Manifest Happiness- The Quick Guide To Manifesting A Happy Life

How can someone manifest happiness? Can we really manifest something like that?

Well yes, you ABSOLUTELY can and in this article, we will find out how to manifest happiness using the Law of Attraction. Let’s get started.


Happiness is an emotion that has not just one but many meanings attached to it. Nobody can tell what it exactly is. It varies and means different to different people. 

As a child, I remember being so happy when I got my favourite car toy or chocolate I liked or just going out and playing with my friends. This was happiness for me back then. 

If I talk about the current times, being a young adult, happiness for me has changed its meaning with time. 

Today, I feel happy when I am productive throughout the day. When I can manage my finances well, I can take and afford a vacation etc. This is what makes me happy now. 

The motive of my article isn’t telling you what makes me happy or attach meaning to your happiness. I am here to talk about how you can manifest happiness on days you feel low or in general. 

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Manifesting Happiness- The Quick Guide 

Are you looking for some inspiration or ways to manifest happiness? This quick guide will help you in the best and simplest possible way! 

Not claiming that I’ll tell you anything that you already don’t know. We all know what it takes to be happy. All I am going to do is, try to make it interesting for you so that you feel excited and motivated enough to follow the steps. 

I’ll try my best to attach logic to this for you and also share my personal experience which could help you understand the reasons behind it better.  So that you don’t have to force yourself to be consistent but naturally be so. 

1.Always begin by being grateful

No matter what you plan on achieving or doing, remember to always be grateful for what you have today. Thank the universe, thank the people around, thank yourself for whatever you did and achieved in the past. 

Just a brief story, my personal experience that I’d like to share here. I swear by this rule now, hands down but earlier, I was not this. My life was a mess. My things didn’t go as planned. I used to lose on to my dreams or things that I wanted just when I could have gotten hold of them easily. 

One day I sat down and asked myself in immense pain and frustration,” what’s going on!” At that moment of introspection, I realised how thankless I had been for everything in my life. 

I never appreciated myself for anything I did, I had never acknowledged or been grateful for my blessings, I started taking so many things for granted. 

This is when I got enlightened as to what was going wrong in my life. It was then and this is now. Since that day, I never took anything for granted and I can say this with an ever so grateful heart that I have everything that I wanted and only one word made the entire difference. 

That magical word was, “Thankyou.” 

2. Do what you love 

It’s rather sad that how people keep doing the things that they don’t like doing. This may be a product of other people’s expectations, the roles that we are supposed to play as per the society or our disability of not knowing what we want. 

But we must know and understand ourselves first. We should give that right to ourselves to follow our hearts! 

When we do what we love, happiness comes organically. We don’t have to force ourselves to be happy then, it is something that comes with it! 

3. Write down Affirmations

Once you have allowed yourself to dig deep and know what you actually want to do in life, the next step that follows is, to write affirmations

Start writing your dream on a piece of paper every day and trust me, in no time you will start living your dream in reality! 

5 years back, I was just another human with a gazillion big dreams, waiting for the bosses to be pleased and promote me. Like we do usually but today, I no longer have to focus on just pleasing the bosses and still not getting the opportunities most of the time. 

Today, all I need to do is, do my job right, have faith in me, and most importantly, in the universe, affirm what I want and I get the best! 

4. Take risks 

Yes, you heard me right. If you wanna make it big in life, you have to take risks! No one ever made it big in life by playing safe. 

You have to see and grab the new opportunities, sometimes just take a leap of faith and give in to the risky situations.

Do what your soul tells you to do, even if it seems scary at first. Push past the “uncomfortable feelings” to reach for the greater reward in life. 

5.Start living with your dream, beginning with today

Envision every day and every moment that you’ve already gotten what you asked the universe for. Start loving with your dream in reality. 

Start to feel the joy and happiness it brings. Shift from, “Ah! I wish I had it” to “wow! I have got it.” 

You can practice this as much as you can but just to do it in a simplified way, the best is to do it before going to bed and the first thing you do when you wake up! 

6. Listen to music and watch fulfilling shows 

I told you so…I will try to make it as much fun for you as possible! 

Watching shows and listening to music that inculcates a feeling of positivity and happiness in your mind, is really fulfilling. 

This changes your vibes and better tune them with the universe. Music and shows that put you into the feeling of what you want to manifest instantly get you into a good mood and help you manifest better and quicker. 

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21-Day Challenge- Manifesting Happiness

Here’s a challenge for you! 

I will make it more interesting and simple for you to manifest happiness in just 21 days! 

Trust me, once you’re done with this challenge, it’ll be a lifelong investment for you! You won’t ever have to force yourself or tune yourself to seek happiness from the universe. 

It will come to you naturally! 

Clear your mind:- 

Day 1 of the challenge requires you to just sit back and relax. Introspect and do basic breathing techniques. Get in touch with yourself and clear your mind of any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs. 

Make space for new accommodations:- 

Once you’ve cleared the old limiting beliefs and gotten rid of the negative thoughts, make space for new accommodations in form of positive thoughts and happiness. 

Think about your goal:- 

Think about what you want and what makes you happy. Then hold on to the feelings of happiness and positivity associated with it. 


Put your goal into the right words. Phrase and rephrase and write down affirmations. 

Create a dream board:- 

Make use of pictures or writings and make a collage out of it. Place it somewhere you will see every day and visualise all of it. 

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Pick up a relatable manifestation song:- 

Talking about manifesting happiness, there are so many songs depicting and describing the feelings of happiness. Make one your jam song and listen to it regularly! 

Start a gratitude journal:- 

Start writing a gratitude journal and thank the universe for its blessings on you! 

Once you’re done with the above said, here’s what you need to do to make your plan work. 

Revisit your plan:- 

Go back to the plan you created and think about where you are now. Acknowledge how far you’ve come and see what is still left to achieve. 

Look for signs:- 

Look around, be open to experiences and look for related signs around you. 

Give love and spread happiness:- 

It is said what you give, is what you get back! So, make sure you continue to give love and happiness to others to receive it back in abundance from the universe

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Release what you want to attract:- 

This is the last but extremely important step. We all make use of sentences like, “I will be happy when I get good marks” or “I will be happy if I get promoted.” 

Amidst all this, we often forget to enjoy life and find happiness in it as it is. This step teaches you to be grateful and enjoy life and its blessings as it is. 

Believe in the power to manifest but release your desire and feel safe and believe that you can and will have the life of your dreams! 

Wrapping It Up

By the end of this article, I’m sure all my readers will be able to manifest their own happiness. 

I believe that happiness is just a state of mind. If you allow your mind to be positive and focus on the right things, you will never be sad again.

We get sad and low only when there isn’t clarity in our mind. When we aren’t able to unwind the negative thought patterns and swap them with positive ones. 

Manifesting happiness will not only allow you to bring back happiness in your life but also make you learn how to think and what you need to focus on! 

This isn’t just a one-time investment but a lifetime investment that’ll give you fruits of happiness throughout!

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I hope this article will help you understand how you can manifest happiness with the help of the Law of Attraction.

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