What Is Physical Manifestation? How Do You Manifest Physical Things?

We’ve talked about manifesting a lot of things already. Happiness, peace, prosperity and what not. But did you know that physical manifestation is actually a thing? 

Yes, the physical manifestation is a subset of manifestation that refers to directly creating physical entities in your life. 

It might sound impossible to some that it is possible to bring a physical object into your life only by will. However, it might be partly correct as physical manifestation is a bit tricky and unpredictable at the same time. 

But just like we can manifest a non-physical thing into our life, physical things can also be brought in.

Don’t worry about the tricky part as here, with the help of this article, I’ll be telling you how you can manifest physical objects into your life with a hundred per cent conviction! By the end of this article, my sole aim is to make you a prolific physical manifestor

What Does Manifestation Mean Spiritually?

If you ask me, I’ve always found manifestation a very spiritual thing. It’s like whenever I sit to visualise or write it, I feel a wave of positivity around me. 

While manifesting, I feel a connection with the supreme power. And that’s exactly what manifestation means spiritually! 

Spiritually, manifestation means aligning your wish to the wish of existence. Anyway, we are just a small particle in this vast universe and we can only live a life we want if we realise and accept this. 

I’ll tell more elaborately how manifestation is spiritual.

So, basically, when we are to manifest, the first and foremost thing that we are advised to do is, be positive. What does it mean to be positive? 

Being positive means getting rid of all the negativity in our mind, gathering the limiting beliefs and throwing them out of our bodies and then rewiring our system to align with that of the universe. The universe is nothing but the greatest power source. 

And aren’t we taught to do the same in all the spiritual classes! This is the magic of manifestation. It not only is a way to fulfil your desires but also awakens you and your being in general. 

I remember being this irritable and frustrated teenager and then suddenly one day, I decided to manifest what I wanted. What I wanted then, was just a gadget but what I unknowingly and unintentionally received, was much more! 

I don’t remember what anger is, I don’t know how anybody can irritate me. I don’t remember the last time I lashed out or stressed myself over a thing or situation! 

This is what manifestations did to me and if practised and followed with your heart, you can manifest whatever you desire and at the same time, you will become the best version of yourself!

Can You Manifest Physical Things? 

Manifesting something physical, like money, a car or a house or any other object that you desire sometimes takes time while other times, the universe grants it almost instantly. 

The time it takes for you to manifest a physical object, depends upon the lesson the universe wants you to learn. Sometimes the delay is caused because the universe wants to test us or maybe help us show a new solution. 

To illustrate it better, say, you want a car. You start manifesting for it but something is causing a delay. That delay might be:- 

  • The Universe finds there is a better car in store for you 
  • The universe wants you to explore more options or 
  • Maybe you can have a better deal and it isn’t known to you yet. 

We need to be fully open and prepared to see all the possible reasons and causes if we want to be fully able to recognise and embrace the various solutions that the universe offers to us. 

In reality, there isn’t anything wrong with the universe that causes the delay. The universe is a timeless entity that is a reflection of our reality. To fix the delay, we need to fix the concept of our time. 

In the cosmic world or the manifestation, world manifestation is always happening and is rather instant! 

How To Manifest Physical Reality 

Manifesting isn’t hard or tricky if you know how to go about it. Some people think it takes months or years to manifest anything into reality but if you carefully work your way through the manifesting steps, it can happen a lot quicker.

There are many ways of manifesting, various techniques and several different steps that you can follow for manifestation. 

There isn’t any right or wrong technique or a right or wrong step, what matters is and what needs to be taken into consideration is, the way you follow a certain technique and its related steps. 

Here’s a list of a few simple and easy to begin with steps that you can follow to manifest physical reality.

Step 1– Be Sure Of What You Want To Manifest:-

Before manifesting, make sure that you are clear and certain of what you want. Never do haphazard manifestation and make sure you don’t let doubt come in your way. 

Try to be as specific as possible and do not confuse yourself and the universe. If you want to manifest something quickly, make sure that it is actually something that can be manifested in that specified time. 

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself before deciding what you want to manifest:- 

  • Do I really want to manifest so and so? 
  • Am I ready to welcome that thing in my life? 
  • Is it the best thing to manifest for me? 
  • Will it do any good to me and others as well? 
  • Will it harm somebody’s feelings or sentiments or in any other way? 

Whatever you want to manifest, make sure it is for the greater good and you will be benefited from it even in the longer run. Be very sure that your manifestation isn’t about harming somebody in any way. 

Step 2– Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs:-

Identify whatever thoughts or actions of yours are causing or may cause a delay in your manifestation process and get rid of them. 

