What Is The Raikov Effect And Does It Work? Raikov Effect Mp3 Download

Raikov Effect is a type of neuroscience that helps a person to acquire the traits such as personality, intelligence, skills of the person they admire thus helping them become the best versions of themselves.

But how can one achieve that? Let us first understand what is the Raikov Effect.

What Is The Raikov Effect?

Raikov Effect is a type of neurology that focuses on brain training techniques to help you improve in all the aspects of your life such as sports, personality, career, etc. Raikov Effect is known to have helped many successful people who were able to turn their lives around using the techniques provided in the Raikov Effect Course.

Using the Raikov Effect you can install the genius of anyone you like into yourself. This is achieved using hypnosis and the Deep Trance techniques which were discovered by a famous Russian Scientist Dr.Vladimir Raikov.

For a long-long time, the Raikov Effect was kept as a secret from the general population and was only used by the elite to achieve more and more greatness.

But now a company called Inspire3 has developed a Raikov Effect Course that is based on the findings of Dr. Vladimir Raikov.

The company also promises this new version of the Raikov Effect to be a lot more effective as it has been enhanced using today’s modern science which was not known at the time Dr. Vladimir Raikov founded the effect.

How Does The Raikov Effect Work?

The basic idea behind the Raikov Effect is to instill the skills and capabilities of the person you admire to become a better version of yourself. The way it works is you have to imagine yourself in your admirer’s shoes and start to think like them.

Try to see how will they react if they were in your position and take some ideas. It might help you get solutions to your problems.

Slowly and gradually you will start to feel like a different and more confident person who is an improved and better version of yourself.

But the question still remains?

Why Does The Raikov Effect Work?

Well, the Raikov Effect is based on the power of visualization mixed with hypnosis. The imagining part of the process is called the visualization which helps the person focus better on their goals and helps to prepare them for the next step.

What makes this effect stand out from the other hypnosis products out there is, everyone can use it. Science says that everyone can imagine things, and if you can imagine, you can visualize.

Everyone dreams of being a millionaire or having that dream car or a house, so why not use that to our benefit?

When we are visualizing, we are feeding information to our subconscious mind which plays a huge role in our personality development. Most of our daily life decisions are taken by the subconscious mind.

Did you know that we only notice about 5% of our surroundings and remember only about 1% of them? But our subconscious mind stores every bit of detail that our conscious mind fails to keep a memory of.

That is why sometimes it happens that we tend to like a place or a person, but can’t answer as to why we like them. The subconscious mind only sends positive signs to our brain but does not provide a reason for that.

The subconscious mind is so powerful that it has the power to change the way we look. Read this article on how to change your physical appearance using your subconscious mind.

How Can The Raikov Effect Benefit Me?

Raikov Effect can be used to achieve anything that you can imagine. The best part about the Raikov effect is that it does not focus on a particular goal or a skill but helps you improve completely as a person.

Now you can use the effect to achieve something common like manifesting money but, it can also be used to achieve something more suited for your needs, like gaining confidence, or be attentive or get smarter.

Once you get control over self-hypnosis, you can train your brain to work any way you want. Being attentive, getting good in studies or your job, able to control your emotions or if you are struggling to share your emotions using the program you will be able to share your feelings much more easily. You can also manifest happiness as well.

Also, it has to ability to bring physical changes as well. You can use it to manifest your dream body or become taller.

How To Use The Raikov Effect

There is a five-step technique to using the Raikov Effect and each step prepares you for the next one. The first step involves getting in the right mindset before proceeding with the process and trains your brain to be open to new possibilities.

You may have to repeat the first step a couple of times until you feel you are ready to head onto the next one. Remember at no point In time should you feel that you cannot achieve this. Negative thoughts will only hold you back and stop you from achieving your goals.

The next step is to think about your ultimate goal and the person you wish to swap your minds with. Take a good long time in this step. Try to learn more and more about your admirer and notice how they talk, walk and react to different things. This will help you visualize better.

To read more about the remaining steps you can click here

Remember that it takes consistent efforts to see any major changes.

What Is Included In The Raikov Effect Course?

Once you enter the member’s area, you will be provided with a bunch of material:-

Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you understand the contents of the Raikov Effect Course and how to access and use each one of them for maximum results

Raikov Effect PDF

This is a 100-page PDF of the entire Raikov Effect Course which explains everything starting from how the Raikov Effect was invented and how it can be used effectively to change one’s life.

Raikov Effect PDF is the backbone of the entire course and It is recommended to read the PDF first before going on and trying the other resources.

10 Minute “Listen Along” MP3

It is the first out of the six audio tracks provided in the program. This is a general audio track that prepares your mind for the rest of the MP3 Tracks.
It also helps you get comfortable with the audio tracks.

Some More “Listen Along” MP3

Once you are acquainted with the first audio track you will be provided with 5 different audio tracks each of which are made to help you with different aspects of your life.

The 5 audio tracks are as follows-

  • Enhanced Brain Power
  • Wealth and Abundance
  • Improving Your Confidence
  • Weight Loss
  • Law of Attraction

Each of the audio tracks helps you achieve the desired goals.

Raikov Effect Cheat Sheet PDF

This is a bonus PDF that contains some mind-blowing quick hacks to help you achieve your desired goals as fast as possible.


The program offers three different bonuses which can be availed for free by just visiting their specific offer pages. I would recommend you to try these bonuses as they will help you understand how the program is laid out and how it can benefit you.

The three bonuses are:-

Body Language Secrets
Unlock Your Genius
Body Hacks

How Can I Download The Raikov Effect MP3?

The whole program is provided in a bundle with some additional Mp3’s and cheats sheets to help you along the process. All you have to do is purchase the bundle and login into the member’s area.

Once you are in the member’s area, you will be given a quick guide to let you know about the contents of the program and in what sequence they are supposed to be used.

You also get a 100-page Raikov Effect PDF, which contains all the evidence and the working behind the Raikov Effect, how it was found, and how it was improved by the Inspire3 team to give better results.

If you wish to check out the Raikov Effect program, you can click here. Alternatively, you may also click below to visit their official website.

Raikov Effect Official Website

If you wish to read the In-depth analysis of the program, you can read the Raikov Effect Review here.

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