How To Attract Your Twin Flame Using The Power Of Meditation


Most of us are quite aware of these two terms, “soulmates” and “twin flames”. We may have heard it from different sources. Some may have already experienced and recognised their soulmates while others are in search. 

Twin flames and soulmates are two different concepts. Twin flames, being the two halves of the whole, whereas, soulmates are two different entities. 

While twin flames are thought to be one soul split into two bodies, soulmates are simply two separate souls exhibiting an extraordinary connection. 

Can A Soulmate And A Twin Flame Be The Same Person? 

Looking a bit deeper and trying to have a complete understanding of the topic, here’s more about soulmates and twin flames. 

Twin flames are two people who are perfect matches as a result of shared pain or some other similar grief.” They are our perfect mirrors. Our relationship with twin flames is kind of on and off, intensely passionate, and can also be intensely painful in some cases. Soulmates can be identified with the help of the Twin Flame Symptoms.

In a nutshell, your twin flame is the one who shares a shard of your soul or he or she is simply another half of your soul. 

Coming to Soulmates, he or she is a person who completely gets you, understands you and accepts you. You feel complete with each other and there is a deeper and a happier connection. Your soulmate fits in your life like your missing puzzle piece. You generally carry your soulmate with you forever and he or she is the one who believed in you and understood you completely. 

Looking at the above information, we can probably conclude that, “your twin flame will probably not be your soulmate and vice-versa.” 

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How Do You Know If It’s Your Twin Flame Or Your Soulmate? 

Signs that you have found your twin flame:- 

  1. There was an instant recognition when you both first met 
  2. You both are extremely similar to one another 
  3. You complement one another 
  4. Your insecurities and doubts are amplified 
  5. They feel magnetic
  6. The nature of the relationship is tumultuous 
  7. There is high intensity in the relationship
  8. You both keep coming back together 
  9. The connection feels divine 
  10. They push and encourage you to be better 
  11. The connection between you two almost feels psychic 

Signs that you’ve found your soulmate:- 

  1. They are your best friend 
  2. You feel a sense of calm when around them 
  3. You share a feeling of empathy for each other 
  4. You have great respect for that person 
  5. You balance each other out 
  6. You share the same life goals 
  7. You challenge each other 
  8. You are each other’s biggest fans 
  9. You understand the emotional pain of one another 
  10. You feel secure in the relationship with them 

There’s a subtle but significant difference between a twin flame and a soulmate. Where your soulmate will make you feel complete and will precisely fit in your missing puzzle piece, a twin flame will be exactly like you. A mirror image of who you are. Sharing the same experiences and sometimes overwhelming you with its presence in your life. 

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Attracting Your Twin Flame Using The Twin Flame Meditation

How does it feel to meditate with your twin flame? 

After you recognize your twin flame and are ready to explore your connection at a deeper level with them, meditation is the best way to do so. 

Two of the most profound results of twin flame meditation are the effects it has on a spiritual and psychological level. 

Here’s what all you can achieve via meditation with your twin flame:- 

  1. A powerful telepathic connection builds:- Meditation with your twin flame can be an extremely powerful and mesmerizing experience. Meditating with your twin flame partner will increase the subtle energetic chord which exists between two twin flame partners. Telepathic communication can be enhanced powerfully through meditation and when you and your twin flame meditate together, your bodies merge and mesh in a very unique way. 
  1. Resurfacing of the past life memories:- Twin flame meditation connects your subtle energy bodies and awakens your consciousness, past life memories can be triggered and brought back to your head. As you both need to remember that your souls aren’t just connected in this time, but have a connection from the last lives as well, with the help of meditation all the memories of the past, the earlier time and space can be brought back and sparked. 
  1. Birth of a deeper mental and emotional connection:- Though there always is a connection between you and your twin flame partner but with the help of meditation it can be increased manifolds. When you both meditate together, your spiritual bodies are activated, your consciousness is awakened and therefore you both can experience a connection deeper than ever and more profound. 
  1. Awareness of the shared mission and purpose of life together:- There is always an element of shared mission and purpose of life together between two twin flame partners. Twin flames share this service or vibrations as they exist on the same frequency. During meditation, you may have insights into your bond and get a vision of your shared purpose in life. You may see scenes of yourself together involved in some cause or activity, or you may see a symbol appear in your mind’s eye. You may also come across the inner knowing of what you both are supposed to do in life together. 
  1. Development of stronger psyche, intuition or spiritual awareness:- When you and your twin flame meditate together, you both develop a deeper intuitive, psychic and spiritual awareness. With the help of meditation, your whole being may get an “upgrade.” 
  1. A strong sense of healing:- Meditating together brings you and your twin flame partner a sense of independence as the process in itself is very clearing, aligning and healing. There is an activation of energetic dance when you connect with your twin flame partner and this can lead to many revelations, activations of gifts, sparks in consciousness, physical sensations or feeling of being healed and becoming a whole again. 

Meditation with your twin flame partner can be an extremely mystical or awakening experience for both partners. 

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How To Prepare For A Powerful Meditation Experience With Your Twin Flame

To witness the best results of anything that you do, you must do it properly and with thorough knowledge. 

Here’s what you can do to have the best twin flame meditation experience with your partner:- 

  1. Create an appropriate space for meditation. You can use essential oils, candles, incense sticks, and other such spiritually awakening products to create an appropriate meditation space. 
  2. Try not to think about anything else while meditating. Clear your head, let loose and go with the flow. 
  3. Center yourself and set your intentions right. Take some deep breaths, relax your mind and body and feel the energies around and within you. 
  4. Bring into awareness your real connection and its true nature.
  5. Play spiritual tracks in the background. Preferably, binaural beats are 528 HZ, known as the love frequency to have a profound effect on your meditation. 

Summing Up

After you are aware of the nature, spiritual and psychological aspects of twin flame meditation, keep the following in mind to make the most of this beautiful experience.

  • You can only attract your twin flame once you are whole within yourself and have healed yourself of any traumas or negativity. 
  • As much as it might sound similar, twin flames and soulmates are different from each other. Your twin flame is your soul’s counterpart only. 
  • Twin flame meditation will not create anything that isn’t already there, it will only enhance the aspect you want to experience on another level. For example, a twin flame already knows your psyche, is already connected with you at a telepathic level, is already intertwined with you, etc. Meditation will only enhance this connection and bring you closer to each other. 
  • See mediation as a gin that you both have gotten. The everlasting space where what you see, feel, and want is exactly what is served to you.

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I hope this article helped you understand how the Twin Flame meditation works and how it can be used to attract our twin flame.

Do give it a try and let me know in the comments below.

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