What is Abraham Hick’s Emotional Grid? How Does It Work?


For those of you who are unaware of the concept of Abraham Hick’s emotional grid, I am here to simplify it for you and make you understand what it is all about. 

Abraham Hicks is a self-described group consciousness from the non-physical dimension brought to us through the physical being of Esther Hicks. 

Esther Hicks is an American channeler, inspirational speaker and author. She has written some amazing pieces of literature, co-working with her late husband, Jerry Hicks. 

One of the greatest works by Abraham Hicks is the Abraham Hicks emotional grid. 

What is Abraham Hick’s Emotional Grid? 

The emotional grid, a technique by Abraham Hicks is based on, “working with your desires and more importantly, with your feelings.” 

As the name suggests, it is a grid, a combination of blocks, containing space to fill in your desires. 

When a person has a desire and has the zeal to fulfil it, positive emotions are aroused. These positive emotions make that person a vibrational match and subsequently, these emotions only help the person to attract the desire on the grid. 

The more the person matches with the vibrations of the universe and the more positive emotions aroused, helps the person reach closer and closer to his or her desire and in no time, the desire unfolds in front of him. 

The unfolding can be in the form of signs that are given to us by the universe. It might come in the form of some other being helping you to fulfill your desire, an idea that strikes your mind, or a path you recognize for fulfilling that desire. 

How Does The Grid Work On Paper?


How does abraham hicks emotional grid work

There are different styles of grids available. You’ll come to know about each one of them as you surf the internet.

You can very well make your own grid as well! 

There isn’t a right or wrong way, just that it has to be done systematically. 

I have my own grid. I have made it as per my convenience and jot down in it whatever I desire in a carefully crafted way. Because specificity is crucial for attracting what you want. 

The one thing I kept in mind and just a suggestion for you all, is that try to make your boxes as clear as possible. Give yourself space to write in it your desires and what you want to achieve. 

The more spacious the boxes arranged in the grid, the better it is! The emotional grid is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool used for attracting your desires! 

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Make The Grid In a Step By Step Fashion

The Law of attraction is all about what you truly want and how you align your feelings with the greatest power, the universe! 

The more your feelings and emotions are aligned with the universe, the better and quicker results you shall receive. 

When it comes to the formation of the grid, this is what I suggest. With experience, this is one of the easiest ways to form a grid that actually works! 

Start by writing your desire in the middle grid and from there, spread the feelings and emotions and all the thoughts associated with it in the outer grids. 

For putting my idea of creating a grid better, here are the steps that you can follow to create your own Abraham Hicks emotional grid. 

What Are The Abraham Hicks Steps?

Step 1:-  Explore your options

The first step gives you the liberty of choosing from the different types of grids available online or making your own grid on a piece of paper or your gadget. 

I prefer making mine on a piece of paper and writing it down by hand! 

Both of the above-said options work equally well, it’s just a matter of your personal choice. There’s absolutely no problem in downloading an already available grid and making your own. 

You can choose whatever you prefer. 

You can even take ideas from the internet and then create your grid based on the one that pleases you the most. Nobody is stopping you! 

All that matters is, you should be comfortable and your grid should be in such a way that it is totally understandable and clear to you. 

I believe that your universe is a reflection of you. What you think, feel like and do is all that makes up your universe. Make sure whatever grid you make and whatever you write in it, all resonate with you! 

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Step 2:- Be ready first 

Before making your grid, make sure there isn’t a spec of negativity in your mind. You’re completely relaxed and you know what to focus on! 

I am an athlete so working out for me is my solace. A quick run or a short work out routine helps me to focus better and prepare my mind and body to receive abundance and get rid of any sort of negativity trapped inside my body. 

Some people might choose meditation as their source or it can be just anything that makes you feel happier and relaxed! 

If you are in a happier, more relaxed and calm mood before creating your grid, it’ll give you a great start. And a good beginning is all that matters! 

