How To Make a Manifestation Journal to Successfully Manifest Your Goals

How to make a Manifestation Journal


Remember how we maintained diaries or almanacks when we were in school? Our teachers always used to make us note down the important points in there, to-do lists and any practice work that we had to do for the next day. I know most of us hated it then but did we ever think why we were made to do all that? What is the significance of making a manifestation Journal?

This technique is a lot similar to “journalising.” It is not only beneficial in helping you manifest your dream life but also, is a great technique for personal development. For some people, journalising comes naturally as they are habitual of writing and noting down things but for some, it might be a struggle to develop this habit in the beginning. 

What is a Manifestation Journal?

If you are fully determined and have faith in the law of attraction, one of the best habits to inculcate, to begin with, is maintaining a manifestation journal. Manifestation journal can be anything, a diary, a notebook, a writing pad which you use to write down the points that you need to remember and follow to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams. 

It is not precisely the same as writing other journals as when it comes to writing a manifestation journal, you need to make sure that you follow a set pattern of writing and that you only use one notebook or diary for it and only write your manifestations there. Nothing else should be done in that notebook. 

A manifestation journal helps you stay more organised when it comes to your thoughts and feelings. You are more aware of yourself and what thoughts you need to manifest and which ones you need to let go of. Writing down your goals helps you build positive momentum towards your goals. It helps you improve your energy, vibrations and helps you get a positive attitude towards life and your goals. 

As you maintain a journal, you will notice that slowly and steadily your mental blocks and constraints slowly start vanishing and your general attitude and outlook towards life becomes positive and of a go-getter! 

How to Make a Manifestation Journal

How to write a manifestation Journal

Like any other area of work that we do, we need to have a set format and pattern of doing that thing. Coherence is always better than a haphazard way of work. So similarly, the first thing to keep in mind before you get started with your manifestation journal is, “choosing a template.” 

There are no right and wrongs in this, but you need to make sure that the formula you choose for yourself can be well adapted by you and is easy to follow. Don’t forget that consistency is the key! 

Writing your dreams and reading them will direct your subconscious mind to focus more on your dream and your goal. It is like a vision board. As we already know, it is all about what we feed our brains with! If we feed doubt and negativity, the outcome would be just that. But if we constantly remind ourselves that we are worthy of anything big in life, our outcome would be positive too! 

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Creating your own Dream Manifestation Journal 

Here I am going to provide you with a manifestation journal sample that I like to follow generally. Hope it is as helpful to you as it has always been for me! 

  1. To begin with, think about what you want. Try to focus on one thing at a time instead of confusing yourself with more haphazard things. 

Take your time, there’s no rush! 

  1. Once you have thought of that one thing you want, write it down that “why” you want that goal to be fulfilled. 
  1. Now, close your eyes and feel as if you have already achieved that goal, hold onto to that feeling, feel it to the core and then write down about it. To be specific, you can ask yourself this question, “how will you feel when your dream comes true?” 
  1. Once you are done with the above said, take some time out every day to write in your diary, in a way, as if you already are living your dream and your goal has been fulfilled. Live with that feeling of accomplishment and do not let it go.. 

With your journal, don’t forget to write daily notes on “gratefulness.” 

Always be thankful for what you have currently to enjoy what you are about to get in the future. You should always be thankful for everything you have. 

Choose your suitable Journal 

There are numerous journals and you should choose the one you find suitable for you. 

  • Gratitude journal:- This is a journal in which you express your gratitude for the things and people you have in your life. This is a beautiful way of showing the universe and yourself that you are highly grateful for the things you have in your life and you truly value and cherish them. 
  • Vision board journal:- You can not only write in your manifestation journal but also incorporate some effective and suitable images in your journal. Putting pictures is also a very helpful manifestation technique as we remember the visual stuff more than any other stuff. 
  • Idea Journal:- This type of general works as a brain- dump. Here you can put any or every idea that comes in your mind and then, later on, use this as a guide for filtering and focusing on your specific goal. 

My Manifestation Journal 

Affirmations in Manifestation Journal

I personally feel that your journal should look the way you want it to be. It should not be too boring that soon you lose interest in it and it should not be too complicated that it is hard for you to maintain daily. 

Your journal should reflect a part of you and the simpler and definite your journal, the better it is.

In my journal, 

I begin by writing the “I Am” affirmations. These affirmations help me clear any negative thoughts that I may have and creates a wave of positivity around me. I Am affirmations help me feel confident about myself and eradicate any self-doubt or guilt inside of me. 

