How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction

How to Win Lottery with the law of attraction


You don’t have to be a mastermind or a great mathematician to win a lottery always. You can win a lottery with the law of attraction! Yes, it is true and right here, right now I will tell you a special formula for how to win a lottery with the law of attraction!

Once you know what to follow and how to follow the law, there’s nothing that cannot be achieved with it. The only limitations a man has, are the ones he creates for himself. Nothing is stronger than your own mind. Once you are aware of your limiting thoughts and you take an action to eradicate them, you become unstoppable!

Law of attraction isn’t very different too! It works on your thoughts and beliefs. When you generate a positive thought, the outcome ought to be positive too! 

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The 3 Powerful Steps to Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction

If you want to win the lottery you just purchased and change the situation for the greater good, here are the 3 steps you need to thoroughly focus on. Here’s what you need to focus on to win a lottery with the law of attraction! 

1. Ask yourself “why”

The first and foremost step for initiating anything that you do in life is, clarifying your intentions. 

  • Ask yourself why you want it?
  • Is it actually that important to you?
  • Will it harm anybody else? 
  • What is the purpose behind? 
  • Will it do good not only to you but others related to you as well? 
  • Are your intentions clear? 

These questions are a must for everybody to ask themselves before they jump into anything in life. There is an equal and opposite reaction to everything that one does in life. So, make sure you do good if you expect good! 

If you feel your doing will affect somebody in a wrong way, pause and think. Especially in money related matters, never be greedy. The law is there to satisfy what you need with a pure heart and not to satisfy your dual intentional greed. Before asking the universe to fulfil your wish of winning a lottery with the law of attraction, make sure that there’s no negativity behind it. The universe will only give you what you ask from it. 

If there’s any negative intention or a bad thought behind your wish, you will be delivered based on just that. 

2. Get rid of your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts 

The Universe matches your frequency and then gives you what you want. It is nothing but your energies and vibrations which govern the whole scenario. If you want to win your lottery, you must observe and eliminate any or all the negative thoughts that come your way. 

Limiting beliefs or thoughts bring down your energies and inhibit you from attracting what you manifested. They block your manifestation power. 

Be aware of such thoughts, if they occur and get rid of them immediately, false or wrong beliefs like, 

  • I am always a loser 
  • I can’t win the lottery 
  • Luck never favours me 
  • It is useless to buy lottery tickets 
  • I never have enough money 

Such thoughts not only block your positive energies but also create a layer of negativity around you which makes your manifestation pointless. 

Always remember that these beliefs are based on your past experiences and not necessarily all are true. 

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3. Have faith in the process. Trust the universe 

Once you are done with manifesting and eliminating the wrong beliefs or any sort of doubt, all you need to do is, relax and have utmost faith in what you’re doing and the universe. Sit back and let the universe take its course. 

Don’t try to be a controller. Let the universe lead the way. This is the most tedious and crucial step and many people mess this one up. That’s because of their constant checking and worrying. Feeling worried or anxious all the time while in the process, interferes with your vibrations and bring them down. This change in the frequency of your vibration throws you out of the alignment with the universe and troubles the whole law of attraction. 

Instead of overindulging and worrying, focus on the bright side. 

  • Feel and imagine how it will be when you win. 
  • What will you do with the money you get 
  • How will you help yourself and your loved ones with the money you receive 
  • How your life will change for the good

This way you will not get into any negative space and feel positive all through the process. 

Know How To Ask The Universe 

Learn the right way of manifesting to win the lottery using the law of attraction. 

Now that you know what to do, it is also important for you to know how to do it. The most important thing to keep in mind before manifesting is to know how to ask. 

You need to “ask” the universe for the lottery win in sort of a demanding way. Not to beg and not to sound too desperate. Ask the universe for the lottery win in a way which suggests that you deserve to win! 

Say, “I deserve to win the lottery and I will win definitely!” 

When we beg or throw out desperate vibes, it gets difficult to attract what we need because these are counted as negative emotions. We need to be firm, determined and ask the universe the right way! 

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Be A Keeper 

What to do once you have won the lottery with the law of attraction? 

Now that you have won the lottery with the law of attraction, which I’m sure you will after truly and wholeheartedly following the powerful 3, it’s time that you understand how to keep the money. Not just the money, this rule goes for every gift you receive from the universe. 

  • First is, recognising. Recognize what you have just received 
  • Never be overconfident or have a bad attitude 
  • Thank the universe for it
  • Be grateful
  • Count your blessings and always try to be positive and trust the course of your life 

When it comes to money, money brings a lot of power with it. Make sure that you are responsible enough to handle it. 

Try to do good with it for others too. Don’t just use the money for your gratification. Use some of it for a good cause too. Once you have got it all, wish good for others too. Always empathise

And be kind to others around you. 

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