Twin Flame Symptoms & Signs – The Definitive Twin Flame Guide

Twin Flame Symptoms and Signs

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Have you ever met someone and it felt like a sudden connection? It felt like you have known them for ages, even though you just met them. If you have experienced something like that, It might have been your Twin Flame. But what are some common Twin Flame symptoms and what does this term actually mean?

How do you know when you’ve found your Twin Flame?

Stay with me and we will together understand all the concepts related to Twin Flame and the Twin Flame Symptoms.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flame

A Twin Flame is basically a part of your soul. When we are born, our soul vibrates at a high frequency and it gets landed among two bodies. Now, these two bodies can be present anywhere in the World. A Twin Flame Is completely different from a soulmate as a soulmate is not a part of your soul.

It might be possible to have deeper connections with your soulmate or have a romantic relationship with them but, the connections with your Twin Flame are on a whole different level. Primarily due to the fact that you both are connected together spiritually unlike in a soulmate relationship.

There is a big misunderstanding that your twin flame is your soulmate. But in reality, your twin flame could be your life partner, mentor, student, or maybe just a friend for that matter. These kinds of relationships are more about spiritual growth rather than just a romantic connection.

From the moment you meet your Twin Flame, your life will start to change. You will start feeling happy and confident and will feel a rise in your vibrations. These kinds of relationships are also meant to improve our relationship with our own self.

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If you have a twin flame, you are bound to meet them sometime in your life. Although it might be possible that it was just for an instant and they were never meant to be a part of your life.

You will be pulled towards your twin flame like a magnet and when you meet them, you will suddenly experience a feeling of wholesomeness.  Your twin flame will help you understand yourself and help you work on your flaws and improve them.

Twin Flame Symptoms & Signs

What are Twin Flame Symptoms & Signs?

Now we know, what is a twin flame but how do we recognize them when they enter our life?

 Once a Twin Flame enters your life you will automatically feel a sparky feeling which is caused due to the attraction of the souls towards each other.

But, sometimes we tend to ignore these signs which could lead to losing your Twin Flame Partner.

For the same reason, I have prepared a list of Twin Flame Symptoms & Signs which will help recognize your Twin Flame easily without getting confused.

Twin Flame symptoms help you know whether you have met your true Twin Flame yet or not. Many of these symptoms could be similar to what you encounter in case of a soulmate but, as I mentioned earlier that a soulmate and Twin Flame are entirely two different things so its better to not get confused between the two of them.

Before we move on, I would like to tell you that meeting a Twin Flame is not necessary and it’s important to understand that we don’t let these ideals get in the way of our happiness. We can always live a life with our soulmate.

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There are many different types of Twin Flame symptoms such as-

  • Twin Flame Reunion symptoms
  • Twin Flame Separation symptoms
  • Twin Flame Telepathy symptoms
  • Twin Flame Ascension symptoms

There are a few more symptoms but in this article, I will be focusing on the general symptoms which are common for all of the cases.

1. Instant Connection

Instant Connection- Twin Flame Symptom

As soon as you lay your eyes on your Twin Flame it feels like a sudden connection. It feels like you have known them for ages even though you just met them. It automatically feels that they are the ones without any doubt in your mind. It’s not the same as falling in love. It feels much deeper and you feel that you are connected to them spiritually. You undergo several mixed feelings of fear, excitement, and love.

2. Always Thinking About Them

You find yourself always thinking about them and how they suddenly changed your whole life by just coming into it. You start to be in a good mood, always remembering your moments with that one person.

3. The Bond Gets Stronger Everyday

Once you are together every time spent with each other feels precious and you don’t wanna be separated. As soon as you are separated for some time you start to feel lonely and sad without your partner. You start having deep conversations with your Twin Flame and tell your secrets you never told anyone without feeling judged or feeling ashamed. You don’t try to act like someone else and just be yourself with them.

4. Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin Flame Telepathy

You start to know what your partner is feeling or thinking right now. This happens due to the connection between your souls. You start to understand their feelings without them telling you about it. This is a common Twin Flame Telepathy Symptom which is not found in the case of your soulmate. You convey each other’s thoughts without even conveying them to each other.

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5. Spiritual Awakening

Being with them, talking to them about their feelings and behavior helps you understand them more and more. But all this not just helps you get close to your partner, It also brings you close to yourself.

By this, I mean that you start to love yourself. You start to like your own self when you are with your twin flame. You no longer feel insecure about your body or yourself.

It helps you accept yourself the way you are.

6. Feelings are Insanely Powerful

Powerful Feelings

Your feelings are much more intense and powerful for your partner as compared to previous relationships. It is a feeling which cannot exactly be explained in words but it can be related by all those twin flame partners.

Although these feelings bring you two close together sometimes the arguments could be really hurting as the feelings are much more intense. You two being from the same soul cannot keep your feelings inside.

Smallest of the misunderstandings seem to affect a lot more as compared to normal relationships but on the brighter side, all these misunderstandings are solved pretty quickly too.

7. You Probably Already Know It

Although there are many signs and symptoms for twin flame, the ultimate truth is that you know about your twin flame from the moment you meet them. Right from the moment, you lay your eyes on them you start getting the vibes that attract you towards them.

In this growing world, we are usually taught to think from a practical and analytical perspective and often neglect our heart and our soul. This is the reason that even after finding your twin flame we keep doubting about it.

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