How I Manifested My Strong Hair Back Using The Law Of Attraction

How to Manifest Your Hair Using The Law Of Attraction


After reading the title, you must be like, “am I joking?” Sounds a bit absurd, right? We have talked about manifesting love, dream cars, houses, and such innumerable things but manifesting hair growth? 

By all means, it is no joke and manifesting does work in this area as well. Frankly speaking, you can manifest literally anything and everything. Manifesting hair growth is well tested and is actually a thing! 

Going back a few years when I was in college, the transition in my lifestyle and the stress and pressure of coping up, made me lose a lot of my hair. It began with me losing a few strands every day but it was long enough that I started observing a bald patch on my head! 

That started worrying me a bit too much. I took treatments, medicines, hair care therapies, home remedies, and whatnot! You name it, I tried them all. But as you can probably guess, nothing worked. 

After not being benefited from a million products and a gazillion hair treatments, something struck me and it was magic! Within the first few weeks, I started seeing a great reduction in my hair fall, and not only that, new hair seemed to grow! 

Wanna know what that magic was? Stick right through, as I will be revealing to you how I managed to get my hair back as strong as ever and have still managed to maintain their quality and strength, even 8 years, since! 

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Do Hair Affirmations Work? 

Yes, it is possible to make use of the law of attraction to manifest your hair back. 

Following a few steps and keeping in mind, a few strategies can help you bring back your hair. 

Hair is very important for us all. We all dream about healthy, long, good-quality hair. Good hair is not just a female restricted dream but also men find it vital for them to have hair that is good in texture, strength, and quality. 

Steps Involved In Manifesting Your Hair Back:- 

Grow Back Hair Using Law of Attraction

Assertively, ask the universe to get you your hair back

The universe doesn’t respond well to desperation or a doubtful mind. For you to ask something from the universe, should be in such a way that you absolutely believe in and sound assertive while asking. Try to be as specific as possible. Make sure you ask for hair in the right place! 

Try to write it down, as specifically as possible. You can even be more specific and specify what kind of texture you want, how long or thick you want your hair to be, etc. You can also specify a time limit in which you expect your hair to be back. 


After penning down what kind of hair you want, it is time for you to visualize it! Visualize your hair growth and imagine that you have beautiful long hair. Do this exercise for at least 10-15 minutes daily. Close your eyes and imagine the kind of hair you want.

Also, hold on to the excitement, the positive feeling that you get while imagining your desired hair. This will help you to get more positive and create positive vibes in and around you, for you to tune in better with the universe. 

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Have no doubt in your mind

Make sure you have no negativity or doubt in your mind while manifesting. Doubt will only lower down your vibes and make it difficult for you to manifest what you want from the universe. 

Shift your focus from the “lack” to “abundance

By this, I mean that stop looking at your lack of hair and imagine new hair growth on the bald or lack of hair patches. Focus on what you have and what you desire to have, instead of focusing on what you do not have or have lost. 

It is all about perception and changing your focus can get you great things in life. 

Sit back, relax and trust in the process

Once you’re done with the above-mentioned points, just sit and relax. Let go of the worries and tensions and just trust the process and the universe. 

Worry or anxiety will bring negativity, which will delay the process or inhibit it from happening. Make sure you have the utmost faith and never let your hope die. 

How Can I Grow My Hair In a Week? 

Affirmations are the best to gain what you desire quickly. With the help of appropriate affirmations, you can see a noticeable difference in your hair in just a week! 

While I was doing affirmations for my hair growth, I started noticing hair growth on the less dense parts of my scalp in about 4-5 days! 

Not only new growth but my hair fall reduced significantly too! 

Affirmations do work and here’s what kind of affirmations you can use for your hair growth. It isn’t necessary for you to use the exact same affirmations, here are just a few that I used while I manifested my hair back.

There isn’t any specific rule that you need to follow while forming your affirmations, but always remember to begin with gratitude! 

Here are a few examples, 

  • Thank you for my thick, healthy hair. 
  • My hair is growing back wonderfully.
  • My hair has gotten smoother and shinier. 
  • My hair is completely healthy and strong. 
  • I am completely satisfied and happy with my hair.
  • Thank you universe for such amazing quality hair. 

Affirmations with visualization speed up the whole process and get the work done within just a short period. If you want to see quick results, make sure to write down your affirmations and take them out to visualize the exact same that you want. 

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Can I Manifest Long Hair? 

Manifesting Long Hair

Here’s a true story that I was fortunate to witness in my own family which just grew my faith in manifestation and its power! 

So, my mother had always wanted long, thick hair but in her late 30’s she started losing a lot of it and her new growth was too slow. She did try a lot of home remedies but all of it just made her hair look frizzier and nothing else! 

One day, I told her about the art of manifestation and asked her to give it a shot. At first, she was pretty reluctant but later on, she tried it anyway. 

She used to write affirmations on a piece of paper and put it under her pillow every night and visualized having long beautiful hair. 

Now every time, she looked at her hair in the mirror, instead of saying, ” ah! I have such bad hair!” She started saying, “wow my hair is so long, shiny, and thick. I love my hair.” 

Just by doing so for a week or so, she was thrilled to see that her hair actually started getting better! Her quality improved and new hair started to grow! She even measured her hair in the beginning and measuring again after a week or so, she saw the difference in the length. 

Generally, people say that after a certain age it isn’t possible for you to grow your hair longer or thicker. But with the help of manifestation and visualization, my mother achieved her desired hair length in her mid 40’s! 

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How do you manifest physical appearance?

Manifesting change in your physical appearance is actually a real thing. If you want a change in your physical appearance, visualization and manifestation is a must! 

You can’t keep looking at your flaws and focusing on just them and accept a change. In order to get positive changes in your physical appearance, you need to shift your focus from the negative to the positive. 

For example, if you want to reduce your weight, you need to focus on what you want to achieve instead of focusing on those extra kilos and cursing yourself or feeling bad about it. 

If you want to gain some muscle mass, you need to first stop cribbing about your lean frame and with the help of the law of attraction, attract your desired body! Use affirmations, visualization and take the inspired action!

You can’t ask the universe anything with a confused or doubtful mind and expect it to give you abundance in return! You need to have faith and be sure of what you’re asking for, shift your entire focus on that desired thing, and assertively ask the universe for it! 

The universe is like your genie waiting to fulfill your demands and wanting to make your dreams come true. All you need to do is ask and know how to ask! 

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