Under this title of affirmations, you can affirm whatever you think and feel you would like to be. For e.g, you can affirm that “I am a positive soul” or you can affirm that “I Am loved and I am the most peaceful” etc. 

The second thing that is a part of my journal is, “My Manifestation list” 

This list has thing/things I would like to have in my life. My short term and long term goals. This list is very good to start your journal with. You can work on this list every day.

Start by writing whatever comes to your mind that you want and then organise the list and focus on the thing that you would want to have the most and the soonest. Feel the positivity around you and do it with full faith and confidence. 

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The third and most important part of my journal is, “The gratefulness section.” 

I feel this is something every journal should have in common. Everybody should maintain this section with full honesty and goodwill. You need to thank the universe for all the wonderful things, people, relationships, work etc you have in your life.

One should always count their blessings and be grateful for having them! If you are thankful for what you have today, only then will you be able to enjoy future experiences. 

Manifestation Journal- A Life Changer 


Manifestation journal helps you and gives you the space to write about your future self and shape your own destiny! 

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There are several benefits of maintaining a manifestation journal and is the simplest technique to bring about a wonderful change in your life. 

  • It is a highly efficient way of manifesting by writing which helps you to constantly feed your subconscious mind about your goal and dream and makes you reflect on them. 
  • It is very easy to maintain and does not involve any technical, hard to follow steps or formulas. 
  • Anybody can maintain a manifestation journal. All you need to have is an unbreakable spirit and consistency. 
  • It helps you become a more positive being with an optimistic attitude towards life, yourself and also for others. 
  • It helps you keep your thoughts organised and make them reprehensible.
  • It also helps you to set your goals first and then achieve them in the best possible way. 
  • Manifestation journals also play the role of amazing stress burners. They help you to release your stress and negative thoughts on the paper and make you feel better and more positive. 
  • Allow you to self-reflect. Journals are a powerful tool, especially in these none stop lives when we don’t have even a single second to give to ourselves. We are constantly on a run. In this scenario, journals help us to take a pause and allow us to self-reflect. To see where we are going wrong and what needs to be maintained and what needs to be changed.

Does the Manifestation Journal really work? 

A manifestation journal is an excellent way of not only writing about what you want in life but also keeping a track record of what you already have achieved. It is a great way of feeding your subconscious mind with the things you want to have and become more focused and determined in achieving those goals. 

You can manifest anything by maintaining a journal and be successful in every and any area of life. Be it personal or professional, the manifestation journal will help you achieve it all! 

If you maintain your journal every day, I bet you will start seeing the results in no time at all! You can manifest money, love, healthy relationships, a good job and what not! You name it and you can have it all. 

It is a great way of attracting positivity in life and helps you lead your dream life. Manifestation journals have helped several people out there and I am sure, if you follow it too then, you’re the next! 

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What is the best type of Journal? 

Are handwritten journals the best? 

From my perspective, handwritten journals are definitely the best! There’s nothing like having and maintaining your own handwritten journals. 

But it does not mean that any other type of journals is not good at all.  

We all have busy lives and are constantly on a run. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t applicable for maintaining manifestation journals as they too require a lot of time and efforts.

We can always start in a simpler way. We can refer to help books and start by those printed manifestation journals and when we feel we have gotten a hang of it, we can start writing our own journal. 

Is writing just enough to achieve your goals? 

Certainly not. Writing is a perfect supporter when it comes to manifestation but you do need to take care of other things as well. Along with writing, you also need to be sure of your thoughts, the life you lead, the perspective and faith you have about things and life in general. 

If you write with a negative thought, even the most positive thing won’t work. Positive thoughts and writing go hand in hand and are complementary to one another. You also need to be very careful about the type of environment you live in. It has to be healthy and positive too. Otherwise, a negative environment is enough to drag us down in life no matter how hard we try to move forward. 

You need to have some quiet and peaceful place all to yourself for you to grow and focus on better, bigger things in life. 


Manifestation is not a single process but an amalgamation of several processes that go hand and hand. You can’t just write and leave everything else up to it, you also need to feel the positivity and send good vibrations out in the universe for it to fulfil your dreams and goals. 

You need to be fully aware and conscious of what you’re thinking and writing about and have full faith and determination to fulfil it. A slight doubt and lethargy can pull you down. 

You should not be the greedy one and just keep asking and demanding from the universe, a long list of wishes, but you must remember to be grateful too! You should thank the good forces acting upon you which helped you reach where you are today in life and also be thankful for the things and people around you who are there with you in both you good and bad! 

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