The Biorhythm Review 2021- Do Biorhythms Work Or Is It A Scam?

The Biorhythm Review

What are Biorhythms

Biorhythm Graph Cycle

In The Biorhythm Review, we will first start with the background of Biorhythms. The word biorhythm is made up of two terms “bios” and “rhythmos” which come from Greek terms that translate to “life” and “rhythm”. The first studies regarding certain “rhythms” and “life cycles” started in the 19th century, and “were successfully termed “Biorhythms”. By the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s biorhythms had gained more popularity.

In the late 1800s, a physician named Wilhelm Fliess came to the conclusion that a person’s life is made up of 23 and 28-day cycles.

The biorhythm theory is laid down on the idea that our day to day lives are significantly affected by several rhythmic cycles that have slightly different periods around a month, mainly 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle, and a 33-day intellectual cycle. There are more cycles which include spiritual, aesthetic, and intuitional cycles. With the use of mathematical formulas, people can calculate and graph their cycles which will show them their good days (peaks) and bad days (troughs).

The physical cycle focuses on stamina, health, and strength. The emotional cycle focuses on creativity, emotions, and intuition. and the intellectual cycle focuses on thinking, judgment, and concentration.

What Is The Biorhythm Program

The Biorhythm Program

In The Biorhythm review, I am going to reveal to you everything you need to know about this program

The Biorhythm program goes deep into 4000-year-old science of numbers, called numerology interpretation and gives a customized report based on your given name. Just give your name and you will get all the information needed to get back on the right track and move in the right direction.

From birth till our last breath in the world, we are attached to an invisible life path. While some are in-sync with our life paths and get to achieve unlimited success, love and happiness, Unfortunately, the majority of us stray away from this path along the way and have trouble finding our way back to the right track.

This is where this program comes in. The Biorhythm is one of the most accurate and tested programs to finally see where you stand on this path and how to realign with your destiny. So you can spend every day moving forward towards all the things you desire in your life instead of unknowingly going further away from them.
The Biorhythm is a powerful tool to give you clarity about your future and how to welcome more goodness in your life.

What Does Biorhythm Contain?

In The Biorhythm Review that I am writing, I have listed out the things that this program contains.

The people who have created this program are experts who have Extensive knowledge about the field of Numerology and how biorhythm can change people’s lives. They have included the science and facts behind biorhythms in this program. The Biorhythm Review will help you look into the details of this program.

The program is a great tool for you to plan out your next step. Everybody has a pattern in life and with the help of numerology, you will receive readings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These readings will help you keep track of various aspects of your life and know where different things in your life are at which stage.

Added to this fact is the thing that you will be able to read your own biorhythms because the program actually teaches you how to read your own reports and graphs. It takes you step by step through the whole process. This will help you in taking confident steps towards your future.

Biorhythm Login Area

Biorhythm Login Page

After you have purchased the subscription, you will be sent a password and login ID so that you can go onto the membership area.

After entering your date of birth You will receive a reading of where you stand in life Physically, emotionally and intellectually. Readings include biological energy patterns which include Passion, wisdom and mastery and your secondary level energy patterns, like aesthetic awareness, spiritual, psychic, success and perception. After going through these patterns, the program will provide you with

  • Daily based readings
  • Week based reading.
  • Day to day Astral forecast
  • Love and relationship readings
  • Career based readings
  • Finance and wealth-related readings.
  • Wellbeing and health readings

You will also get monthly readings which are great for you to plan your next step ahead and make the right choices for your future.

If you want to learn about reading your reports, then you can do so by browsing through the reports section of the membership login area. The developers have made this section so that you can get in depth knowledge about report readings and different aspects of your life. The reports are easy to read and understand. Just give it a quick read.

  • A guide to getting started
  • How to read Biorhythms.
  • History of Biorhythms.
  • Critical Days.
  • Rhythms Found in Nature.
  • Spotting Lucky Days to Gamble.
  • Corona Virus.
  • + addition of more reports each week.


Numerology Reading:

Unlimited numerology readings can be accessed so you can understand your personalized reports better.


Click on your star sign and get a daily horoscope reading.

Meditation Tracks

You will get access to a whole range of guided meditations and affirmation tracks that will help you calm down and relax.

Yoga:’s private membership area contains a section full of step by step yoga

Videos that will help you stay in shape.

Price Of The Biorhythm Program

The Biorhythm Program Price
  • The 3-day trial price starts at $0.99. $37/month after the trial period ends. You can try out the program and cancel it anytime you want if you are not satisfied.
  • There is currently a flash sale going on which will expire soon. The Lifetime package is for $159 which was originally at $295. The sale is the reason for the reduced price so go ahead and grab on. You will get unlimited readings for life. Although the reduced price can be availed through only Personal Invite links. Use the invite link provided below.

Personal Invite Link- Get Biorhythm Now!

  • The yearly package is the most popular on the website. It is for $159 too. You can save yourself from paying $285 extra every month.

All the price packages will give you benefits like access to unrestricted trials, an unlimited number of reports, hassle-free cancellation, 5 users allowed per account, 365-day money refund policy. You can pay using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card, Discover etc.


