Shocking Law Of Attraction Manifestation Success Stories

Law of Attraction Manifestation Successful Stories


The art of manifestation, or should I say “the treasure” of manifestation that we are blessed with is the ultimate source of happiness, prosperity, health, wealth and all that you need in life! This treasure opens doors to the countless opportunities that you can grab and is not bounded by material or immaterial nature of wishes. 

You can attract all you need. Right from manifesting to win a lottery to manifesting-love, manifestations allow you to have it all! Sometimes it does take a while for the results to show up and sometimes, in no time people have managed to see the amazing results but it’s always a win-win situation when it comes to manifestation. 

If I talk about my experience, I’ve had beautiful results after using the law of attraction. The things I had almost given up on, I managed to change them and convert them into something positive after using the art of manifestation. 

It might sound a bit strange but I would like to share innumerable Law of Attraction Manifestation success stories and my own experiences that I had after introducing and following manifestation in my life! You will be shocked to know, how wonderfully the law of attraction works and how it has helped me fulfil not only the big dreams but also I used the law for the tiniest things in my life and the results were all positive!  

How Does Manifestation Work

Manifestation has helped people completely transform their lives and enabled them to live the best of it and there’s no doubt about it that this stuff actually works! 

Before I begin telling the success stories to you, let me give you a quick sum-up of how you can begin with your manifestation and law of attraction journey. Because I am pretty sure that by the time you reach the end of this article, in all spirits, you’d want to start with the law of attraction yourself too! 

  • Change your frequency. Tune into only the positive mode and keep yourself and your mind away from all or any sort of negativity.
  • Get involved in the things that you love doing 
  • Start with a gratitude journal. Start taking note of all the blessings in your life and thank the universe for all of them. Read this article on how to start with a manifestation journal.
  • Forgive yourself and others for the past mistakes and start loving yourself regardless of the mistakes that you’ve done in the past. Self-love is the most important.
  • Start by setting small goals for yourself, achieve them and prove to yourself that you are in all means worthy and can do anything. This will help you boost your confidence.
  • Take massive inspired action

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Incredible Manifestation Stories 

How did I manage to be a top scorer after being just an average student

So the first experience that I would like to share, is my own. So, about a few years ago when I was in High School, life was pretty hectic back then.

The final year of high school and undoubtedly the most crucial one, or at least that is what everyone else says! There prevailed too much pressure and I, being just an average student, the pressure hit me differently.

I’m sure the ones who are or were like me can resonate. It won’t be true at all to say that somebody who isn’t a topper, doesn’t work hard! We do. We all do and we all try. Nobody intentionally wants to be left behind. I did my share of hard work too! But never really managed to get the results in alignment. 

Just about 4-5 months before my final exams, I was lucky that I got acquainted with this great phenomenon, the art of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I immediately started with my journey, I was lucky enough to have a guide who guided me through and helped me follow the law. The results were amazing! 

I kept working hard, did my job in the same way but what was different, was just the work I did in my head. My thoughts! I kept a positive vision, generated only good thoughts and from being an average kid almost all through my life, I managed to score so well and passed with flying colours! I still cannot forget the day and that changed my life! 

Since then, the law of attraction has become my best companion and I have never lived a single day of life since then without practising manifestation. It is unbelievably good! 

Try it yourself! 

The example I shared earlier about my own journey, that kind of an example is the one in which results might take a while to show up because of the long process that it involves. 

Here’s how you can test the law on your own and develop your own faith and see quick results!

Law of Attraction How-To Guide

This is the best way, to begin with! 

  • Choose a goal that you want to achieve 
  • Make sure it is not a big one as the bigger the goal, it’ll take some time for the fulfilment. 
  • You need to think of a practical, short term goal that can be achieved in less amount of time.
  • Start your manifestation
  • Write it down, it is always better to have your goals and manifestations written. 
  • Keep practising and have an open, attentive mind to see for the clues or signs around 

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Doing this would benefit you dually. 

First, you will be able to see for yourself if the law works and secondly, you will have your short term goal achieved. A win-win situation! 

Instant Manifestation Success Stories! 

Here’s a real-life example of the manifestation story coming true. 

Right after I was able to achieve my own goal, I became such an enthusiast and was spreading and sharing my journey with my close ones. 

