Law Of Attraction Planner Review: The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself?

This is a completely honest and unbiased Law Of Attraction Planner review made for our readers to better understand how the planner works and how it can be used for maximum results.

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The law of attraction works continuously, whether we do it intentionally or not. So, every day, every minute of our life we are attracting something or the other, good or bad, useful or useless. 

Based on what you think, you are sending signals to the universe and yes, we are continuously thinking. This means we are continuously sending signals to the universe and later or sooner, we will see the results. 

If we are doing it anyway, do you want to know some simple steps to master the law of attraction? Life would be so easy and so beautiful if we knew what we need to attract and what we don’t. 

This is where a Law of Attraction planner comes into work.

If you wanna know more about what a Law of Attraction planner is and how it functions, I’ll explain it all to you in the subsequent paragraphs. 

What Is The Law Of Attraction Planner? 

Law of Attraction Planner

  • A planner will help you set goals 
  • It’ll keep you focused 
  • It’ll keep you inspired and 
  • Gives you space to be creative

With the law of attraction planner, you can draw a line between what you want to attract and what you don’t want to attract. The planner enables you to work effortlessly and reminds you of your goal each day, keeping you focused and determined. 

I see the law of attraction planner as my companion. It stays with me all the time and looking at it, reminds me of my goal and helps me build on to that better. It gives me an endless space to be creative, to write my goals in any way that I want. 

I can plan my months, days, weeks, and even years with the help of the law of attraction planner and it is one of the easiest and the most convenient things to use. 

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How To Use The Law Of Attraction Planner

How To Use The Law Of Attraction Planner

The law of attraction planner guides you to find your purpose and passion and see your vision of your future life. Writing your mission statement helps you clearly know what is most important to you so you are on the right path and there aren’t any distractions around you to limit you. 

There are different types of planners that you can choose from, depending on what suits you the best. Though the main idea behind any planner is the same, the ways to go about it differ from planner to planner. 

Getting Started…

Law Of Attraction Planner Review

Always remember that you can work through your planner little by little and gradually build up the sections. 

To begin with, your planner should be broken down into general sections with your overall goals and weekly planner pages. 

The general section will include “Life Statement” and “Vision Statement” to set the tone. 

The following are some points your weekly planner pages should comprise of:- 

  • Weekly goals:- This is the area that defines your desired outcome for your entire week.
  • Reward:- This is where you write the award you’d like to give yourself once you have achieved your weekly goal. This will help you keep motivated.
  • Weekly priority:- All your main priority things come under this section which helps you get closer to your weekly goal.
  • Personal list:- This is where you write other important things like your health, family and social life. 
  • Habit tracker:- This is a table that helps you keep track of your habits such as meditation, exercise and other habits that you’d like to form.
  • Weekly overview:- This section enables you to plan your week well in advance to keep your mind calm. 
  • Daily goals:- Here you write down one goal for each day that is distinct from the priority goal for the week.
  • Mind maps:- This is the space to write down ideas, gratitude and more.

The planner should be used every day and consistently for the best results. Writing in the planner every night before you sleep, will help you focus better, keep yourself calm, determined and fill you up with positivity. 

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Things To Add To Make Your Planner More Fun And Attractive 

Here’s what you can add to your planner to make it more attractive, rewarding, and fun:- 

  • Affirmations 
  • Your inspirational quotes 
  • Power questions
  • A memorable moment from your day or week 
  • A dream board 
  • Track vibrations 

Different Planners Available 

Types Of Law Of Attraction Planners

Daily Desire Map Planner

This planner provides a perfect combination of the law of attraction and holistic self-care. There are several options under this main journal that you can choose from and select the best one that you like. Another great thing about purchasing this planner is that when you purchase this planner, automatically you get several free downloadable resources for clearing your mind, setting intentions, and choosing words that you want to focus on.

Inner Guide Planner

It is a very thorough planner. It helps you thoroughly think about what you plan on doing in life in general and other things in general.

Deluxe law of attraction planner

This is a very popular planner. They are specially catering to being a law of attraction planner and they have a ton of different options. They have planners in various ranges so that it is easier for you to buy the one that fits your budget and suits your lifestyle. 

Daily greatness original planner

This planner contains daily layout questions that focus on how you intend to feel instead of just focusing on what you intend to accomplish. It is a very friendly law of attraction planner

Legend planner

This is an amalgamation of the law of attraction planner and one which focused on self-awareness as well. It’s undated which is nice for you when you buy the planner mid-year or skip a month. 

Panda planner pro

The special thing about this planner is its daily sheet questions such as, “what I am grateful for” or “what I am excited about.” These are really small but extremely powerful things that make a huge difference. 

