Law Of Attraction Symbols- Can They Help In Manifesting Your Desires?

Are you trying to understand the Law of Attraction symbols and how these signs and symbols help us on our path to successful manifestation? Well, we are going to discuss everything related to the Law of Attraction Symbols and Signs in this article.

Did you know that the Universe constantly sends us signs and symbols but we tend to ignore them or just think of them as a mere coincidence? Using these Law of Attraction symbols to our benefit is something not many of us are acquainted with.

But what are these Law of Attraction signs and symbols and how can someone identify them?

What Are The Law Of Attraction Symbols?

People from our older generations have been using the Law of Attraction symbols to predict their future. But the symbols don’t only help you know about your future but also help you show a path towards your goals.

The symbols are a way of the Universe telling you that you are on the right path and soon you will manifest your desires. Symbols act as a messenger between you and the Universe and are often used to connect you with the Universe.

Have you ever noticed a random event happening multiple times such as seeing a particular animal that is no easily seen around your area? Usually, we just neglect them thinking of it as a coincidence but In reality, it is the Universe that is trying to converse with you.

For instance, every morning you wake up and find that same bird in your lawn or a garden. It is an invitation to enter the beauty of nature and take a break from whatever you are doing for a few days.

It usually happens when you are stuck in your life and cannot seem to find any answers. In such a situation, relaxing for a little bit might help you free your mind and help you think with a positive mindset.

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How Do Law of Attraction Symbols Help?

Attraction symbols work on the mental as well as the physical aspect of the body. They also help us to stay aligned with the Universe. An attraction symbol varies from person to person and can vary depending upon the current situation as well.

No one but you is capable of recognizing the symbols which Universe sends your way. They work with us side by side and transform our lives spiritually as well as personally.

With the use of symbols, one can achieve anything he/she wishes for but most importantly influence their surroundings. The symbols aim to allow you to communicate with your true self.

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How To Identify The Law Of Attraction Symbols?

Let us look at some commonly known attraction symbols:-

Seeing Repetitive Numbers

Seeing the same numbers repeatedly is known as one of the Law Of Attraction Symbols. Numbers like 111,222,333 or 1:11, etc are called angel numbers and have a hidden behind each of them.

You may find these numbers in multiple occurrences on the:-


Car License Plate

Random House Addresses

Mobile Numbers

Grocery Bill

So if you find yourself in such a situation, it is a sign from the Universe that you are doing great. Although some numbers might mean a little different than the most.

For instance, number 666 means you are losing focus and need to align your thoughts and get back on track. On the other hand, the number 555 is a heads-up to signify a major change in your life. Although most of the time these changes positively impact us.

The strongest Angel number is known to be 11:11 and any numbers containing repetition of number 1. If you are seeing such numbers, it is a very strong symbol that you are close to manifesting your goals.

Unexpected Financial Flourish

When you are trying to manifest money, it is very important to understand the importance Of Financial abundance. Financial abundance doesn’t start from your pockets but your mind.

If you feel that you are financially abundant even if you are struggling financially, the universe will find ways to satisfy your hunger for more money.

Some of the signs the Universe sends our way while we are trying to manifest money are:-

  1. Finding money in your wallet, or your pants pocket.
  2. Finding money while walking on the road.
  3. Getting a paycheck in your mail which you weren’t expecting
  4. Sudden hike in your salary
  5. Getting a huge business order.

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You Find Yourself In A Much Positive Mindset

Another one of the Law of Attraction symbols is noticing a change in your subconscious mindset. Now you look at the world with a different and more positive approach.

Instead of blaming the Universe for your hardships, you accept them as challenges and try to look for a solution rather than sitting and crying about it.

This positive approach towards your life pushes away the negativity and attracts more positivity which in turn helps you raise your vibrations and puts you in a better place to manifest your dreams.

The Sight Of Uncommon Creatures

Universe has its own way of communication and many a time it uses the power of nature to communicate with us. The sight of animals such as deer on roads is known to be an attraction symbol.

It can also be an animal you are familiar with doing something unordinary which takes you by surprise. Notice the behavior of your pets or the animals around you and see If they are being extra kindful and loveable towards you.

If yes, it might be another sign that you are on the right track.

Your Favorite Song Starts Playing

Ever noticed that when you are thinking about your goals and suddenly your favorite music starts playing on the radio or television. Suddenly you feel a wave of happiness throughout your body.

This happens because when you are attracting positivity into your life, you tend to attract higher vibrational surroundings. Music is nothing but a vibration and it gets attracted towards you.

Getting A Text Or A Call

Getting a text or a call from the person you have been thinking about in that moment is another one of the Law of Attraction signs and it means that the Universe is sending your messages to that specific person.

When you are vibrating on a higher frequency everything gets attracted towards you, even if it is someone who never had an interest in you.

They start to notice your positivity and how calm and composed you are.

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I hope this article will help you understand more about the Law of Attraction symbols and signs and how with the help of them you can attract all your desires.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them down below in the comments box. Cheers!

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