How To Telepathically Get Someone To Text You


As humans, we have been using telepathy to send messages to each other for hundreds of years. Even before there was the telephone, mobile phone, or the internet, people did make use of their subconscious minds to send messages to their loved ones. 

It is possible to send your thoughts and energy to another person and have them receive it. 

The universe is always on your side. You get what you ask for. 

If you have someone on your mind you need to get in touch with but don’t have their number or any other resource, you can make use of the magical phenomenon of telepathy

If there’s something you’d like to tell them, you can make use of your mind to send your message across and your person will be able to receive it. Using telepathy can make you not only send your message to someone but also receive it almost instantly! 

Let’s explore more about what telepathy is and how you can telepathically get someone to text you!

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What Is Telepathy? 

The Phenomenon Of Telepathy 

Telepathy refers to the act of focusing on a specific person and sending them a specific message. Even before the advent of telephones and other sources of long-distance communication, telepathy was used by people to connect them to each other. 

Today, when you make use of telepathy, it is highly likely that within a short period, the concerned person will either call you, text you, or bump into you out of unusual circumstances! 

You can typically send your message to the person you want to with the thoughts and energy that you create for them. 

There isn’t much of a difference between telepathy and the law of attraction. In fact, they both go hand in hand. 

5 Proven Steps Of Telepathically Getting Someone To Text You

1. Choose who you wanna telepathically send a message to

The first step is to choose that one specific person that you want to connect telepathically to and send your message. 

It is always better to choose a person with who you have or have had a good relationship. It is easier to get into the minds of people with who you share a good bond instead of trying to send a telepathic message to somebody with who you don’t have a good relationship. 

2. Reminisce about a good time that you’ve spent together 

Let good emotions come up and relax your mind. Think about that one good time that you spent with your chosen person and feel the emotions that accompany it. 

Good emotions and positivity are necessary to increase the intensity and focus of your thought. 

Do not let your negative or anxious emotions or thoughts speed up and take control of you. They’ll only make it difficult for you to focus on your specific thought. 

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3. Set your intentions right 

Make sure you set your intentions right. Decide what message you want to send to that person. Use the power of your thoughts and your energy. 

Visualization is always a great technique for this. Sit, relax, close your eyes and imagine that person sitting in front of you. 

Play the image of yourself and that person sitting face to face and you convey your message to them. Which in this context is, telling them to contact you.

4. Imagine or visualise that you’ve already received a text from them 

Imagine telling your person, sitting in front of you to text you immediately! 

Visualize that you have already received the message from that person. Imagine holding your mobile phone in your hands and reading the message that they have sent to you. 

5. Sit back and let the universe do its job

Sit back, relax and convince your mind that your message has already been sent and received by that person and they are texting you back immediately. 

Do not try to control any event. Sit, relax and let the universe play its part! 

How to make someone miss you telepathically 

It’s not so easy to make someone miss you without saying the right words to them, but using telepathy it is possible! 

Here are, 

6 Ways To Make Someone Miss You Telepathically 

Think about the specific person 

Keep the picture of the specific person in your mind. Imagine them sitting in front of you.

Create an image of them while focussing on small details- maybe their height, eye color, looks, etc. 

Hold on to the feelings that accompany 

Think about how you feel while you imagine them near you. Focus on your feelings. See if you feel happy, nervous, excited, or any other feelings when you imagine them near you.

Try to converse with them just like you’d do in real life. 

Focus on one simple thought at first 

First-time users of telepathy should keep in mind to focus on simple thoughts or words while trying to imaginatively converse with their specific person. 

You should be very clear about the message that you want to convey to your person and try not to mix a lot of complicated things. 

Keep it simple and effective. 

Do not strain yourself by thinking too much 

Once you send the message to your specific person, do not overthink it at all. 

Relax and let your action take its course. 

Check on your person 

If this is your first time, you can check up on your person and see if they have actually gotten your telepathic message.

If the person is around you, you can go bid him/her a casual hi! 

If he/she is far, maybe call? 

If they message you with I miss you! You’ve succeeded. 

Keep practicing 

Telepathy is not something that you’d master in a day or just by doing it once. It is something that demands years of practice and patience. 

Once you see your telepathy has worked, don’t stop there. Keep practicing and getting better with each procedure! 

How to telepathy with someone you love

It definitely is easier to have a good telepathic connection with someone that you love as you both naturally share a good connection. 

To enter a mind like this is always easier and better instead of trying to enter the mind of someone you don’t share a good bond with.

But this absolutely doesn’t mean that it is always very natural with someone you love. You still need to practice and put in efforts to have the telepathic bond with the one you love develop deeper and deeper. 

Patience is the key and practice will make you succeed. 

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Are You A Natural Telepath? 

Practice can make anybody a telepath but some are born with this capability. 

Some people can organically read other people’s minds better and they don’t need words or actions to influence others, they can do it naturally. Just with their presence. 

How to know if you are a natural telepath?

If you’re one of the naturals, this is what all you’d experience. 

  • You can influence other people’s thoughts 
  • You naturally know when someone is lying 
  • You often have deep and meaningful dreams 
  • You hear what other people are thinking 
  • You’re an empath 
  • You’ve got an active third eye 
  • You’re in tune with your spirituality 


Telepathy is an elaborate process that often doesn’t come very easily. 

You need to learn and build on it. 

Some are natural telepaths but that doesn’t make it super easy for them to master the process. It requires great dedication, focus, and practice. 

For being a good telepath, you need to prepare yourself well. 

Steps To Help You Prepare For Telepathy! 

Practice Regular Mediation 

To be able to practice telepathy, it is important for you to be in tune with yourself and the supreme power. You need to be in a conscious state and you should be aware of what’s happening not only inside but outside your body. 

In short, only a conscious, careful being can be a good telepath. 

Do Yoga 

Practicing yoga regularly can help you stay fit not only physically but also keep your mind relaxed and is food for your soul! 

Yoga brings you a wide range of breathing techniques that can keep you calm and relaxed not only at the beginning of the procedure but also during it! 

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