12 Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Are you wondering if someone is thinking about you? Find out if it’s true with the help of these Signs that tells if someone Is thinking about you.


I don’t know about you but in my case, I have had many experiences when as soon as I thought about somebody with all my heart and genuinely missed them, within a short span, I either got a call from them or they showed up! 

I had a friend back in college, she was really close to me and we had spent some amazing time together. Years later, I remember it was her birthday but because we had lost touch, I didn’t know how to locate her or wish her. 

I had no accounts of her social media or where she lived etc. All I remember was that on her birthdays and especially that specific one, I was missing her so badly! 

I tried locating her but all went in vain until she called me on her own just a day later! 

I was in my office, I got a call from an unknown number, I picked it up and it was her! 

There was no end to my happiness and that day we reconnected and talked for hours! This is the magic of the law of attraction! This is how amazing it is and how beautifully it works if your emotions are pure. 

Is It Possible To Feel When Someone Is Thinking About You? 

What if someone is thinking abou t you

What is a telepathic phenomenon?

All the living beings are not only connected with their similar beings of the same species but we all are well connected to the entire world that we all live in! 

This connection is strong but underused. In parapsychology, this phenomenon is called “Telepathy.” 

In layman’s term telepathy refers to communicating or conveying the message to somebody without the use of words. 

Not every phenomenon can be explained by science and telepathy is one such thing, science is still trying to find answers for. 

Till then, we can just describe it as a feeling or sixth sense. 

Here are some examples that I would like to shed some light on when it comes to the phenomenon of telepathy. 

The examples here are related to ESP (extrasensory perception). 

  • The ability to tell and know that someone is watching us from a distance when we aren’t even able to see them.
  • The intuition or gut feeling that we generally have that helps us to foresee or predict a good or bad event in advance. 
  • The ability to make lucky guesses is another example. 

Similarly, if we dig deeper within ourselves and connect to nature and ourselves more deeply, we will realise that there are a thousand inner voices that go unnoticed by us. 

Being aware when somebody else is thinking about us, is just one of them! 

We all are connected with each living being on the planet and also the universe on a subconscious level which sometimes only activates and reflects in the form of dreams. 

But if we understand and try to connect the dots, observe the signs around and acknowledge them, we will be able to have answers to all or most of our unanswered questions. 

Once you know which direction to look in and what signs of the physical body to look for, you will know exactly when somebody is thinking about you! 

How To Know If Someone Is Thinking About You?

Have you spent a lot of your time thinking about somebody, Maybe a crush or somebody close to you? I am positive, we all do this at some point in our lives or other. 

But have you ever had that longing to know if somebody else is thinking about you? Are you the curious type who wants to know if somebody is thinking about you? Here are a few signs that you might want to take notice of! 

It all works at your intuitive and subconscious levels. All you gotta do is pay some attention! 

Our subconscious mind and soul knows a lot more than our physical self. They try to communicate with us all the time. We just need to listen! 

Next time you wanna know if somebody is thinking about you, look for the following signs:- 

They will smile at you impulsively:-

is he thinking about me

A smile tells a lot about what goes on inside a person’s mind. If you come across somebody who is continuously smiling looking at you or who can not stop smiling whenever you are around, it’s a sign that they do spend time thinking about you! 

You experience a sudden change in emotions:-

Everything works on energy. Your emotions too, are greatly tied to the energy within and without you. At times, when someone is thinking hard enough about you, this may alter the energy that flows inside your body, which in turn makes you feel a sudden change in your emotions. 

Your eye movements are uncontrollable:-

Sometimes, when a person thinks a lot about us, we tend to experience weird and uncontrollable eye movements. This is due to the energy that changes and flows within us, making our eye movements rather uncontrollable. 


  • A hyperactive mind is another indicator of somebody thinking about you. When we lose focus again and again and it becomes hard for us to concentrate and we don’t know why is it happening it is probably because there’s someone else continuously thinking about us! 

You sneeze for no reason:-

How to find if someone is thinking about you

It is also an age-old saying that a person sneezes when somebody else is missing them and it is true in this world too! The law of attraction says it too that if we sneeze without any reason, it is because there is somebody else missing us or thinking about us. 

You experience a slight burning sensation on your face:-

Out of nowhere if you experience a slight burning sensation on your face, it can be an indicator of someone thinking about you passionately or intimately! 

You get goosebumps:-

Getting goosebumps is very natural. You might get it because of cold or while watching something beautiful or horrific. But getting goosebumps unreasonably at some point is also an indicator of somebody thinking about you. It is also very likely to happen that the person thinking about you may get goosebumps at the very same time as you! 

Getting dreams of that person:-

Dreams are roads to your subconscious and there’s no better way of putting it! People are seen visiting you in your dreams when they are missing or thinking about you! 

You automatically get in touch with them even though it wasn’t planned:-

Clearly, a huge sign of you being thought of by somebody if they out of nowhere reach out to you. 

You would want to get in physical proximity with them, automatically:-

If somebody is thinking about you a lot, you would automatically gravitate towards them and want to be in physical proximity with them. 

You might as well experience hiccups:-

Some hiccups have a scientific and biological meaning behind them whereas when you experience hiccups just randomly without any biological reason attached to them, they are likely to be a product of you being thought of by somebody at that moment. 

An eye twitch:-

There are many superstitions attached to an eye twitch though but the one I like to follow is that when there is an eye twitch almost suddenly and you can’t associate it with anything around, there is definitely somebody thinking about you at that moment. 

Now you know what to do and which direction to explore, the next time you have these physical signs! 


Humans and all other living beings are extremely powerful. We all have so many powers that we are still unaware of. 

It all lies within us and if we explore ourselves a bit more and look more deeply, we will realise that all the magic and the ability to connect with that magic lies within us! 

The signs mentioned in this article are just a handful of the clues the universe throws at us for us to connect the dots and receive abundance. 

In reality, each thing that we see, observe, each human, and each event that we come in contact with holds significance. 

All we need is, eyes that see and a mind that understands and acknowledges! 

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