What is Destiny Tuning ? Read How To Use Destiny Tuning To Manifest Your Dreams



This article is for the exceptionally focused people who aspire for more in life. The ones who have high aims and want to explore their full potential with the help of destiny tuning technique.

In my little world, there is no place for negativity. I am a conscious being and with this I mean I choose to think and act consciously. I am aware that what I think today is what I will get tomorrow! 

I wasn’t always this optimistic about myself and my life earlier. I too had my phases where I stumbled and fell. I too tasted those lows in life. But I had that vigour to reach the heights, I never gave up. My aims were always set and I wanted to achieve the state where I can proudly look into my own eyes and feel accomplished!  

We all are born into this world of countless opportunities and challenges. The only difference between the ones successful and the ones underachieved is nothing but their vision and perception. We can only reach our destinies if we bravely cut through those limitations.

The limitations, in the form of uncertainties, frustration, insufficient willpower etc, always haunt each one of us. But the true winner is the one who swiftly walks through them and achieves what he desires. 

The very self-explanatory title of this article, “what is destiny tuning” will help you know what this concept is all about and how any and every one of you can use it to attract all the good, positive things in your life. 

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About Heather Matthews 

Heather Matthews

In the words of Heather Matthews, there exists a highly significant universal force that ties us to our destinies. 

Heather Matthews, a world-renowned life coach and an inspirational speaker, is also the creator of, “Manifestation Miracle.” Huge credit goes to her for our awareness of this concept today. 

Heather puts a lot of stress on energies. She is a strong believer in the fact that energies play a significant role in our lives. These energies align us with our goals at every point in our life. She also believes that luck and good wishes are nothing but just a strong mental reconditioning and everything works or doesn’t work in life based on the law of attraction

According to Heather, it is not possible to teach somebody what is destiny tuning without telling them what is the law of attraction all about. To get to where we want, we first need to clear our old baggage and negative manifestations and recondition our minds in a way that we only attract good in our lives. 

Watch this video to understand how the Law Of Attraction works:-

What is Destiny Tuning Technique? 

Destiny tuning is the technique that is centred around our energy that attracts things in our life. By “things” it is meant, all the positive and negative events that occur in one’s life. In other words, all these events are a product of what we attract towards us with the help of our energies. This works on the principle of “law of attraction.” 

Destiny tuning is an approach to tune and seemingly control our paths by manifesting something into our lives. That something can be good or bad depending on what we consciously or subconsciously manifested. It is the art of channelling one’s energies into a direction in which one likes to go in. 

By focusing on the positive ideas and plans that are in alignment with our aims and goals, more positivity can be drawn into our lives. Whereas by focusing on the negatives, you will only be bound to attract negativity or negative outcomes in life. 

According to Heather Matthews, most people fail because they don’t use the law of attraction in their lives. The law which helps us to take on our biggest enemies or obstacles in life. 

These obstacles or enemies might be the challenges thrown at us by life or even our personal shortcomings and limitations which stop us from achieving big and becoming the best versions of ourselves. The law helps us become more aware of ourselves and our feelings. How we feel is what determines what we attract in our life! 

It is important to be aware of what we are feeling and we should never underestimate our emotions and feelings. What we feel, is what we attract and what we attract is what we get. 

How to tune our destinies? 

Destiny tuning might be difficult, to begin with, but once you get a hold on the whereabouts of this concept, this is easily adapted by people. 

This becomes more of a lifestyle that people live instead of something that you constantly have to remind yourself for doing. 

In the simplest words, this process is all about “learning and unlearning.” We all have our strengths and our mental blocks. To tune our destinies, all we need to do is to work on our strengths to become better and to remove those mental blocks that hinder us from achieving or becoming what we want. 

Here is a list of simple but efficient steps to begin with your destiny tuning journey :-

  • There’s nothing as powerful as the human brain and reversing the brainwashing is the first step to destiny tuning method. Try to be aware of who you are. Believe in yourself. Give yourself the space and state to learn new things and be open to new experiences and things in life. 
  • Everything that we think or feel becomes our reality one day and our energies govern the course of our lives. It is crucial that we must change our energies and vibrations and focus only on the positives in life. 
  • Third, the most important step to destiny tuning principle is to know what you want in life. When you are fully aware of what you want and where you want to go, only then can you be fully focused and attract those things that align with your goals and desires.
  • Take your control in your own hands. Do not give the remote control of your life in somebody else’s hands. Have faith in yourself and be confident in your choices and decisions that you make. Your confidence and determination will only take you to the heights and help you attract what you want. Be honest and truthful to yourself.
  • Lastly, when you have successfully achieved the above-mentioned steps, you are now ready to tune in your destinies. Tuning destinies is just the reorganisation of the thought patterns, removing the obstructions and attaining the state of mind in which you are free from the old baggage and ready to attain your goals and desires and start attracting positive things. 

