What is the Law of Vibration? Guide On How To Use the Law of Vibration in Everyday Life

what is the law of vibration

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If you are feeling positive, you will attract more positive people around you. People would love to come to you. But if your inner vibrations are negative like you are angry, in complaining mode or fear something, then you just can not attract loving or positive people around you.

 Conscious awareness vibration is feelings. In order to raise your vibration to attract positivity, you need to first understand what is the Law of vibration in life.

Universe has many laws, and the Law of Vibration is one of the fundamental Laws. What you attract into your life is the vibration you’re going to dictate. Having higher vibrations help you manifest an abundant life

It has been said that for you to get what you want, you have to vibrate to it. How does this vibration work? To vibrate to something, you must have positive thoughts. If you don’t, you won’t get what you are striving for.

Every type of low and high vibrations comes through us or around us, within us and around us.

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How to use the Law of vibration: Steps

how to use the law of vibration

Manifesting helps you achieve almost anything in your life even if they are your dreams, wealth, or what you want to have in the future. To complete your goal, you need to know how to use the Law of vibration for your dreams.

To attract good things in your life, you need to follow and apply laws, you cannot just learn Law and expect good things to happen in your life. It is not just about learning, it is about living and making it a part of your loving presence.

Below are a few points to understand how to use the Law of vibration.

1. Finances

What does one need to realize financially? Does one need to shop for an enormous villa by the hill or cliff or by the sea view? Does one need to extend the quantity of your saving this year? What amount does one need to invest? Do you need to pay your loan or your student or business loan?

2. Fun and Recreation

Fun and recreation are important parts of your life. Investing in the Law of Vibration to live a satisfying life could also be a true apparition or right way to manifest what you’d wish to have in life.

3. Health

law of vibration health

A lot of individuals need to draw in the physiological state or good healthy lifestyle to their lives. You may transmit the right message to the universe and manifest the fit health you would like by the use of the Law of vibration.

Some might need for the work and slim body, and yes, you’ll be able to understand this dream too if you perceive a way to apply and create the Law.

4. Family and Relationship

The Law of Vibration power can be used in a huge part of your life which is the need for your family and relationships. You’ll be able to attract and manifest the loving person into your life once you start transmitting the proper vibration to your surrounding relationship.

If you would like to have much better health, you’ll manifest it with the help of the Law of Vibration. If you wish to own more cash and while not having to work for it, yes, you’ll be able to manifest this dream by orientating your vibration in the right direction.



Using the Law of vibration in everyday life

1. Your thoughts should be conscious

Law of Vibration Thoughts

Your reality becomes everything you’re thinking. Every single thought that comes into your head has an impression on you. For example, I spent most years of my life saying “I have to have 8 hours sleep every night or I’ll become a rabbit in headlights”. I had that (limiting) belief cleared throughout an office session and hey presto! As long as I buy a minimum of six. hours I ain’t no rabbit!

When you amendment those thoughts for the positive, your reality is probably going to become positive too.

Easier said than done in the face of adversity though right? How ’bout this, subsequent time a negative thought shows up in your head, take the time to acknowledge it, convey it for exposure, dismiss it, and turn it around for the positive.

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2. Appreciate whatever you find beautiful

Beauty is all over us, nonetheless therefore typically we tend to walk around with our blinkers on. Appreciate your surrounding by stopping yourself for a moment and see its beauty.

3. Be Aware of the foods you eat in everyday life

Some foods vibrate at high frequencies, and a few lower (broccoli includes a high vibration as do blueberries; huge Macs do not vibrate in the slightest degree ;-).If you’re having foods coated in chemicals and pesticides or foods found inside plastic packaging, it’ll leave you moving lower.

Conversely, consume smart quality organic products, food nature is supposed to give you, and feel the high vibrations circulate throughout your body. Most significantly, listen to how the uptake of certain foods builds your body feels.

4. Drink water every day

Drinking water

To flush out toxicity out of your body, you should always drink plenty of water. The impact of toxicity inside of us and around us impacts us alot, we can reduce its effect by the help of vibrations and manifesting.

5. Meditate every day in life

Sit in an exceedingly comfy position, shut your eyes, and breath in and out. We are always in a rush in every day of our life, which is nowadays typical for everyone, rushing and tension have distributed our mind and scattered our thoughts.

Meditation helps us to go into a peaceful state of mind by calming our spirit and soul. Daily meditation of just 10 minutes can change your life forever.


6. Be grateful in life

Making a list of feelings or gratitude shifts your vibrations from specializing in what you do not need to abundant in your life to which you already have. There’s a lot to be grateful for than you may probably imagine.

For instance, every single night before going to bed I write down (in my gratitude feeling journal) five things for which I’m grateful for that day. It’s such a beautiful way to use the Law of vibration in everyday life.

7.kindness in life by practice

You should be kind and show kindness towards people around you, and you need to change your way of thinking of “I don’t have enough” or “Woe is me”, to “I can offer you something.”

Law of Abundance is a high vibration law. Inside constant vein, puts you in a high vibration feeling. Gossip or treat others badly can have an effect on your vibration and may suffer.

8.Blood pumping

Vibration needs movement, the more you do progress with movement, the higher your vibrations move. So Get Active! Dance!. A unique vibration feeling comes when you are feeling happy; you will attract happy experiences to you. Those feelings give you happiness, and your blood and body will feel relaxed.

The Law of Vibration by Bob Proctor


If you want to know what is the Law of vibration, then Bob Proctor has explained that. Everything from a concept to an associate object is in a very constant state of vibration. Nothing in this universe stops or rests for a second, and this universe is always vibrating.

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After you break something all the way down to the molecule, you’ll notice atoms of energy. These atoms vibrate at totally different frequencies (varying degrees of vibration) to create various things—the better higher the vibration frequency, the intense the vibration. Thought are the most potent sort of energy and thoughts are something which helps.

Feelings are called Conscious awareness of vibration. Bob Proctor has explained the Law of vibration.

Your thoughts handle your paradigms and your vibration, and you attract on what you’re vibrating for. Negative vibrations attract negative experiences and positive vibrations attract positive experiences in life.

After you don’t seem to be feeling sensible, become alert to what you’re thinking, then think about one thing pleasant, and alter your vibration.

Bob Proctor has given his life to understanding and explaining the laws of the universe if you have doubts in your mind about is the Law of vibration real, then the answer is yes.

  • Nothing in this universe stops or rests for a second, and this universe is always vibrating. We, as humans, live in the big ocean of emotions and motion.
  • If you move toward something and as the result of that, it is moving toward you…its called action and attraction. This is where your intuitive topics are used (or should be). Picking other people’s vibration this way will help you.
  • When you consciously become alert to vibrations, this comes in feelings. When you feel bad, you can change your feelings by thinking good thoughts. When you pick up a bad feeling from another person… you know they must be thinking disturbing thoughts about you.
  • You should not let their negative vibrations affect your approach of thinking.

 If you give time to understand the Law of vibration, then you will know that applying these Law in your life can make your life easy and happy, and will say the Law of vibration is no bulshit.

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