What is Orgasmic Manifestation? How To Use It To Achieve Our Dreams

What is orgasmic manifestation

What is Orgasmic Manifestation? How does it work? Haven’t I been doing it already? Read this article to answer all your questions related to Orgasmic Manifestation

Benefits of feeling good in your body

When your body feels good, you automatically feel lighter, happier and your mood uplifts. Your soul feels free and you feel content. You send out good energy to the universe when your body feels good. Everything in this universe comes down to energy. Whatever energy you give out to the universe, the universe will give it back to you.

Our energy is the highest during orgasm deliberations, or for energy is at its peak and there is absolutely nothing in the world that is more energetically charged than a human orgasm.

Connection with the universe increases

Reaching a climax is the most euphoric feeling and it is the greatest natural high an individual can experience. We are the universe. We have the power to create what we wanted the destroy what we want. We, humans, have a whole universe inside us.

We are made up of several elements. Our energy aligns with that of the universe when our body experiences an orgasm. We are one with the universe during this high euphoric feeling.  When we explore our body we are exploring our mind and our soul too.

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What is Orgasmic Manifestation?

Orgasmic Manifestation Definition

When you touch yourself and reach that peak, you’re not only connecting with your own body, but with the universe too. Law of attraction is all about sending out the energy of our own desires to the max, into the universe. And there is nothing more powerful force than an orgasm. The Law of attraction is about feeling good and content and during an orgasm, our body achieves both of these feelings.

Our body releases such high tremendous amount of energy during the point of climax, and everybody agrees to it. Sexual energy has been used since time immemorial to connect to a higher spiritual level. Many ancient spiritual traditions like Shamanism, Taoism, and Tantra use the tradition of sex for manifestations and becoming oneself with the universe.

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The whole point behind this technique of manifestation is to use the greatest energy our body can muster and use it to turn our dreams into a reality. It is said that during our climax anything is possible because it is a moment of heightened pleasure and sending such powerful energy into the universe will surely work wonders in terms of manifestation.

How Orgasmic Energy works

That feeling of pure bliss can be felt throughout your body. The energy builds up inside you and you can feel that rush of heat and at its peak, that energy is fired out of your body and into the atmosphere. Your manifestation power is at the highest point during all this, it is immeasurable and absolutely nothing more powerful exists.

Since the start, sexual energy has been used for creation. Anything can be created using such a powerful technique. Your desires, your wishes anything you want can be created into reality. Sexual energy doesn’t always have to be about creating a life form. The way you channel this massive force of energy into the universe is up to you. Using it productively can do wonders.

Sexual Transmutation in Orgasmic Manifestation

Sexual Transmutation in Orgasmic Manifestation

Sexual transmutation is a term used in manifestation. Transmutation refers to the change of form of things from one to another. In simple terms, Sexual  Transmutation means to channel the power of your sexual energy to create another thing. This power of creating an individual possesses can do great things for that person.

 Orgasmic feelings and sexual energy is a kind of a sacred thing. You are literally mixing your energy with your partner’s during intercourse. During an orgasm, your energy and your surroundings vibrate with maximum power. Orgasmic manifestation should start with you being in love with yourself.

The Law of attraction demands a positive mindset. Being in love with oneself, Being comfortable in your body, feeling confident, and seductive are all part of the process of manifestation technique. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are still people who shun sex and masturbation as something close to a sin.

Chanel your orgasm for Manifestation

Orgasm makes you feel happy and sex makes you feel confident and empowered. These are natural processes that have so much more power than just creating a life form. An individual should be proud of their sexual nature and let it help them in manifestation. The universe and the higher power has given us this amazing ability to feel so high and blissful.

The hidden power of human orgasm is vast. Sex and orgasm should not control you. Instead, you should have control over them. Obsession is not a good thing.

How to Manifest Your Dreams Using Orgasmic Manifestation

Engage in more sexual activity

Engage In More Sexual Activity
Shot of an affectionate young couple sharing a romantic moment in the bedroom at home

Whether it is with yourself or your partner, engaging in more sex will amplify your manifestation process. You mustn’t rush into the process, take it slow and easy. Relax, you have all the time in the world don’t rush into it. It is also important that you feel super comfortable with your partner.

 There should be no feelings of awkwardness or discomfort during intercourse. It is advised to use masturbation during the initial stages as you are more in tune with your own body. Orgasm involves the total self mind, body, and soul together. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s energy. You can set your own pace and feel comfortable. Also pleasuring oneself is easier.

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Visualization is a technique where you imagine or visualize scenarios in your mind and in those scenarios all your desires have already come true.

For beginners, focusing on visualizing during the process of sexual intercourse or masturbation can be tough as the pleasure can become too much.

Try imagining yourself making love to your partner or touching yourself in the scenario you’re trying to visualize. For example, for money and financial uplift imagine yourself in a penthouse or an expensive hotel. Your imagination has the power so it won’t hurt to imagine things. That’s the ultimate goal.

Use of Affirmations

Affirmations are statements you say that are basically the foundation of your manifestations. When we repeat these affirmations, we kick away negative thoughts and develop a habit of thinking positively. Some examples of affirmations are: I will be happy today. It’s a good day. I love my life. I am successful etc.

During sex or masturbation, it is easier to keep repeating affirmations mentally.

Keeping it in for as long as possible

When using orgasmic manifestation, it is recommended that a person should be able to hold and release his/ her climax and sexual energy.

Holding back from climaxing for as long as possible helps you connect with your partner or yourself on a higher, deeper, and a spiritual level and makes your release even more powerful.

Release and Calm down

After reaching your climax, rest, and breathe. Feel the energy running in your body. Enjoy the sensation pulsing through your body. Enjoy the brightness. The light feeling in your heart. Bask in the post-orgasmic glow and thank the universe for blessing you with such a great ability to feel so nice.

Smile and show gratitude to every good thing in your life and in your surroundings. Feel one with your body, thank your body for holding it till the end and taking you to such high.

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