I shared the story with a friend and she got so thrilled and immediately wanted to try it too! 

Being her guide, I suggested her to go in a step by step fashion and start from the short term goals. I still remember, her birthday was just around the corner and there was a dress that she badly wanted but due to certain circumstances she was not able to buy it for herself. 

I told her all I knew about manifestations then, and she started following it very strictly and wholeheartedly. Just within a few days, she realised she was getting closer to her goal every single day! It was in about 10-15 days hardly, that she could afford that dress for herself! Her example is the perfect one for how manifestation work and some results can be real quick! 

The Law of Attraction Manifestation Success Stories- LOVE

It is obvious that once you are into something, like-minded people will start coming your way and the circle keeps getting larger. This incident is of an acquaintance who I met a few years back. 

While I was attending a workshop, I came across this man. A 38 years old man who was not able to find a partner for himself. He gives credit to the law of attraction which helped him find the love of his life at 38! 

More than 20 years of his life, he only devoted to his work. His only focus then was to become rich and gave all his time to his job and prioritised nothing more than that. The result was that his professional life boomed but the personal front wasn’t as good.

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Then came the time when he started realising how lonely he was and that he needed someone to spend his life with. As expected, not many were in favour and there was a lot of discouragement and negativity that came his way but he was determined. He said he started following the law of attraction and gave his heart and soul to it. He didn’t let the negativity affect him and he kept believing in the goodness and richness of the universe. 

The result was, in 6 months he came across this woman who changed his life only for the good! They got married within a year and now, living as happily as ever! 

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House Manifestation Stories 

How a 26-year-old managed to live in her dream house! 

This is a story of a young 26-year-old girl whose biggest dream was to buy a house for herself and her family. 

She worked really hard for it and was fully determined but somehow she always fell short of finances. She decided to use the law of attraction in attracting her dream house and buying it for herself and her family. She had a vision of how her home should look like and kept collecting relatable pictures. She even pasted a picture of her dream house on the door of her cupboard and looked at it frequently and practised her manifestations. 

She even wrote a date on which she would move into her own house and start living her much-awaited life! A year and a half later, her dream came true. It was on the 20th of July when she moved into her house and that was the same date she wrote in her journal. Her birthday! 

You can do it too! 

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Take charge.

I hope by now you have gathered motivation and enough proofs that show that this stuff actually works!! But if you have to unleash the true power of the law of attraction in your life, you need to take charge for yourself! 

The right action at right time is the key. The law of attraction won’t work till you actually work for it. Just sitting and hoping don’t make wishes come true, you need to work for it always. The stories I shared will help you form a base but the building is something that you yourself have to build! 

Start by maintaining a journal. Keeping track of your goals and the things you do to achieve them. Change your frequency, be positive no matter what. Do not create doubt at any point. 

Learn to master your thoughts and have control over your emotions, as it all begins in your head! 

Everything depends on how you perceive it and a clear, positive vision is all you need to let your dreams come true. When I started my journey, I was a lost soul too. Somebody who had accepted their weaknesses as it is. Because nobody taught us this art. 

Nobody tells us about the universe. The unlimited source of energy that it is and we can use that energy for our own good!  Our mind is trained in a way that we are always told that there’s a limit to everything. You can not change your destiny. But have we ever been told that it’s us who writes our own destiny? It all begins and ends with us and it’s time we take charge of ourselves and not just remain a product of our situations and circumstances. Let’s build ourselves and our lives! 


“What you are seeking is seeking you.” 

One of the best things I’ve heard in my life. All it takes for you to be accomplished and living your dream life is a positive outlook.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. What matters is, how you see yourself and the world around you. A positive mind will always attract positive things and a negative one will only cause hinders. I hope these manifestation stories encouraged and motivated you to become the best version of yourself and lead a life that you want to live. 

Every day, the law of the attraction changes somebody’s life somewhere and for the best. It is the most valuable treasure that we mankind is blessed with. All we need to do is have a pure heart and a strong will to follow. 

There’s nothing too big for us to achieve and there is nothing that we can not achieve. It all lies in the head. Our mind is our greatest friend and the worst enemy. It depends on us what we allow it to become.

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Please share your Law of Attraction Manifestation success stories in the comments below 🙂

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