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Benefits of Destiny Tuning 

Once you adapt yourself to this concept of destiny tuning, your life will take an unimaginable turn, which is for the good of course! Your thoughts will become your reality and by the time you adapt to it, you will also be able to train yourself and learn the art of only thinking positive. 

  • You will be able to attract whatever you want in life. 
  • You will be more aware of yourself. 
  • You will learn about your strengths and shortcomings and how to deal with them. 
  • You will be better equipped to deal with the challenges in life. 
  • Your life will be filled with positivity and good thoughts only. 

Take care of the following before Destiny tuning:-

  • If you have a negative temperament and focus on the negative things only, you will most certainly attract negativity in your life. So, before manifesting, you need to be very sure of what you’re constantly feeding your mind and soul with and only then start with the process of manifestation. 
  • Being lazy and unsure is another drawback for you here. If you are not able to set definite goals in life or keep hopping from one to the other, you won’t be able to reach anywhere. You need to be absolutely sure before asking or manifesting for something. 
  • It is never about just manifesting. Hard work, efforts and manifestations go hand in hand. If you’re one of those people who would not like to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals and feel only hoping and praying for it would give you the results, then you’re not thinking right. You have to put in efforts with a positive mind at all times. 

Does Destiny Tuning actually work? 

Does Destiny Tuning work

There have been millions across the globe who believe in and advocate this concept of Destiny Tuning. People have attracted several good things and often those “unimaginable things” into their lives by following this simple funda.

From a favourite, fancied piece of cloth to the big homes and dream cars, you name it, believe in it, have faith, follow this rule and tune in your destiny in whichever way you want! There are stories you can find online. Just type “Destiny Tuning” and you will come across several articles showing how destiny tuning helped people live their dream lives! 

Not only does it work for attracting the material things, but it also has helped people resolve issues in their personal as well as professional lives. Whether it is achieving new goals and attaining new heights professionally, or it is resolving matters in a relationship, destiny tuning is your perfect solution.

The best part about Destiny tuning is that it doesn’t matter which cultural, religious or any other type of backgrounds you come from, it is for all those who Believe! Anybody can follow it and use it in their benefit. 

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My Success Story 

First things first, Destiny tuning is a psychological process which only gives good results if practised consistently. Reading about others experiences or innumerable reviews won’t help you with your destiny tuning. You got to do it yourself! 

My journey started about 2 years back when I started feeling that I am not getting rewards in proportion to my hard work. I felt I worked way harder than the rewards I was getting in life. There was no lack in my efforts, I wasn’t being lazy, never procrastinated and always religiously put in my heart and soul into whatever I did. 

Having always been ambitious and a very goal-oriented individual, I wasn’t satisfied with the less I was getting. I was determined to identify the problem and find its solution. I started reading about other people’s success stories and tried to observe how they achieved the height they are at right now. 

The main point of consideration in all the stories was “the power of thought.” The intrinsic motivational source for people which was mostly their thoughts and a powerful mind. Not wasting any more time, I started reconditioning my mind and at first, unknowingly, started following the Destiny Tuning formula. 

I kept learning more about it and was consistently reconditioning and reshaping my thought pattern. It’s today and it was then, my life has completely undergone a huge transition. My personality 2 years back and today is miles apart. I am in such a happy place in my life. I feel accomplished and not underachieved! I use this even to help lead a calm and happy life, personally. My relations are more sorted and I am more peaceful as a being. 


Destiny Tuning is no less than a miracle. It is a treasure left out in the open for each one of you to use. All you need to do is, acknowledge it, have faith and you will see how it miraculously changes your life for the best! 

The dream life isn’t just in your head anymore, you can make it your reality. I made it mine, along with the millions more. The premise of the law of attraction is an eternal truth. People will keep attracting both good and bad into their lives consciously or subconsciously. 

My advice being, if we anyway do it, why not do it with our precise consciousness and control? Let’s use it in our utmost benefit and enjoy the endless list of advantages it will offer us! 

I hope you liked the In-depth article of Destiny Tuning and how you can use it to manifest your own dreams.

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