Manifesting Your Dream Car Using The Law Of Attraction

Manifesting Your Dream Car Using the Law of Attraction


Who doesn’t want luxuries in life? I’m sure we all do! We all somewhere, in the back of our minds dream of living in huge houses, owning the best supercars and living life king size. 

We all want the best for ourselves and our loved ones but only a few achieve all that they once desired. What if I tell you that owning your dream car can be your reality now? 

I will tell you the greatest trick which you can make use of for becoming the best version of yourself and having all your dreams come true! 

I’m sure reading the title gave you a pretty good idea about what this article contains. Yes, it does talk about the law of attraction and the art of manifestation.

Here, I will not only try to guide you through the process of manifestation but also, will tell you my amazing story of how I manifested my dream car and how so many people across the globe made their dreams come true with the help of the law of attraction! 

Manifesting A Car Is Pretty Easy 

Cars are physical objects and are much simpler to manifest when compared to immaterial things such as love or a person.

When manifesting a person in your life, maybe your crush or a long lost friend or a partner or just love, it gets a bit difficult and one needs to be immensely patient for it. The reason being, there are a lot more things that need to be taken into account when manifesting an immaterial thing. 

But when it comes to material things, such as cars to be specific, it is a lot easier. One possible reason behind this is that cars are very easy to envision and picture in your mind which makes it very simple for you to visualise them and keep them in your mind’s eyes. 

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How To Manifest Your Dream Car

To begin with here’s what you can do:-

Here are the prerequisites for manifesting your dream car. 

Fix the car you want

The first step is to know what car you want. Name the car, elaborate on its salient features, maybe also decide on to which specific colour you want your car to be. For example, you want an SUV car, it should have a diesel-powered engine, the colour should be red and it should have alloys on its wheels etc.

Take a test drive

To have a clearer idea about the features and the car in general and also, to take the actual feel of it, you can always give the car a test drive. This way, you can have a better look at it and also enjoy the emotions accompanied. Taking a test drive will make you feel more motivated and closer to your dream. 


Visualisation is the greatest technique used in the manifestation process and it is an extremely efficient one too. After having a closer, real-life look at your dream car, at least for 5 mins every day, visualise that you have already owned it.

Imagine the car parked outside your house, imagine driving in it to your office, imagine yourself taking your loved ones in it for a drive and hold on to the beautiful feelings and emotions that accompany that visualisation. 

Make Use Of Affirmations

Affirmations work wonders with visualisation. After visualising your dream car, start insulating affirmations in it. You can use affirmations like, “I am the owner of the new SUV model of so and so car” or whatever you find pleasing. Positive affirmations will not only help you achieve your goals but also make you feel optimistic and happy in the “now.” 

Practice Gratitude

Always remember to thank the universe for what you have at the moment. If you aren’t grateful for what you have now, you will not be able to contain the abundance you are to receive in the future.

Lack of gratitude generates negative feelings and negativity always causes a hindrance in the process of manifestation. Make sure to thank the universe for whatever you already possess in life. 

Maintain Your Gratitude Journal

Gratitude can change your life in a million right ways. It makes you feel wholesome and content with yourself and what you have received and if you are happy inside, calm and satisfied, only then will you be able to welcome more in your life.

A restless soul will only attract things of similar fashion but if you want to attract the goodness, you need to be the goodness first. And this is exactly what gratitude makes you. It makes you powerful and happy inside. 

Take The Required Action

Hard work and manifestation goes hand in hand. Your manifestation won’t work till the time you take the required action for it. You need to first become big in yourself, to fulfil your big dreams! You should never stop working towards your dreams as there is no shortcut to success and absolutely no alternative to hard work. 

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How I Manifested My Dream Car

My journey of manifestation began when I saw this beautiful new SUV car launched in my country. I saw its picture in the newspaper and at the very first glance, I was in love with it! 

It was a red coloured car, luxurious and gave an extremely good feel. Just by looking at it, somehow I knew this is what I want. 

Back then, it almost felt impossible with the kind of job I was doing and the salary I got. But all I knew was that I desperately wanted that car to be mine. 

Unintentionally, I started imagining myself sitting and driving that car. At first, it was just a random thought in my mind but slowly and steadily I actually started manifesting and visualising. 

What Happened After 8 Months? 

After I began manifesting and visualising every day, not just one but two huge changes took place in my life. 

While I was manifesting for my dream car, I didn’t know that I was also working towards a better job position! I felt so motivated after my visualisation and manifestation that, not even realising it, I was working harder every day. 

I got more focused and determined about my work because I had my goal set. I wanted my dream car at any cost! My focus, hard work and determination impressed my bosses so much that within just 5 months, I got a promotion. 

I got promoted which means my salary also increased. Now I was making more money than I did in the past and I got many steps closer to my dream car. 

Now that my salary increased and I got better to afford that car, I decided to save up for the next 3 months and then buy my car. 

Meanwhile, I took its test drive and I gathered all the knowledge I needed regarding the car and with a firm belief, went on with the buying procedures after a period of 3 months from them. 

8 months of manifesting and visualising, in addition to my hard work and firm belief, my Dream Car was mine!  

I bought the exact same red colour that I dreamt of, the top model of the newly launched SUV was parked outside my house within a span of just 8 months from having my eyes on it! 

Things To Keep In Mind While Manifesting Your Dream Car 

We already talked about what we should do for manifesting our dream car but here is a list of few things that we shouldn’t do or avoid while manifesting our dream car. 

Do Not Let Uncertainty Kick In

Make sure you are a hundred per cent sure of what car you want and have your set of reasons for it. Do not hop from one car or the other or keep changing your mind. Uncertainty will only bring negative feelings and prolong your process. 

Do Not Forget To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Remember, if your subconscious mind isn’t programmed well, it will only bring you to worry and feel anxious or restless during the process. Manifestations take time, especially the ones involving such big things. You need to be patient and have faith in the process. 

Do Not Stop Taking Action

Keep working hard and never stop working towards your goal. No dream will come true only by sitting and visualising, the universe grants reward to those who work for it. 

Stop Worrying About The Results

Be patient and trust in the process. Do not worry too much and anticipate the results. Keep manifesting, visualising and working hard towards your goals. Don’t worry about how you will pay for the car or when and where will you receive your dream car. Surrender yourself to the universe and let the universe do its work. Let go and relax. 

Do Not Act Desperate At Any Point In Time

Be assertive while asking the universe for your dream car but always remember to never sound or act like a desperate fellow. Desperation is yet another negative feeling which tends to slow down the manifestation process. 

The Final Verdict 

Manifestations do work, all it takes for you to experience the magic is a pure heart and a mind full of optimism and faith. There’s nothing one cannot achieve if he or she is fully determined. 

Fill your mind with positivity, give yourself a new, better perception and your life will change for the best. Nobody is meant to be miserable, it’s us who often give ourselves up on some rough situations and fall in that pit. 

If we try, there’s nothing impossible to achieve. With clear intentions and a mind strong enough to work hard, we can reach great heights in our lives. 

A person is unstoppable after he or she decides to do something and is determined to achieve it. Our only limits are the ones we set for ourselves and not what others say we cannot do! 

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