Step 3:- Start from the centre of the grid 

Centre brings balance or equilibrium. So, it’s always better to be centred on everything in your life. This way you will never lose your balance. 

Even when you’re working on your grid, leave the centre for your desire that you want to fulfil. The centre or the middle grid is where you will write your desire. 

Don’t worry if you feel the boxes don’t hold enough space to fill in your desire, you can always have another piece of paper and write it there! 

What matters is, what feelings accompany you while you fill in your grids! 

Step 4:- Don’t hold back your feelings 

Let your feelings flow as you fill in your grid. Spare some time to focus on your desire and hold on to the positive, happy feelings that are associated with your desire. 

Let the feelings pour in and fill your heart with happiness and positivity. Basically, imagine how your life will be when it comes to fruition. 

Step 5:- Write all that you feel 

Once the feelings start to pour in, without wasting any time, get to writing. Write all that you feel in the outer boxes. 

Once you’re done mentioning your emotions, you can even write, in the boxes left blank, the reasons for your feelings and the times you experienced these similar feelings. 

This will help you know better what makes you happy and what exactly you are trying to seek. 

When I made my recent grid, I was seeking and expecting a promotion in my work front. I wrote in the middle, “my promotion” and then just let my pen flow, writing about the feelings associated and what will I do once I get it! 

What To Avoid While Making Your Grid? 

  • Don’t force your feelings:- If something doesn’t come organically, stop right there. Don’t force anything or deliberately make yourself feel something. Let the feelings flow naturally. 
  • Don’t make an effort to fill all the boxes:- There’s no need or no rule that says you need to fill all the boxes in your grid. It’s okay if some are left blank. 
  • Give yourself some time:- Do not rush. Give yourself some time to think and feel a natural way. Think wisely and then start to write. 
  • Be specific:- Keep in mind to always be specific when you ask something from the universe. Haphazard thoughts only bring haphazard results. If you

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How does Abraham Hicks’s Grid Work?

Abraham Hicks Emotional Grid

An emotional grid works as a point of attraction and a vibrational signal to the universe. It takes about 17 seconds after a thought is generated and is contained in the mind for the law of attraction to be activated. 

Once the law of attraction is activated, only then will a person be able to attract what he or she is looking for. This very process marks the beginning of an emotional grid. 

It is all about activating the law of attraction by generating and holding on to what you desire. This technique is so powerful because, for that amount of period, you send such a strong signal to the universe. 

As you hold on to the thought, powerful vibrations are sent out to the universe and the law of attraction starts responding. 

Once you have sent the thought and the energies out, all you need to do is, allow the universe to give you abundance. 

If you look at the grid every day, it will become an emotional set point for you whenever you think about your desire that you’ve written. 

This will help you to generate and then regenerate the happy thoughts and emotions associated with your desire. 

The more you look at the grid, the closer you get to your goal! 

Pause If You’re In a Negative Space 

Do not rush into the process at any cost. If you feel you’re in a negative space in life and are not ready to manifest positivity into your life, do not try to rush in. 

Take a break, get back in the right space and only then start manifesting. 

If you still want to attract good anyway, amidst the negative space, pause and think about one achievable goal or desire that will fill you with happiness

Do not give yourself huge goals when you are already exhausted. Be easy on yourself and think of a goal that can be achieved without too many efforts.

Make sure, what you write, is something you actually want at the moment. Do not send any confusing signals out. 


Here are some valuable tips that might help you make a great, fruitful emotional grid! 

  • Do not over-pressurize yourself and try to fill in the grids. Relax and let your pen flow. 
  • Don’t worry about making it too neat and tidy, do as you please. 
  • Get your emotions in a good place beforehand. 
  • Before writing in the grid, give yourself some time to relax and do things that you like and enjoy doing. This way your mind will be in a much better place at the time you start writing. 
  • Hold on to the thought that you want to attract for at least 17 seconds only then will the law of attraction get activated. 

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