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How To Create Your Law Of Attraction Planner 

To begin with, there is no right or wrong way in creating your law of attraction planner but you definitely can enhance your law of attraction experience by keeping the following points in mind while you create your planner. 

  • Consistently write every day without skipping any day in between.
  • Always keep the bigger picture or the bigger goal in mind. Do not let worry, fear or anxiety take over at any point. 
  • Don’t hesitate to make use of pictures or creating a vision board for yourself. 
  • Make use of positive affirmations. Restrain yourself from using any kind of negative or limiting statements. 
  • Make sure to clarify your goals and let your objectives evolve. 

How Do You Fill In The Law Of Attraction Planner 

How To Fill in  The Law Of Attraction Planner
  • Find your life purpose
  • Set big goals
  • Create a vision board and life statement

The first thing that I do before filling up my planner is to do a short prayer. I close my eyes, pray, connect with the supreme power, and with self-awareness and discovery, I think about what my life purpose is, what I need to do and what is it that I need to welcome and eliminate from my life. 

After having a bigger picture created in my mind, I think about my goal. One big goal that I wish to fulfill shortly. 

I imagine myself living my dream, I hold on to the feelings of positivity and happiness that accompany me, and then once I am completely sure, I start writing those things down in my journal. Breaking them up into the following categories, 

  • General 
  • Weekly 
  • Daily and 
  • Monthly 

This helps me stay focused and always keep in my mind the bigger picture and what small steps I need to take to achieve that one big goal. It also helps me stay away from anxiety or any kind of pressure.

Law Of Attraction Diary V/S Law Of Attraction Planner 

Law of Attraction planner is not the same as your daily planner in which you record your appointments, things to do, etc. 

Your ordinary planner cannot be used to manifest things in your life. The purpose of these two planners is totally different. 

The law of attraction planners comes with a lot of fun activities, thought-provoking quotes, gives you more space to be creative, and forces insights into deep thoughts. Pages like, “life statement” and “vision statement” help you to plan what you want for your future and how to get there. 

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, the law of attraction planner helps you manage and organize your life better. A big part of manifestation is actively working towards your goals. Planning your days and weeks to accomplish your goals helps to keep you organized while putting you on the path to achieve your dreams. 

Is The Law Of Attraction Planner Worth It? 

Law of attraction planner is one of the best tools for getting to your dreams and to be constantly being reminded by writing it down. 

The law of attraction planner does a great job of helping you think more positively and aligning your goals with your monthly, weekly, or daily actions. 

Having said that, the law of attraction planner is worth every single penny you spend on it. The perks it gives you are unimaginable and life-changing.

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A Law of Attraction Planner can be the most life-changing gift that you can give to yourself, your family, and friends

Having an organized life is bliss and having the power to keep what you want and get rid of what you don’t is definitely a superpower that a law of attraction planner can grant you! 

The first time I tried a law of attraction planner was 3 years ago while I was studying in college and wanted to build a damn good career for myself.

Before this, I did try following the law of attraction but was not able to keep myself focused and determined for a long time. I used to get bored or forget writing and manifesting every other day. I knew back then that I needed something to help me remember and stay determined in achieving my goal. 

This is when I ordered my first planner. I ordered a simple planner, which I found suitable for myself and also which fit my budget. 

You don’t have to necessarily buy an expensive planner or a certain kind only. There are several options to choose from and always buy the one that is the most suitable and easy for you to maintain. 

Personally, I bought the undated one for starters. So that even if I accidentally missed a day, I wouldn’t have to worry about it and begin right from the next page. Which never happened once I got a planner for myself! 

The planner made my life so sorted, organized, and happy! I didn’t have to put constant reminders for writing in the planner and maintaining my journal. The planner automatically gave me excitement and happiness just by looking at it! The law of attraction planners is so attractive and systematic in their own ways that it doesn’t make writing and journaling a boring task. It makes it so much more interesting and easy! 

I didn’t only buy a planner for myself but also I gifted one to my mother. We started around the same time and today, both of us have already accomplished what we wanted to! 

I have my dream job and her work has only flourished ever since! Unfortunately, the law of attraction planner is the best gift that you can give to yourself and your loved ones! 

Law Of Attraction Planner Review- Conclusion

To sum it all up, I feel everybody who’s wanting to achieve big in life and is ready to make all the required efforts and live a life full of happiness, peace and love should start maintaining a law of attraction planner! 

It’ll provide you with the best of manifesting experiences. Making the simple, easy and so much more attractive! 

Manifesting won’t ever be the same again once you get yourself law of attraction planner! The planner makes it an even more surreal experience and above all, your planner will be your best companion! 

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