In-Depth Dr Steve G.Jones’s Total Money Magnetism Review- Is it a Scam!

Do you think that you are working harder and you are not able to earn that much money or money is not attracted towards you like other people?

Is it like that you feel that other people around you are not as hard-working as you are but still money is attracted towards them more than you?

Are you weak? The answer is a big NO.

You are not a weak person but it is your brain which does not allow you to attract wealth towards you.

There is a process called Total Money Magnetism which will allow wealth to attract towards you. It is said that a healthy person is also a wealthy person because wealth attracts a healthy mindset.

Here Is The Total Money Magnetism Review

Are you aware of what is hypnosis? Have you witnessed this process before?

Do you know how to promote your savings?

Is it your brain which does not allow you to invest in something?

Here is an answer or a hypnosis process you may go through.

Hypnosis is also called hypnotic suggestion or even hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is usually conducted when there is a therapist around you.

It is a therapy in which there is the repetition of some words and a person is highly focused and attentive and tends to imagine the images mentally.

The person who is under this process is so highly focused on verbal repetition and Imagine in the images mentally that he or she forgets about where the person is or what surrounds him or her.

A person is highly relaxed and focused on the therapist or is totally dependent on what the therapist is telling him.

People use this therapy when a person is for example highly addicted to smoking and he wants to get rid of this habit.

A person who is highly addicted to smoking undergoes this process, the chances are that he will not find smoking pleasurable anymore.

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What is Total Money Magnetism?

First of all, asks few questions yourself:

  • Are your savings blocked?
  • Are your saving being increased or not?
  • Do you feel financially secure?
  •  Is it that your brain does not allow you to take risks and on more money into your life?
  • Are you mentally healthy to attract wealth towards you?

Dr. Steve G Jones has introduced a hypnosis program in which you can increase or promote your savings.

The hypnosis program is called Total Money Magnetism which is a very great way of promoting your savings. The person who introduced this program has also made $59000 within 3 weeks of time.

If you have not witnessed hypnosis before then you should try this program.

It focuses on the issue of money and is really very effective.

It is like adding a program to your library and the chapters inside this e-book are related to common sense.

Doctor Steve introduced this and describes two components of a mind which are the conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Conscious mind relates to that state of mind in which a person is a lot and is highly focused or awake and has the ability to think logically based on certain reasons and can analyze the situation in all his senses.

The subconscious mind of a person refers to that state of mind in which the reality is kind of faded for the feelings and the memories from the past have been stored in some part of the brain.

This does not affect your present wholly but certain feelings are still instilled in some part of the brain which may affect our choices further as it becomes a base in the subconscious mind of a person which affects us in certain matters.

How to use Total Money Magnetism?

Your brain will be rewired and revived within three weeks with a process of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a weapon of large attraction of wealth.

It is like repeating something verbally over and over again and imagining those actions for the end result in your brain again and again.

There are a number of eBooks available on the Internet which tell you how to go through this process.

Initially, it starts with the background which tells you how the audio tracks under the hypnosis actually work.

There are five basics all fundamentals of money magnetism which comes under the second chapter.

This will tell you how can you improve your money magnetism.

After this part 3 will tell you 10 secret success principles of extra wealthy people and will make you aware of the experiences.

Part 4 will tell you how to extract the most out of your savings.

You can listen to it in your leisure time or even when you are driving or doing other activities because it is just so common but it takes audio to be heard over and over again as a reminder to be called a hypnosis Process.

Here are 6 Healthy Steps of a Millionaire:-

  1. Releasing the fear of failure
  2. Releasing the fear of success
  3. Discovering abundance
  4. Programming your millionaire’s brain
  5. Millionaire success strategies
  6. Passive income creation.

There are also bonus life lessons about promoting your Savings and becoming a millionaire.

The mindset of a person also moves up and you may get successful because of this experienced successful healthy Foundation.

It is a part of neuroscience Technology and it actually supports making the new functional neurons or neurogenesis inside the parts of your brain which will improve your money magnetism.

The Program Works on Five Following Steps

The Induction

The first and foremost step under this process is to make a person relaxed and tension-free. A person is in a fully conscious mind full of stress and negativity and stoppages.

The therapist, Doctor Steve, guides us and lets us imagine a cool and very relaxing scenario where a person is happy and is lying on a warm beach or any other Shore.

As soon as our brain is relaxed and is not under any pressure or horrifying dreams, it enters into a state which is called as Alpha state and hence we become very open to hypnotic messages.

It is a Trance the state of mind and which many people have experienced the increasing attention and concentration.

More or less it is like zoning out or a sleeping state or it can also be called hyper-awareness according to neurology.

The Deepening

The second stage helps a person to go more deeply into the imagination of relaxation.

The imagination level reaches its maximum. A person where his mind is free of any tension or pressure or any phobia.

This is a state where a person is completely relaxed and starts forgetting about the present surroundings A person’s brain now shifts on to the Delta state from The Alpha state which is also similar to a state where a person is sleeping.

Delta stage is the after the stage of Alpha.

The alpha stage is like partial consciousness but now a person shifts onto the deeper level of imagination. The foci are on coolness and calmness on the state of mind of a person. The brain starts to rewire itself.

