17 Second Manifestation: The Law Of Attraction Technique That Changed My Life

17 Second rule for manifestation

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The 17-second rule to attract anything is another law of attraction technique that can work wonders if done properly. Just like all the other manifestation techniques, this 17-second manifestation method will work only if you think positive thoughts indulge in inner peace and asked to give the universe good positive energy.

What Is the 17 Second Rule for Manifestation

Law of attraction is said to be a powerful force. A magnetic power of the universe that helps you in giving and receiving energies to the universe. Law of attraction works on the theory that the more you think about the thing that you want or desire the more you are going to invite it into your life.

Law of attraction always has a presence in everybody’s life. People have to just become aware of its power and work on using it for the betterment of their life.

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Abraham Hicks is a motivational speaker and the creator of the 17-second manifestation. Her main topic of interest is the law of attraction. Hicks talks a lot about the 17-second rule. According to her, you just have to think about your deepest wishes. Think about what you want for 17 seconds and for those 17 seconds all you have to do is close your eyes and envision your goal actually happening.

Using 17 Second Manifestation to Attract Anything

Starting from that one good thought you are likely to think about another good one and another. Like this, the chain continues. The point where the two thoughts join one another they collide, and when they do that, there is an energy that is expanded. It is like a combustion point. The joining and combusting of these two thoughts will fill you up with enthusiasm and interest.

You will feel hope bubbling inside you. The moment these two thoughts that were same will become stronger and bigger. They will carry more energy and vibrate more, which will fasten your manifestation.

She says that if you just concentrate on your thoughts, wishes and desires merely for 17 seconds, it will be enough to send out energy to the universe. The universe always listens, so the strong, focused vibrations from your thoughts will reach the universe.

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You will awaken your destiny just by thinking about good stuff for 17 seconds. It’s as simple as that. If you multiply the 17 seconds by 4, you will have 68 seconds. Sparing 68 seconds to meditate every morning and getting close to your desired life is something anyone can do. You just have to be dedicated to your goal.

Law of attraction works both ways. If you’ll think bad negative thoughts for 17 seconds, that is what you will get. Focus more on positive energy. Those bad thoughts for just 17 seconds too can result in bad results. For only 17 seconds Just think of something positive, even if it’s not related to your goal. Just think happy thoughts.

There is also an advanced manifestation technique based on the 17-second rule, the 369 Manifestation Method.

How To Use The Law of Attraction 17 Second Rule.

How to Use 17 Second rule
  • Set a timer.

Set a timer for 17 seconds. Everything is all about 17 seconds.

  • Think about a happy memory or a good feeling.

Conjure up good thoughts,  get into a positive mindset. Get those high vibrations going on. Feel the rush go through your body, relax yourself and then start the timer. Use a method to make yourself feel good. It can be anything. Draw up your happy memories.

  • Choose one thing to manifest.

Now that you are in a positive and a good headspace, focus on that one thing that you really, really want. Something you desire for deeply. That one special thing you want more than anything else. Now lie down and focus. Do not let negative thoughts affect you. You have to let them go. 

  • Set the timer again.

Once your timer goes off, you are going to set it again for 51 seconds. That happy feeling should return again. Start with your deepest desire, then let it become more powerful and stronger. Muster up all the energy you can and focus on that thought for the 51 seconds that remain.

The timer stops and your manifestation starts. This is what will happen. Your manifestation is making its way to you. Thank the universe for gifting you with your manifestation.

Thanking the universe shows that you appreciate it for all the things it has blessed you within your life. Carry on with your day. Keep yourself busy and don’t think about negative things. Try this method for a month with honesty and you’ll surely see the universe working in your favour.

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Does the 17 Second Rule Work?

The 17-second manifestation technique works for everyone and anyone. It depends upon whether you want it to work or not. It also depends upon what you want. Whether the technique works or not will be based on your thoughts. It might not work in an instant because everything takes time. It’s your life we’re talking about here, so patience is important.

It will be tough at first because thinking about positive thoughts without letting a negative one slide in is difficult.  But the key to successful deliberation creation is to focus on pure positive thoughts with clear intent. For 68 Seconds the positivity you focus on is transmitted into the universe and from that point on your manifestation begins. The universe starts working and helps you in achieving what you wish for.

How to Make the 17 Second Manifestation work for you

According to Abraham Hicks, focusing on something for 17 seconds exactly is essential. It activates the matching vibration. At this point the vibration of your thoughts will have enough Attraction power to move the energy to the universe.

The universe needs you to focus on your positive energy more strongly and with more power. It takes a certain amount of time for your thoughts to gather enough power to reach the universe, so crossing the 17-second mark will bring your thoughts that power. If you can manage to hold up pure thoughts for 68 seconds, the vibration will gather so much power that it will be able to begin its manifestation.

Thoughts under 17 seconds have no power in them. It is easy to think about good thoughts for a short time, but once your thoughts hit the 17-second mark, then the law of attraction works its magic. Abraham now says that because the energy of our planet is moving faster now, the law of attraction time has moved down to 14 seconds.


17 second rule using scripting

Scripting means to act as if you already have what you are manifesting. For scripting 17 second rule, you need to think about your wishes as if they have already come true. For example, think you are rich and successful, for scripting, think about how you spend your money, how you achieved success.

If you want to lose weight, think as if you have already lost it. Think about your weight loss journey, how you feel in your body. It’s all about thinking as if the thing you are manifesting for has turned into reality. You will feel more powered up.

There are a lot of 17-second rule stories you can read on the Internet to see how this technique has worked for others. A lot of people have shared their experience, read them to find out more about this technique.

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