How To Make Your Own Subliminals?( Easiest Method)

Do you wish to make your own subliminals but are confused as to where to get started? Then this guide is perfect for you as it covers everything related to making your personal Subliminals that cater to your desires. 

If you are new to the subject of subliminals, I would recommend you to go through my article on How Subliminals Can Reprogram Your Brain first to get a better understanding of how Subliminals work and what can you expect from using them.

Now if you are already familiar with the concept of Subliminals and are tired of listening to subliminals on youtube, then I have an amazing way to create your Subliminals in your own voice, and that too for your specific needs. So let’s get started.

Is It Better To Make Your Own Subliminals?

Yes, making your own subliminals is a better option because it gives you the liberty to create subliminals for your specific desires and in your own voice. Also listening to subliminals in your own voices makes a much stronger impact on your subconscious minds

Let’s have a look at the different reasons as to why is it better to make your own subliminals:-

Other Creator’s Subliminals Might Be Harmful

The internet is filled with subliminals from different creators and there is no way to know for sure if the creator had the right intentions while making the subliminals. So are subliminal messages even safe?

There have been cases where the creator was found to have created negative affirmations and since these affirmations directly affect our subconscious mind, the people who were listening to the subliminals experienced some very negative outcomes.

On the brighter side, there are a few websites that can be trusted and one of them which I use and also recommend to all my users is the Subliminal 360.

Subliminal 360 provides some pre-recorded affirmations as well as provides you with an option to record your affirmations in your own voice. Read the Subliminal 360 review here.

You Can Record Affirmations In Your Own Voice

A recent study showed that listening to your own subliminals seemed to have a much more impact on our subconscious mind as compared to listening to some other creator’s subliminals. The reason behind this is pretty straightforward as our subconscious mind tends to trust our voice much faster.

Also, most of the subliminals available on the internet are mostly in English, so if your native language is not English finding a subliminal in your language is a pretty difficult task, not to mention also choosing a subliminal that is made for your specific goal.

Finding The Suitable Subliminal

One of the major problems with using subliminals is the inability to find a subliminal that caters to our specific goals. Most of the subliminals available online focus on common goals such as manifesting more money, or manifesting love, and so on.

But what if we are to manifest a very specific goal like bettering your relationship with your family, or trying to manifest your hair back.

In such cases, it is always better to create your own subliminals that are specific to your goals.

How To Make Your Own Subliminals Audios

Before we delve into the process of creating our own affirmations, let’s see what all is required to make your own subliminals:

  1. An Achievable Goal In Your Mind
  2. Microphone( Optional)
  3. A Subliminal Software
  4. A Computer or a Laptop

Choosing The Right Goal

The first step to creating your own subliminal is deciding what you wish to achieve with the help of these subliminals. This is the most important step and you should take some time while deciding your final goal which excites you but at the same time is achievable and realistic.

Writing Down Your Goals

Once you have decided on the goal, it is time to write it down on a piece of paper. Try to write your goal as detailed as possible but keep it specific at the same time.

For ex- If you are trying to manifest a car instead of just writing you want a car, go with something like “ I want a red BMW with black alloys and a big boot space”.

Having a detailed goal in your mind will help you with your imagination and thus raising your vibrations.

Taking Help Of A Subliminal Software

Spending a few bucks on a good subliminal software is probably the wisest decision to make. It will not only save your time but also gives you that sense of trust and confidence.

Owning a subliminal software gives you a wide variety of affirmations as most of the subliminal Softwares comes with a huge collection of affirmations to choose from. Moreover, it gives you the liberty to create your own subliminals that work for your specific goal.

You can also change the voice of the speaker or can even use your own voice to get that feeling of personal touch. You will need a microphone to record affirmations in your own voice.

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