How To Make a Manifestation Box: Manifest Your Dream Life

How to Use a Manifestation Box

Just like other rituals, the manifestation box is another ritual related to the law of attraction.  The Law of attraction basically means that we attract the energy that we give to the universe. If we give out good energy, we will get back good energy and vice versa.

 With the law of attraction, you can turn your biggest dreams into reality. It can be a bit difficult at times, for persistence is key to unlocking your good luck. Having powerful, clean energy is important because our desires can become reality only with a positive attitude.

The universe is massive and receives our emotions, sending out good and positive vibes to the universe will only bring you good things back.

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What is a Manifestation Box?

The Magical Manifestation Box is a really fun and powerful law of attraction technique. Manifestation box instructions are easy to follow. You can use your creative side to connect to the universe using this simple powerful technique.

There have been many manifestation box success stories. You can achieve success too if you faithfully carry out the process and have trust in the method. Trust that the universe will send only good things your way and protect you from negative evil thoughts. The main idea, the reason why you are doing this in the first place should be very clear.

The intention is the topmost thing that will make this technique work in your favor. The intent is to place a message within the box and then to let the universe do its job. This leads to a connection to form between the universe and yourself, both the elements create a bond.

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It opens up doors for new opportunities and ideas to come your way, which is basically the universe leading you down the path of your heart’s desires. The objects you place inside the box should radiate with energy that aligns with the energy of your desires and manifestations.

Things you will need to create this amazing box of energy are.

  • A special dream, intention,  reason, or desire.
  • A box
  • You and your inner magical self
  • A pen
  • Some special things to put inside the box
  • A lot of faith in the universe

How to Make a Manifestation Box.

Buy a box

Manifestation Box

Buy any type of box that you like. You can decorate it afterwards. So literally any box will work. Does not matter if it’s big or small or old or new.

Decoration time

Again, it’s your box, so how you decorate it is entirely up to you. Some fun ideas are:

  • Paint- Paint it in a solid colour or paint a picture for your creative side and go wild.
  •  Newspaper- you can use magazine cutouts or cute colour paper cutouts.
  • Glitter- glam up your box with glitter. Everything is good with glitter.
  •  Stickers- use stickers that are motivational and inspirational, happy, and fun.

Now that we are done with the making, let’s find out the use of the box. Using the box correctly should be your number one priority.

How To Use a Manifestation Box?

Just follow these simple steps properly and the box will surely help you.

  • Setting an intention for your box is important.

Just like how intention is the biggest reason behind any other law of attraction ritual, setting an intention is the key in this ritual too. Ask yourself why are you doing this ritual? Dig deep into your soul. Write your intention on a piece of paper & sign your name on the paper five times. Fold or roll up the paper, then place it in the box. Avoid asking for materialistic things and wish for something that you really want and that your heart desires. Wish for something that would really be beneficial for you and bring you joy.

  • Place objects within the box that resonate with your manifestation.

Now that the intention is set. It is time for you to fill up your magic box with things that are special to you and that which go hand in hand with your vision. Ask yourself what do you want to put inside the manifestation box? Place things that you feel connect with your desires and your vision and what you feel is right.

Maybe add a crystal or a flower petal or a tiny Bell. Things that make you happy should be added inside the box. The box should be filled with things that have a positive vibe. Anything negative should Stay away from the box as it can affect your outcome.

Every morning, after an hour after waking up and every night after going to bed, do this.

  • Open the box, take out your intention, and read it out aloud. Imagine that the dream is turning into reality and that the universe is talking back to you.
  • Put it back inside and close the box. Trust that the box will work its way into radiating your intention/Dream into the universe.
  • Call out to the universe by saying that you believe and trust in it. Ask the Universe to help you manifest your dreams. Tell the higher gods, the angels, the guides that you want only good things and want negativity to stay away from you. Ask them to add their blessings and magic to the box so that your dreams come to you with elegance, ease, joy, and Love and without causing harm to anyone.
  • Carrying out the steps with dedication for seven days is essential. If you skip a day please start over. Do it with utmost faith and not half-heartedly.

What to write in a manifestation box?

What to write in manifestation box

Write out your heart’s desire to connect with the universe on a deeper level. The letter should be meaningful, genuine, and positive. It should be filled with gratitude and should be uplifting. Avoid asking for materialistic things, and acting desperate.

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The universe will always guide and support you, so don’t be afraid and write the letter as if you’re talking or conversing with your friend. Thank the universe for all the things it has given to you, for all the happiness it has blessed you with. This positive attitude is important to attract positive things.

Avoid talking in a negative tone and focus on the present tense. Please never sound too greedy. Rephrase things in a good way and always sound confident. You can also add motivational quotes or write your own inspirational sayings.

You can also put in pictures that make you feel uplifted, powerful, and positive and bring you joy. Anything that connects to your intention can be put in the box.

Where should I keep my manifestation box?

Keep your box somewhere you will see it every day. Keep it within your vision and keep adding things as days go by. This will make the box more powerful which will increase the chances of your intentions and dreams to come true. Keep the box near you and respect it and its contents. They are your dreams after all.

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