Individualogist Archetype Review: Is Individualogist Safe Or A Scam?

Individualogist Program


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  • Easy To Understand
  • Helps Overcome Your Weaknesses
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  • Requires Good Internet Connection
  • Results Vary From Person To Person

Individualogist Archetype Review

Introduction:- Individualogist Program

This is a detailed and unbiased Individualogist Review to help you understand what the program is about and if this program Is suited for you. Please read the review until the last for my personal opinion regarding the program.

Does the thought of knowing yourself inside out fascinate you? Do you want to have an idea about your strengths and weaknesses? 

It’s a clear and well-known fact that to utilise something to its full potential, one needs to know it well and have in-depth knowledge about it. It’s similar for us humans. To be able to be the best versions of ourselves, we need to have a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and how we can use them to the optimum for the best results! 

How Does The Individualogist Program Work?

The Individualogist program works as a guide that helps you understand your archetype. An archetype is a concept that appears in areas related to behaviour, historical psychology and literary analysis. It can be referred to as “a statement; the pattern of behaviour; prototype; first form; or the main model that other statements, patterns of behaviour, and objects copy, emulate or merge into.” 

Your archetype helps you understand yourself better and also provides you with an idea about your habits, desires and inclinations. It covers all the aspects of one’s life, including health, wealth and love

We all are in one way or another, inquisitive beings. We want to know more, see more and be more! We constantly make an effort to find unanswered questions about ourselves and the things around us. From the very first record of human existence, we can find a long history of research and findings that the man has done, illustrating the curiosities! 

Even today, many people keep wondering and wanting to know more about themselves and their capabilities and capacities. Not only are they interested in knowing their strengths but also the weaknesses are their subject of interest. 

An individualogist review is a great way of revealing your hidden self, including the positive and negative aspects of your nature/personality and getting to know yourself in a way never done before! 

Being a user of this guide myself, I can tell from my personal experience that this is a life-changing process! In just a few months, I was acquainted with the unknown facts about myself and was able to use the knowledge in my complete favour! 

I have also added the Pros and Cons in the later part of this Individualogist Archetype Review.

About The Individualogist Archetype Test 

Is Individualogist legit? 

Before jumping on to the test, it is important to know how accurate this test is, what expectations we should have from it and what kind of people are involved in this whole process of testing. 

First, it is crucial to know that an individualogist archetype quiz not only reveals just your archetype result but also

  •  Guides you through the process of individuation on how to make use of your full potential. 
  • Empowers you to attain self-actualization and live a life you’re in complete harmony with.

Many of us continue to live a false life. A life we never wanted to live but because we are unable to find the right path, we give in so easily. We are so confused and indecisive at times that instead of us being our guiding force in life, we give that power to others. It is on them to take us in whichever direction they desire. 

We get so accustomed to living a life like this that we forget ourselves. We forget our purpose in life and we spend our entire life in awe! This way, we are not only causing ourselves sorrow and unhappiness in our lives but are also being disloyal to ourselves and the gift of life given to us! 

Second, it is also important to know what kind of person will be taking your test and analysing your results. To be kept in mind, an individualogist is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Instead, they are archetype fanatics, individuation practitioners and spiritual fans or workers. 

The Individualogist archetype quiz is a very simple test that anybody can very easily take to determine their true inner self. The archetype quiz helps individuals to help themselves in reaching the stage of self-actualization and complete satisfaction.

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What Does Individualogist Program Contain?

Individualogist Program Contents

An individualogist program will enable you to live a self-actualised life that one always dreams of but seldom accomplishes. It works as a tool which guides you and assists you in attaining that level in life where you live your dreams! The life you’ve always wanted to live! 

It gives you a detailed account of your strengths and weaknesses and guides you with “what you should do and not do” to be successful in life and achieve great heights. 

The program gives us 2 choices:

  • The Individualogist free archetype reading 
  • The premium analysis

The premium analysis of the individualogist archetype test is simply an up-gradation to the individualogist free archetype reading. 

An Individualogist archetype test is quite different from the other archetype tests available online. The main difference being, 

  • Other archetype tests ask you some psychological or personality questions to reveal your archetype 
  • Their analysis is not a very thorough one 

On the other hand, an Individualogist archetype test gives you a thorough result and a complete analysis of your archetype. 

Things you will get in your Individualogist free archetype reading:- 

  • Archetype characteristics
  • A glimpse of love life. Other archetypes you’re compatible with 
  • Archetype shortcomings
  • Archetype true callings 

 Along with the following:-

  • A list of factors that rule your life 
  • A note on what your strengths and weaknesses are and how they affect your living 
  • Reasons behind why you’re unhappy or under accomplished in life. 
  • What causes your downfalls 
  • You learn about your strengths and your peculiarities that positively govern your life
  • You learn how to be accomplished in life by making the most use of your strengths and not letting your weaknesses cause hindrance 
  • It gives you a detailed note and clarity on what your personality is, what character you have and equips you with complete knowledge about your lifestyle

The test analysis is based on the research on Jungian archetype theory. Based on their research and examination, an individualogist will calculate your dominant archetype and present to you your archetype results and other related information. 

How To Identify Someone’s Archetype? 

Individualogist Archetype Test

Before moving on to how to determine someone’s archetype, let’s see what are the possible different archetype(s) a person can have. 

There are a total of 12 archetypes, namely:- 

  • The innocent 
  • The hero 
  • The creator 
  • The caregiver 
  • The explorer 
  • The outlaw 
  • The ruler 
  • Safe 
  • The magician 
  • The member 
  • Jester 
  • The lover 

Each archetype is unique and differs from the other in its ways. Every archetype has a set of its distinctive characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. 

You can determine your unique archetype by taking the individualogist archetype quiz which will further give you a broader understanding of who you truly are and what are the forces that guide you and your life. This will help you provide more meaning, clarity and understanding of yourself. 

