Manifestation Rituals to Help You Achieve Your Desires

Manifestation Rituals

Here are some full Moon Manifestation Rituals to get you everything you want in life and let you become one with the energy of the moon.

Manifestation Rituals to Perform on a Full Moon

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1. Full Moon Ritual

Full moon is the time of letting go and freeing yourself from things that are holding you back. As you sir under the light of the full moon, imagine yourself getting calmer and calmer. Bask in the quietness and positivity. Write down, on a piece of paper, everything you want to throw  away from your life. It can be your fears, traumas, bad memories, people etc. Now, tear the paper and light it on fire. The rising smoke symbolizes bad things going away from you. Throw the left over residue in the water.

2. Sage and Cleanse

Cleaning all the negativity from your house, soul, body and mind is what full moon is all about. You need  incense sticks like herb or rosemary. Start by lighting these sticks up and then waft the smoke from these incense sticks around you and everywhere in your house. While releasing the smoke chant a mantra ,”I release all my negative thoughts that are blocking me from reaching my higher self”. After everything is done, open all the windows and let the full moon light inside.

3. Full Moon Water

Water can be charged with your intentions and emotions. Use pure water so that it’s free from all the impurities. Place a glass of water outside and while placing it down under the moonlight, think about the things you want to let go of. The water will absorb all the energy of the moon and drinking it will energize you from inside.

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The New Moon Ritual

The New moon signifies a fresh start. New moon is the time when you can self reflect and open yourself to new opportunities and ways to grow. Go ahead with this new moon manifestation ritual to set new goals and intentions.

 1. Mood creation and connection

Setting the right environment is essential so that you can clearly focus on the task at hand. Before you start the ritual clear out your surroundings. Burn your favourite scented candle, turn on light music and clear your mind off all the negativity. Exist in the moment.

Connect with your source. Connect with the being that brings you peace and strength. The one that you believe in. Connection makes your vibrations stronger. You’ll be able to carry out the ritual more effectively.

2. Start writing

Take a piece of paper and write down the things you wish for or are ready to let go off. Write your feelings, your fears, your doubts anything you want. Your dream job, a good career opportunity, peace, abundance literally anything.

3. Reading them out loud

Next is to read out your desires so that the universe hears them. Speaking them out loud plays a crucial role in manifestation of your desires. When you speak, you are focussing on your desires with a lot of depth and emotion and it plays an important role in bringing your desires to you

4. Relax now

Now that all that is done, just relax and sit quietly. Focus on your breathing and imagine your desires coming to life. Tell the moon or your higher being that you are ready to accept new experiences and growth opportunities.

Manifestation Rituals for Money and Abundance

 Money Manifestation rituals are stated below:

1. Meditate and Connect

Before you start any ritual you need to Meditate and focus on good things. Bring your positive energy closer to you. Feel yourself getting relaxed and let go of all the things that are holding you back.

Connect with the source you believe in and ask them to join you in your ritual. Ask them to guide you in the ritual properly. Stay calm and feel their blessings. Connecting with them will give you more clearance and strength.

2. Start your ritual

It can be anything you normally do to manifest things. You can use affirmations. Start by writing money affirmations on a piece of paper. Take a bowl and place that paper inside it. Burn the paper. Now imagine the smoke from that paper reaching the universe.

3. Crystals are good

Finding a manifestation ritual that really works is not tough at all. Any ritual you have total Faith in will definitely work for you. Using crystals during meditation is one such ritual. During meditation using a crystal like Citrine or Clear quartz is recommended as they are money crystals. Crystals absorb energy, are powerful and help in faster manifestation. 

4. Light it up with Candles

Candles are a source of light. You need to visualize while setting your intent with candles. Set up 8 green candles around the bathroom where you will take your hot bath. Light up each candle while saying a positive money affirmation. Relax and enjoy the bath.

As stated above, there is no particular ritual for money manifestation. You can create your own ritual and find your own way. The ritual you create will have more chances of success. Your belief will give it more power and abundance will surely make its way to you

Rituals for Manifesting your Ideal Love partner

We all want love in our lives. For somebody to lean on, for a shoulder to cry on. It feels good to have a partner who will go with you through tough times and good times. So here are some love manifestation ritual you can try to meet that bae of yours.

1. Sacred space creation

Pink is the soft color of love. Start with cutting out a heart from a pink paper. Write 3 wishes about the ideal person you want. Believe and visualize. Now put the heart in the sacred place and put some crystals, Flowers and rose petals around along with a photo of yourself in the Middle. Light a candle and while placing it down, say some love affirmations or a spell.

2. Crystals and flowers

You need 2 candles, rose quartz, paper and pen, a place where you will be undisturbed and a pink ,red flower.

Light your candles and recite a powerful love prayer or affirmation. Place a flower at the base of the candle. Hold the rose crystal close to you and take a deep breath. Pass this crystal through the burning candle thrice, as you ask for true love. Take the pen and paper and write about the person you want to manifest. Read it out aloud. Let the candles burn fully and carry the crystal with you.

3. Ribbon Ritual

Take two things that represent you and your ideal partner. The spell works best on a new moon, but any day is fine as well. Tie the 2 items together, leaving some space in between. Untie the ribbon each morning and move the items closer to one another. Re tie them again. Do this every day till they are touching. Let them remain tied for seven more days.

Water Ritual For Manifestation

This technique is called glass of water technique. It is said that the emotions we feel can be transferred in water. The water we drink can be charged with energy. This ritual has a similar method called the “Silva method”. “Transurfing” is a term used to denote that water is an energy conductor. In this ritual, start by writing your affirmations on a post it note.

Now stick the note on the glass of water. Now you need to channel your inner energy by rubbing your hands together until you feel the heat. Now on each side of the glass, place your palms or keep them at a distance. Visualize your desires. Concentrate on the energy being sent out from you and in the water. Now drink the whole glass of water. Do this every morning and night and routinely. Use different glasses of water if you have more than one wish.

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Try and implement these Manifestation Rituals in your life and let me know how it went for you in the comments below.

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