How To Manifest Your Dearest Desires Using The Pillow Method


Here, through this article, I take the initiative to get you acquainted with yet another powerful method of manifestation, “The Pillow Method“.

The art of manifestation is the greatest treasure mankind has ever been blessed with! You can attract and bring into your life whatever that you desire with the help of this simple but effective method. 

You can convert your dreams into your reality and live them with your eyes wide open using the power of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

“What you sow so shall you reap” is an age-old saying that goes perfectly with the law of attraction. It is basically, what you manifest today, will be your reality tomorrow. 

There are innumerable techniques to achieve this and follow the law of attraction and each is unique in its own way and effective at various levels. 

What Is The Pillow Method Of Manifestation?

Let’s just say, to begin with, believe in yourself and your dreams! No dream is too big and none is insignificant. In your world, you are the master and you should possess the power of creating new beautiful things in your life and discarding the old, heavy baggage just as you please! 

The thumb rule of any method of the law of attraction is, “faith.” Have faith and you can conquer anything. 

If you have faith and are determined to bring in the best in your life, the pillow method, yet another effective technique of manifestation, is right there at your service! 

Before beginning and learning the steps of the pillow method, keep in mind to always have a clear goal or dream defined. The best way you can define your goal is by choosing the one which isn’t too far fetched in your mind and which is something that you want in the “now!” 

The pillow method is simple, all you need to do (once your goal is defined) is to write the goal or your manifestation on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow every night until it’s fulfilled! 

Why Is The Pillow Method So Effective?

The time a person wakes up in the morning and the time they go to bed is the most important part of one’s day. That is so because people must go to bed, full of positivity in order to wake up more powerful and positive for the entire day that follows. 

This is a cycle that keeps going on, a good positive thought at night before going to bed will make your next day positive and happy and if your day has been happy, you will be able to fall asleep nicely. 

This is exactly the principle on which the pillow method works! The idea behind the method is to write an affirmation on a piece of paper and keep it underneath your pillow as you sleep on it. 

3 reasons why this method is so effective

  1. This method helps to rewire your subconscious thought pattern as you sleep.
  1. It helps you have a positive thought as your last thought as you retire to bed. This has a positive effect on your dream state. You dream what’s there in your subconscious mind and if your mind is full of nothing but positivity and happy thoughts, that will greatly reflect on the quality of your dreams. 
  1. As you fall asleep, you maintain the intention while “letting go” of any resistance that might be interfering with the manifestation of your desire. 

These 3 are the sole reasons why the pillow method of manifestation is so effective in helping you achieve your goals. 

The Steps Involved

These are a few steps you can follow for the pillow method to work for you. They are simple but work extremely well.

Step 1:- Get a clear idea about what you want to achieve in your life in the present. 

Step 2:- Write your goal on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow every night, while you sleep till it is achieved. 

Step 3:-  Ask the universe. Don’t beg or sound desperate as it will only add negativity. Have faith and convincingly ask the universe for it. Make sure to visualise your goal and affirm it at least once a day every day. 

Step 4:- Trust the process

Step 5:- Look for the signs around you. Have an open mind and be welcoming and warm to what you receive. Appreciate it and be thankful. 

Step 6:- make sure to keep your vibrations high. Don’t let any sort of doubt or negativity impact your vibes and lower them down. 

Step 7:- Identify your limiting beliefs and clear your resistance to get the best results. 

Does It Really Work? 

There is no better teacher than “experience” in life. You won’t really know if it works till you try it yourself. But speaking from my own experience, the pillow method works miraculously! 

So, a while back my college announced this trip to an amazing place and most of my friends decided to go for it and it was all the more special as it would have probably been our last college trip. I desperately wanted to go as well but I was short on finances. 

I got upset at first as I could not see a solution then. I had 10 days to finalise and pay the advance for it. I didn’t know how would I make it, all I knew was that I wanted to go for that trip for sure! 

I tried the pillow method as I already am a firm believer and practice the law of attraction on a daily basis. I wrote the thing on a chit and placed it under my pillow every night for all the number of days I had in my hand before I had to pay for the trip. 

I wrote with utmost belief that “I will go for the trip surely.” I kept visualising it and imagined myself on the beach having fun with my friends. I actually started seeing it all in my dreams while I slept! I saw myself on the beach, having fun in the sea and creating beautiful memories with my friends.

To my surprise, within the next 6-7 days, my finances were taken care of and I was able to pay the advance for the trip and also was still left with sufficient to buy things and have fun there! 

It is no joke! If you have faith and are determined, the pillow method will definitely show you the best results! 

What Can Be Achieved Using The Pillow Method? 

The pillow method has helped thousands in achieving their desired short term goals in just no time! Once you know what you want and your intentions are clear, there is no limit! 

You can attract whatever you want in your life or maybe you can just ask for answers to some of your unanswered or anticipated questions from the universe by using the pillow method. 

I know somebody who used the pillow method to know whether the deal he was going to do would be beneficial for him or not. He used to write the question on a piece of paper every night and place it under his pillow and ask the universe for the answers. 

Within days, he started seeing the signs and even started having dreams about the possible outcome! After a while, he just knew the answer. He went on with the deal and yes, it did end up being the most fruitful decision of his life! 

Whether it is a person, an event or satisfaction of some curiosity, you can do it all with the pillow method. No bar or area defines it and that’s the beauty of this method. 

It is really simple and so easy to follow. It takes a lot fewer efforts for you to attract good in your life by using this method. 

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Using It Efficiently: The Pillow Method 

You can speed up the process of your manifestation and also use the pillow method for attracting your not so immediate type of goals by combining it with other methods of manifestation. 

Pillow method + visualisation

Combing the two will make your manifestations work even more efficiently and give more power to your thoughts. 

Visualisation is one of the most powerful techniques of manifestation and combining it with the pillow method will just increase the power to great lengths! 

Make sure to visualise whatever you write on that paper and not only leave it on to your subconscious dreams but also, dream about it with your conscious mind. 

Make yourself see your dream in clarity even during the day. Start living with it and hold on to the positive emotions that accompany your visualisation. 

Visualisation and the pillow method is a very effective and immensely powerful tool for you to achieve your goals and desires. 

The Final Verdict 

Dreams do come true, just have your faith and belief intact. If you are focused and a believer in the goodness of the world, you are unstoppable! 

Never stop and giving up is never an option. Focus on what you want and get rid of any limiting thoughts or beliefs. 

Always keep in mind that we are always manifesting. Intentionally or unintentionally, we are always asking the universe for things and events. Make sure the things and events you are asking for are good for you. 

Be a conscious being and focus on the rights instead of putting your attention on the few wrongs in life. If you want to have good for yourself, the universe will give you just that. 

All our experiences today are what we asked for yesterday! For a better tomorrow, think positive today! 

Finally, I hope the pillow method takes you a step closer to achieving your goals and making your dreams your reality! 

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