How to Manifest a Text Message from Someone Specific using Law of Attraction

manifest a text from someone specific

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Do you have some specific person in your heart and mind that you would like to talk to. However, your heart wants them to contact you first via call or SMS. In this article, you will learn how to manifest a text message from someone specific using the law of attraction.

In short, you will learn how to make someone text you without texting them first. You can manifest anything like a text message, an email, or a message on social media. This manifesting technique works for manifesting a text from your crush, ex, family members, and more.

Manifesting is all about wishing for something and keep wishing for it. If you want someone or something, you just need to work for it with a positive mindset.

Now the question about manifesting a message from someone specific is can you really manifest a text from someone, then the answer is yes, it is possible. Everyone wants to manifest but very few actually know how to manifest a text from someone.

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How to Manifest a Text from a Specific Person

manifest a text from a specific person

Calm Mind and Soul

By using the Law of attraction, your focus attracts what you want. However, if you have many things in your mind which you want then with this mindset it will be harder to manifest a text from that specific person,

How can you calm your mind for manifesting? You can do this by focusing on the present as well as your breathing control. When you focus on the present time, you are paying attention to your surroundings instead of unwanted rapid thoughts.

Focus on The Person You Wish To Manifest

focus on manifesting person

When you are focusing on your person imagine what they look like. Imagine their facial expression in your head. Imagine their smile and love.

Harness the energy of being with them at that moment. In short, Picture yourself with them and feel that moment. See their name. Imagine their face again. Hear their voice.

Visualize receiving the message from Someone specific

Pick up your phone and open your eyes. Look into your phone and visualize them typing or sending a message for you. How does this message notification looks like to you? How do you feel and what do you do when you see this message notification on your phone? Did you smile at your phone after seeing this message? What reply you should send in return?

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Think about something else to manifest a text message

When you want to manifest you need to understand the concept of detaching, detaching is when you start thinking about something else. This detachment is a necessary step in the process. When you detach from someone you are showing trust in the Universe when you do that universe will start to work it out for you. If you keep thinking about it then not even the universe can help you to manifest your text message or call.

Most important thing is to stay focused and keeping your vibrations high! This means that you should stay happy and be positive and grateful as much as possible. When you do that rest of the things will be easier.

You can also learn and understand about how to manifest a text message from him by following a simple method.



Manifest a Text Using Emoji

You’re so familiar with emojis, right? Emoji’s comes in all types of online conversation, emoji’s helps to convey our feelings and emotions cutely. Many people underestimate the power of emoji and some don’t even know about emoji.

Believe it or not, you can manifest your love with emojis.

How to do this?

Focus on your desires and have faith in them.

Choose the best emoji which represents your emotions and feelings.

Type a message in between two emoji’s, now cut paste that message somewhere in hidden in the phone like notes or to-do list, and start manifesting the message, whenever you receive a text message from that specific person, this indicates that your manifestation was successful.


manifest using paper

There is also a way to manifest text or message Aside from your phone, this manifesting technique needs a pen and paper. Your emotions and feelings are written down on the paper.

How to do this?

Draw two images on the paper which represent you and your love, on drawn images below write down the names of both you and your love.

Now on paper write what are your feelings and what do you want your lover to do for you – Pray to the universe to let your lover call or text you immediately.

The letter you wrote should be folded 3-4 times, keep that folded letter on the back of your phone to help you clear your question which is: how to manifest a text or call immediately.

The magic from this manifesting technique will manifest a text from your crush which will draw him/her to you and want to send you text messages.

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If you want something easy, then this love spell chant is perfect for you. The aim is to bring desirable results to your wish even though it may take a short period to work, not immediately.

As per materials use, you need to have a piece of paper,red-inked pen, and confidant strong will of love.

How to do this?

On Paper write down a short sweet love letter for your lover with a red pen.

Place your folded love letter under your phone.

Use this chanting again and again: “Let my lover know that I love him/her. Please deliver this letter to my beloved. Please make my lover reply to me once he/she receives this letter of mine”.

Keep mumbling these words until you fall asleep in your dreams.

This manifesting technique usually gives results overnight. If you don’t get a reply then repeat this. Manifesting requires a positive mindset and patience.

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