities as well as negativity. Now it is our own decision to allow which energies to enter our bodies. We also tend to react more aggressively towards negativity due to our upbringing.

Here are a few steps you can follow to avoid negativity and bring more positivity into your life-

Use Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to attract positivity into your life. Affirmations can be used to achieve a particular desire as well as improve yourself as a person.

You can use the affirmations either at night or in the morning for maximum results.

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Find Out More About Your Subconscious

Your Subconscious has all the answers related to your behavioral instincts. Such as what makes you angry, tensed, or fearful and what is the reason behind it.

Questioning your subconscious for the same will help you work on your downsides and make sure you are no longer affected by your emotions in the future thus eliminating the negativity from your life.

Be Honest

You can take as much time you want before you delve into the process of reprogramming your subconscious. Read more articles and listen to podcasts, basically try to gather as much information as possible.

But once you decide to start with the program, promise yourself to perform every step with complete honesty and dedication. Nothing great has ever been achieved without great enthusiasm and dedication.

Constant Reminder

There will be several days when you will feel demotivated and no longer interested to continue, but it is really important to remind yourself that all this is for the greater good. No matter how difficult it gets, you have to keep going.

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Always remember that you can do this and the Universe has got your back. Goodluck 🙂

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