Self Manifestation: Manifest all your Dreams from your Higher Self

Self Manifestation

Isn’t it amazing how all of us have the ability to use self manifestation, have the ability to achieve anything we want, but we still hesitate. We still get scared and fear our limits and this amazing power that each one of us has inside.

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The Law of Attraction along with the term manifestation became famous and caused a stir all around the world when in 2006, the bestselling book, ‘The Secret’, which sold more than 30 million copies, was launched.


Before learning about anything else you should know about the law of attraction.

The Law of attraction is basically laid down on the foundation that whatever you think comes back to you. The universe is made up of vibrations and a human’s mind has the power to produce vibrations too. Our thoughts have enough vibrational power that they can reach the universe. The universe in turn, acts on our vibrations. Your vibrations, good or bad, will attract those same vibrations back.

People with good vibrations are successful. They get what they want in life, are happy, and lead good lives. Good vibrations are important because you get the same energy you put out and with energy, everything follows. Everything in this world is made up of energy.

The life you want is shaped by your thoughts. The universe feels your intentions and vibes and offers you opportunities according to those vibes.

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What Does Manifestation Mean?

Now you need to briefly know about manifestation. Manifestation comes under the law of attraction. It is a part of the whole process. Manifestation is bringing your deepest desires into your life through attraction and belief. If you believe the universe will grant you your wish, then it definitely will. If you think of it, it will come to you.

But there’s more to it than just positive thinking and faith. You need to be patient and determined because good things don’t just happen overnight.

Let me tell you a secret. There is something even greater than just manifestation on a basic level. You might be thinking what can be even more greater than getting your desires fulfilled with just changing your thought process? Well, the answer is Self Manifestation


For those of you wondering what does self manifestation means?  Read on to find out

When you are on the path of attracting your desires it is important that you become aware of the point of difference between manifesting your desires from your ego and your higher self.

I have mentioned before that it is important to have the right vibrations. It is only then that you will get the things you desire.

When we are manifesting, we do it from our ego. Our ego will never stop wanting more and more. When we manifest from our ego it’s mostly because we want something. Those desires come from a place of lack, and because of this reason we usually doubt whether they’ll come true or not.

Once your desire gets completed, you will ask for more and more and never find fulfillment if your manifestation is ego-centered. You shouldn’t become obsessed

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When you shift your manifestation to your higher self, you change the way you want your wishes to be given to you. You are connected to your higher self and in that way you are so greatly connected with the universe too that you don’t have to ask the universe for something. It becomes about receiving what it has in store for you.

When you move to your higher self you don’t feel an obsession for your desires anymore. Manifesting becomes so much more then. You view everything in a deeper sense. You feel at ease knowing that the universe will give you what it feels is best for you.

The universe feels closer to you and you feel such a deep connection that all your worries fade away. You find that the universe is presenting you with deeper and more complex opportunities. You no longer have a fear or doubt regarding your desires. It is because you don’t personally wish for them or ask for anything from the universe. You let it work for you. Instead, you have complete faith in it. This is what self manifestation is.


This Meditation technique will help you get in touch with your inner self, your higher self, and will help you dump away any false identity inside you.

Manifestation techniques

  • You are supposed to close your eyes first. Now imagine your higher self is a different identity inside your body and it just came out of your body.
  • Imagine the warmth of this identity. The way it has always been a part of you, laughed at your humor, loved you with all its being. Feel the energy radiating through it.
  • Now imagine it putting its hands on your shoulders and smiling at you and then going back inside your body, a reminder that it is always with you and within you.
  • Now focus on the love of your higher self. Feel at peace and calm yourself down.
  • Try this exercise for a few days. You will start to feel more connected to your higher self. After a certain point in time, you will feel at peace. When you develop a habit of focusing on it completely you won’t have to imagine it. You will always feel it inside your head.


Your higher self and your ego are two different beings living in your body. Manifestation from your higher self leads to much more complex and deeper results.

All of us are multidimensional beings, and a part of us, known as the higher self, plays the role of guiding us. It has a record of all experiences and it sees the bigger picture.

Higher self manifestation leads to Joy and a feeling of content and elation. When you follow the path that your higher self leads you on, you will always feel at ease and relaxed. Your higher self will always guide you on a path that that is different from what your ego will lead you on. Your ego protects you but your higher self knows exactly in what way it should protect you. It is always a step ahead of your ego.

Higher self manifestation will guide you to manifest things that truly make your soul satisfied and happy. It knows what you want. It will lead you to your true destination and support you throughout the entire journey.

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