Wealth Building Script

Once a person is so deeply relaxed and is free of all the daily schedule and is totally relaxed then the therapist verbally renounces the positives which will improve your money magnetism.

Every track has a unique affirmation. It is where the reprogramming happens to take place under the process of hypnosis.


This step has a goal to make a person’s conscious mind forget the affirmations which he had just had previously.

The information which was heard before has been stored in some part of the brain which is called the subconscious mind.

But of course, the therapist wants a person consciously to forget this so that the conscious mind of a person cannot reject the recent reinforcing affirmations.

Trance Termination

The last and final step brings a person out of this process of hypnosis and a person is in full awareness or is conscious now. A conscious mind means where a person is able to think properly and wise or taking decisions in all his active senses.


  • Doctor Steve G Jones who has introduced this process has witnessed it or manifested it has a very cool and soothing voice.
  • This makes it easier for a person to reach into the hypnotic state and it also becomes easier to feel more comfortable because the energy in his voice is very effective which may actually change the whole energy in a person
  • There is a lot of Bonus material like videos and interviews and even MP3 tracks. Extracurricular lessons in this process are always welcomed.
  • It provides a brain which healthy and is rich in affirmative thinking.
  • In addition, they add extra insight into this process and it makes a program very special and meaningful is experienced and manifested by the real-life millionaires.
  • Many people who could not get over certain topics or situations and become fussy over some of the other situations may get out of it easily after rewiring their brain by the process of Total money magnetism.
  • A person may become financially relieved after experience this process.
  • People are relieved of debt and can even promote their savings after experiencing this soothing process


  • Many people do not find the lessons are so impressive because it depends on person to person. Some people find it very average and very common but some people may find it very special too
  • Every personality is different and hence it may take a bit longer to heal.
  • New opportunities for new ideas could be a threat to a person.
  • Taking stress over the same old thing with no answer or no future could act as a con.

Is it a Scam?

The answer is a big no because it is a part of science or neurology which cannot be a scam.

Do you think that science is a scam?

What a person believes and what he thinks over and over again is what he does. Our brain plays a very important role in determining our actions and how our brain functions are what we do, and it eventually affects our actions.

It is a process that is related to mental health and converting a negative mind into a positive mind.

Note: A person who thinks Total money magnetism is a scam may also have a negative mindset as a part of the brain stops it from thinking any of the affirmatives!

When a mind is manifesting that he will certainly feel no matter what he does or how hard he works he is certainly about to fail but if a person has a positive mindset then he will obviously work on being positive that he will be able to achieve what he thinks over and over again.

Total magnetism review came into view after there was some time of depression.

It has totally changed the mind of a negative person into a positive person and had made a person a better person than before and total money magnetism is a process that cannot be termed as a scam because it is a process related to common sense.

The molding of abnormal sense into common sense is what it is.

Many people have been happy, and they have witnessed the changing mind power with some positive changes in real-life experiences, and hence it is not a scam.

Total Money Magnetism Price

Doctor Steve had manifested $59,000 in three weeks while others may take a bit shorter or longer as every person has a different personality.

Some people have able to cover the debt.

People also get bonuses or even a guarantee of return if the process does not work.

The person not only gets rich according to the wealth but also according to health as the negative mind is now converted into a positive mind which will allow the brain to function properly and take decisions regarding wealth creation.

The subconscious mind that a person will not be able to complete the task on time or will not be able to do the task to earn this much amount of money will not stop it anymore.

A healthy person will be able to make decisions and now he or she will not be mentally stressed or there will be no stoppage in the brain to make decisions regarding money.

You manifest wealth creation and repeat it on a regular basis and imagine you being a millionaire which will actually become true one day. This can only happen when the mind is healthy and free of all the negative thoughts and stoppages.

This will boost confidence and mold the personality of a person who will get attracted to wealth automatically.

How The Program Changed My Life

This program has changed my life entirely. I was not able to think properly I was so stressed out and I always used to think or perceive things very negatively.

After experiencing this process I have experienced a soothing and very relaxing state of mind.

I am able to add properly and I think that I was not mentally and emotionally healthy but now after experiencing this process I am able to attract positive things in my life.

I think I was not able to earn properly because my brain did not allow me but now I am able to work harder and think positively and hence I am also able to earn more money than before.

It has also improved my relations with the people whom I had never ever thought of improving well.

My life has taken a good 180° turn. I am now stress-free.

Now I am able to perceive things in an affirmative manner which I usually used to think in a very negative manner.

I am sure that I can write a book on my life before witnessing this process of total money magnetism review because my life before witnessing this process was different and after witnessing this process is total unimaginably different.


Total money magnetism review is a neurological process that will help your brain to revive your negative system into a positive system.

You are able to attract positivity and wealth security into your life.

It is a result of Many, many hours of hard work and patience.

It will help you to not sure so conclusions which you think are not well defined in your life. This therapy will help you uplift your belief and you will be away from negative thoughts.

It will help you to relax and imagine how healthy it is to have positive thinking.

You will be healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally after experiencing the process of Total Money Magnetism.

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