What Is The Ho’oponopono Technique And What Are Its Benefits

You may or may not have heard about the ho’oponopono technique, but if you are into the Law of Attraction, I highly recommend you give the ho’oponopono technique a try.

But what is the ho’oponopono technique all about? What are the benefits of the ho’oponopono? How to practice the ho’oponopono technique for maximum results? And is the ho’oponopono technique real?

What Does Hooponopono Mean?

Ho’oponopono is derived from the Hawaiian word “ho’o” which means cause and the word “Pono Pono” which means perfection. It forms the word “ Cause Perfection” which means to override your mistakes and make them right while forgiving yourself for the same.

The technique focuses on self-forgiveness which helps the person improve from the inside by cleansing all the negative energies present within them.

The technique is based on the assumption that anger and ego will only hurt the person and prevents them from attracting positivity into their life. A person can only achieve greatness and manifest their desires successfully if he/she knows the art of forgiveness.

Holding back your emotions for a person and constantly thinking about how to get back at them only causes more problems. If someone is hurting you, forgiving them and cutting ties with them is the right way to move forward.

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What Is The Ho’oponopono Technique?

In the ho’oponopono technique, you ask for forgiveness from yourself or other people whom you might have hurt. It involves chanting prayers or mantras.

We start by choosing a suitable environment to perform our exercise. The environment should be quiet and stress-free. You can lighten the mood by lighting scented candles and playing some light-hearted music. Remember while going into the process have a calm and worry-free mind to take the maximum benefit of the ho’oponopono technique.

The next step is to enter a meditational state which can be achieved by closing your eyes for a few minutes and taking deep breaths until you are relaxed to hop onto the next step.

Once you feel you are ready, start by saying along the lines “ I am truly sorry for what I have done and I will make it right”. It is important that while you preach these lines, all the feelings should be true and come from inside. Don’t just keep on repeating the lines for the sake of the technique.

It is completely up to you as to how long you wish to continue with this exercise. Just make sure that once you are done with it, you should feel a lot calmer, and lighter. There should be a feeling of relief in your heart which will tell you that the exercise was a success.

Slowly open your eyes and look around your room and realize what you just did. Let the words heal your body and mind.

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Why The Ho’oponopono Technique Works So Well?

The ho’oponopono technique other than focusing on forgiveness also works on 3 more key phrases. They are remorse or repentance, gratitude, and self-love. When all the 4 phrases or aspects of the technique come together as a whole, they emit high amounts of healing energy which is enough to heal any person.

Let us understand all the 4 key phrases in brief:-


This phrase helps you forgive yourself for your past errors and teaches you that it is okay to feel sad for your mistakes. This phase is usually the most important one as it lays down the foundations for the entire process.

By forgiving yourself, you free yourself from all the past traumas and opens up a pathway to self-love. Also forgiving help in pushing the negative energies away which in turn puts you in a better position to attract greatness.

You can use simple lines such as “I am sorry” multiple times a day.

Taking Responsibility

Now, you are taking the responsibility for all the errors that you might have committed and realize that it is okay to accept your mistakes. This is a crucial step to repentance as you cannot ask for forgiveness if you don’t accept your mistakes in the first place.

Once you take the responsibility regardless of if it was your mistake or not, you are already a step closer to healing yourself.


Self-love is a very powerful way to achieve inner healing. Self-love includes loving yourself for your actions and the decisions you took no matter what the consequences were.

Love the air around you, the life you have, and let it heal you from inside out.


Be grateful for everything you have in your life. Your family, friends, house, car, and also yourself. Thank the universe for all the lovely moments you were able to cherish and all the wonderful relationships you have.

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Benefits Of The Ho’oponopono Technique

The ho’oponopono technique has many benefits to offer. While using the ho’oponopono technique we realize the importance of forgiveness and how not forgiving someone or yourself takes a toll on our mental health.

Other than forgiveness, the ho’oponopono technique also helps us understand our emotional level and teaches us ways to have control over our emotions.

It improves our ability to overcome a situation and helps us move on from it without it affecting us in any way.

Once, we have the power of forgiveness, it also helps us sustain relationships. Most of the relationships break because of a conflict between the partners and none of them taking responsibility. But with this technique, we can easily learn the art of realizing our mistakes and accepting them in front of our partners which can save a relationship.

Another benefit of the ho’oponopono technique is to live an emotionally stable life while kicking out the negativity from our lives. Also, the technique can be used by fellow manifestors who are trying to manifest their goals.

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I hope this article helped you learn more about the ho’oponopono technique and what are the benefits of the ho’oponopono technique. If you have any doubts or questions, please use the comment box below. Cheers!

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