How The Program Benefited Me

The Biorhythm Review will be incomplete without me giving my story. So here it is and how everything started.

I have always been a curious kind of a person and always liked knowing things that people rarely think about. I wanted to know if I was on the correct path. If I was truly existing? What will the future hold for me? Was I making the correct choices?

That is when I came across this program through a friend of mine. I was going through some really bad things and honestly this completely changed my life. I started using the program on a daily basis to live more consciously and make decisions that would lead me back on track and help me lead a better life.

First of all, I got accurate readings which helped me make the right decisions. I started noticing changes in areas of my life like my relationship and finances. I started getting healthier and was able to channel my energy in the right direction. I knew when to invest somewhere, do certain tasks, what to do and what not to do.

To know what to expect in my day to day life has been super beneficial for me and the program works well. I can make the correct choices that work the best for me.


In The Biorhythm Review, I’ll tell you the pros and cons of the program:

  • It is Accurate

The readings in this program will give you accurate points. You will be able to plan out things in a better way once you know everything in advance. It will give you a sense of clarity so you can take your next step accordingly.

  • Cancellation

You can opt out of the program anytime you want. If you feel like the program is not working for you, you can opt out and cancel the subscription. It is a good investment though.

  • Simple Instructions

The program is designed in a way that it is easy to follow. The instructions are easy and simple to implement. The website is made in a good way and you can maneuver through it easily. It is not tough to understand.

  • Sharing

One more advantage is that you can share your subscription with a group of friends or your family, or literally anybody you want. The sharing aspect can help all of your lead better lives. It is kind of like Netflix. You get my point right?

  • Money Back Policy

Just like how you can end the subscription anytime, the program also allows you to enjoy the money-back policy. The makers of the program are humble. So if you don’t like the program and want to stop using it, you will get your money back.

Money- Back Guarantee
  • Free Numerology Report Reading.

Another interesting advantage of this program is that they offer free numerology report. You don’t have to pay anything initially. Just enter your name and date of birth and you are good to go. Mind you, it is only for new users. You can decide whether you wish to purchase the program after reading the Free Numerology Report.

  • Interesting Concept

The whole program is based on science, mathematics and formulas. Many people are interested in these kinds of programs which are backed by facts rather than just words. If you are one of them, then this program is a good source to invest in. 


  • Pricey

The price of the program can be a bit overwhelming for some people. Not going to lie, it’s a bit pricey and expensive. Just the amount of the price itself can be a bit shocking to some. Not everybody can afford to spend such a large amount on a program. But Of course, there is a trial offer so you can always try it first before buying the full course.

  • Needs an Internet Connection

The program is online and you won’t get any physical book or anything. Also, not everybody is good at computers, so it might be a hindrance to some. You need a stable internet connection to access the program and use it.

  • Information Might be too Much

Even though the website is generally easy to use, the information there might be too much for some people to handle just because the amount of information is a lot. You are required to read Thoroughly and carefully so that you can know each aspect of your life.

  • Might Not Appeal to Everyone

The program is all about using numbers to change your life and track events that are going to happen to you. If you are someone who doesn’t like numbers, formulas and stuff then you might not like this program. Some people are good with words and philosophy and numbers can be a bit intimidating to these people and the program might not seem interesting to them.

Is The Biorhythm a Scam?

I have tried many manifestation programs and have come across a decent share of some amazing as well as not-so-good programs.

When I decided to try the Biorhythm, I was pretty excited because it was based on rhythmic cycles which sounded like some really cool stuff. I went ahead and did some research about the program and the concept it was based on.

To my surprise, the program was completely backed by science and nothing about it seemed shady. So I finally went ahead and bought the program and it was one of the best decisions I ever took.

I won’t go into much details about the program and what it offers as I have already covered all of that above.

After trying the program for about a couple of months, I can confidently say that the Biorhythm Program does actually work and all the accusations regarding the program being a scam are baseless.

Honestly, the program even surpassed my expectations( I had low expectations simply because I was not a great fan of numerology). So if you are even a slight fan of numerology, horoscopes and stuff going for the Biorhythm should be a no brainer for you.

Should You Try The Biorhythm Program?

The program is a great opportunity for you to know in advance about the negativity in your life and give you a chance to turn it into something useful and positive. In this The Biorhythm Review   I highlighted so many good things about the program so in my opinion you should definitely give it a go.

Using The Biorhythm Review, please use this opportunity to change your life around. It has worked wonders for so many. And the whole program is backed by science.

What Are Biorhythm Cycles?

The biorhythm theory is laid down on the idea that our day to day lives are significantly affected by several rhythmic cycles that have slightly different periods around a month, mainly 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle, and a 33-day intellectual cycle. There are more cycles which include spiritual, aesthetic, and intuitional cycles.

How Much Does The Biorhythm Cost?

The 3-day trial price starts at $0.99. $37/month after the trial period ends. The Lifetime package is for $159 which was originally at $295. The yearly package is the most popular on the website. It is for $159 too

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