Having a deeper understanding of yourself will always work in your favour. You can use that knowledge to your utmost advantage and gain success in almost every aspect of life. Whether it is personal or professional, you’ll be able to use that knowledge to reach great heights in life. 

As it is rightly said by one of the greatest men of all times, Aristotle, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 

A person who knows himself/herself completely and is aware of their shortcomings are the most difficult to defeat. Self-awareness gives you confidence, keeps the spirits high and you can achieve the abundant life! 

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The most evident advantage of an Individualogist archetype test is that it helps you discover your true identity. It makes you aware of your self and gives you an understanding of your inner potentials and inner self in a much broader sense. 

  • Easy analysis and easy to understand
  • Inspires you to live a life you always wanted to 
  • Motivates you to become better each day 
  • Helps you conquer your weaknesses and multiply your strengths 
  • Makes you understand the reason behind the choices and decisions you make in your life.
  • Notifies you your archetype and unique characteristics associated with it.
  • Gives you acceptance and pushes you to believe in yourself.
  • Gives you an insight into future problems and equips you with their understanding and problem solving.
  • Helps you achieve your goals and desires and attain great heights in life.
  • Comes with the option of Individualogist free archetype reading and allows you for an up-gradation whenever you’re ready.


  • As it is available only online, you need to have a reliable internet connection for its access 
  • Reading the instructions carefully and following the steps in the order they are mentioned and advised is crucial 
  • Results may vary for every individual, keeping in mind their unique characteristics

Is Individualogist Program a Scam? 

The Individualogist program does work. It is beneficial and accurate in many ways. Being a user, I have had great results after using this program. 

It guides you, empowers you, gives you an insight into your true inner self, makes you a stronger and a better person. You learn about your weaknesses and strengths and get a better understanding of what guides you. Gives you clarity on what makes you take those decisions and, when faced with a problem or a tough situation in life, what possible steps you can take to overcome that difficulty. 

Individualogist free archetype reading is available in a step by step instructions form for easy understanding of your problems and their possible solutions. The concept used here is so simple and easy to comprehend that it very swiftly and aptly can be applied to your daily life scenario. It is user friendly and accurate to a greater extent. 

Even though it is one of the best programs available online, one still needs to take some precautions before engaging in any individualogist program or taking individualogist archetype quiz. The reason being its high popularity and success. Because of its increasing demand and increased inclination of people towards it, there has been a rise in frauds and scams online. 

People tend to fall for fraud or false individualogist program and lose a lot of their money in it. One has to be very careful with what website they are trusting and putting their time, faith and money into. 

To avoid scams, before you try an individualogist free or paid archetype reading, do check for its authenticity. Read the pages on the website carefully and check for any rubbish or nonsensical information provided on the site. Such sites claim to write up about the individualogist program, yet the information they type is trash and doesn’t make much of a sense. Such sites are created by software and spammed all over the internet. I will add a link to the official website below.

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Individualogist Program Price

Individualogist Price

To get basic information and a brief understanding of yourself as a person, you can go for an individualogist free archetype reading but to get an in-depth report of your overall characteristics, including aspects like strengths, weaknesses, solutions to problems etc, you will have to upgrade your individualogist free archetype reading to a premium one.

You can buy it for only $37 on their official website. This will enable you to have an elaborate report of the following too:-

  • Dream analysis guide 
  • Personalised premium archetypal analysis
  • The Chinese zodiac report (based on your birthdate)
  • Active imagination guide 
  • Aura guide 
  • Feng Shui paradigm guide 

One thing i forgot to mention was that the makers of the program occasionaly drop down the price for the users who sign up using the personal invite link. I will leave the personal link below.

Personal Invite Link – Individualogist Program

What If I Don’t Benefit From The Program?

This is a reasonable doubt that occurs in the mind of every buyer but there’s no need to worry as the program comes with a 60-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.

This means if somehow you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of the payment. The author promises a 100% refund and no questions asked policy. Once the refund request is received, the money is refunded in the same payment method that was used to make the payment.

Does Individualogist Work?

The program is very user-friendly, easy to use, and provides you with a step to step guide. 

It helped me in more than one way. I got answers to so many questions and had self-awareness on a very new level! My weaknesses and strengths were revealed to me which gave me a better understanding of who I am and what I want to do. It was a completely eye-opening experience! 

My journey with Individualogist program has been tremendous! I can look at life in a much more meaningful and deeper way like never seen before! This program is the best and easiest way to turn everything you are and are made of in your favor and make the most of your abilities and hidden talents! 


In the concluding part, all I would like to say in the Individualogist Review is that within just a few months of being an active user of this program, I was able to feel the positivity around me. The awareness of myself and my positives and negatives helped me become a better person and a better problem solver. 

Irrespective of who you are, where you are from, what age group you fall in, I’m sure this program will prove to be a great help for everybody who lays their hands on it, just the way it proved to be immensely fruitful to me! 

Not only does it provide you with in-depth information about your different aspects of nature, but the individualogist archetype behaviour also offers you bonuses along with your main report! It offers a lot of perks and benefits to its users along with providing them with a greater insight within themselves. 

Should You Buy The Individualogist Program?

The pros of the program clearly outnumber the cons and you can trust the program to deliver the results. In addition, you also get 5 different bonuses with the main guide.

One thing I really liked about this program is their customer service. You can talk to them about any issues related to the program and they will always be there to help you.

I would recommend you to go ahead and try the program as there is no harm in trying and also you can always avail the 60-day- refund just in case you don’t find success with the program.

Use the link below to avail extra discounts.

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I hope with the help of this Individualogist Review you were able to decide and come up with a decision. I highly recommend you go ahead and try this program!!!.

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