Get rid of the old limiting beliefs and any sort of negativity or pessimism that your brain may hold. 

Feelings like jealousy, anxiety, thanklessness etc also cause a delay in the process. Make sure you surrender to the supreme power and have faith in it at all times. 

Toxic people and a toxic environment can also cause hindrance in the manifestation process and you need to get rid of these by all means for your manifestation to work. 

Step 3– Visualise What You Want To Manifest:- 

After you’ve decided what you want to manifest and gotten rid of the limiting beliefs, visualise what you want to manifest. 

Visualisation is the most powerful manifestation technique and it helps you not only receive abundance in the future but also gives you a sense of immense hope and positivity in the “now.” 

Visualisation works wonders if you do a multi-sensory visualisation. This means working on more than one sensory organs at a time while you visualise. You not only work on your eyes to see what you want. You also feel it at a deeper level, involving your other sense organs. 

You can add as many details as you want. It is your world and you paint it the way you want it to be. 

Step 4– Take The Required Action:- 

Never stop working towards your dreams and hard work and determination will only get you going. 

Once you’ve done the above said, have faith, sit and relax but at the same time, if there is a need for you to take some action in order to get that thing done, make sure you do it along with your manifestation. 

Make sure you recognise what you’re doing and take action to eradicate anything and everything that might cause a delay in the process. 

Step 5– Be Open-Minded, Recognise And Be Grateful:- 

The final step after you’ve done everything else is to recognise what is happening around you at the present, look for the signs the universe is giving you and be open-minded to the endless opportunities. 

Sometimes, what we want from the universe isn’t what it has in store for us, so we should not be rigid and always keep in mind that whatever we receive is and always will be the best for us. 

Have faith in the universe and let no doubt occur in your mind. Be grateful for what you have received in the past and what you have in the current scenario.

Thanklessness or complaining will lead you nowhere. One should always remember to say thank you to the universe for everything that you have. 

How To Know That You’re About To Receive What You Manifested For? 

The universe always keeps signalling us whenever we are about to receive something from it. All we need to do is have an open mind and pay attention. 

Here are a few signals that you need to look for to know if you’re close to receiving what you manifested from the universe:- 

  • You may hear others talk about what you manifested:- Whether it’s your colleagues, friends, family or something you heard on the radio that matches with what you manifested, this is a clear sign that you are about to receive from the universe, what you asked for. 
  • Feelings of excitement and thrill:- When suddenly you feel excited and thrilled and you don’t know the reason, this may be a sign that your manifestation is about to be answered by the universe. 
  • People in your circle bringing up the topic of your goals:-  When you hear your family or your friends bring up the topic of your goals and talk to you about it randomly, is another sign that your prayer is about to be answered. 
  • Repeating numbers or patterns:- When you start to see repeating numbers, in the form of time or signs on the roads, this may be a signal from the universe too. 

These are a few signs that the universe might give you, signalling that your manifestation is about to be answered. Lookup for them and be excited and thrilled at all times! 

Thought Manifestation

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are always manifesting. Our mind is never out of thoughts and our thoughts today, decide our life tomorrow.

Thought manifestation is a way of manifestation that makes use of our thoughts. This means whatever you’re focusing on in your mind, you are bringing it into your reality. 

I often experience things happening in real whatever I ardently think about. Like most of us, I too have experienced this. If I am missing somebody just too much, I often find them calling me or texting me within a few hours! 

Many people just leave it, considering it a mere coincidence but in reality, what happened is a physical manifestation of your thoughts! 

Positive thoughts help you get aligned with what you desire and shifts it from just a mere thought to physical reality. 

Physical manifestation doesn’t work at a very quick pace. It isn’t like one day you think of winning a lottery and the next day, your money is in your bank account. Physical manifestation takes time and there is a procedure that you need to follow to make it work but it surely is a thing and dreams do come true! 


Whatever it is that you are manifesting, you need to be patient and have immense faith in yourself and the universe. 

Doubts won’t lead you anywhere in life, instead, they’ll only slow down the process and cause hindrance in the way. 

Whether it is love, wealth or anything that you want to manifest in your life, you need to be consistent and patient throughout the process. Think about it intensely every day, follow the steps and keep visualising what you want. 

Visualisation is the most powerful manifestation technique, make sure to make the best use of it! Have an open and optimistic mind, never let your hopes die and never stop dreaming. 

Those who dream and work for it, reach great heights definitely! Some dreams may take some time and some may quickly be turned into reality but no dream is unanswered if you are determined and hardworking! 

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