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How to write a Manifestation List

“A pen is mightier than the sword” you must have heard of this phrase. Well, it sure is true. A pen and a piece of paper can help you change your life. You might be thinking that’s impossible, but it is true. It can work for you. Read how to write a manifestation list and successfully manifest your dream life.

Manifesting is a technique of reaching out towards the universe, a higher power to get what you want.  Manifesting in the proper way has led to many people leading better lives.

It is based on your beliefs, your trust in the universe, and yourself. Your thoughts have to be confident and full of trust. You need to trust yourself, your power, and your actions. It won’t work simply because you have good positive thinking. You need to show the universe that you are worth everything that you are asking for.

The law of attraction is not tough. It doesn’t have to be tougher or complex. The human mind has a tendency of making even the smallest of things complex. You just have to stay focused on your dreams and have a positive mindset. Your desires will come running to you.

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Why Writing Down Manifestation is Powerful?

Writing down your manifestations is a great way of giving them power. It makes your desires more concrete. They’re out there. The universe knows what you truly really want.

When you are writing down your desires, you are basically sorting out what your true desires want. Something that is unnecessary, you will not write it down. You are focusing on writing your deepest desires. That focus and the level of concentration that you put into writing make sure energy boost up and your thoughts and vibrations become even stronger.

Knowing how to write a manifestation is essential. The following steps depend on person to person. Just do what you feel is comfortable and suits you best. Anything that you feel is going to make you comfortable should be done.

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Writing a Manifestation List

Write A manifestation List

There are various writing methods that have been spreading in the LOA community. When you write your desires or something you want to manifest, you are thinking about that desire for a longer period of time. The Law of attraction is basically just thinking if you want to put it in simpler terms.

Scripting is a technique of writing manifestations. Scripting is basically writing about your desires as if they have already become a reality. There is also the 555 technique where you repeatedly write your manifestations 55 times for 5 days in a row.

Repetition is said to be powerful as it sets the desires deep into your subconscious mind, which gives it more powerful vibrations.

 Also, when you’re writing, your mind is focusing solely on your deepest desires. This focus keeps you from doubting yourself or letting you get into a negative mindset.

Focus gives your goals more vibrations. You’re giving your utmost attention to your desire, which helps it grow or become a reality. It definitely works. Just trust the process and go with it.

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How to Write a Manifestation List

Writing a manifestation list, letter or Journal can be tough for most of us. We are good at thinking and setting our intentions in our minds, but when it comes to writing down our thoughts and feelings into a letter we hesitate and become uncertain.

These are the steps you can follow to write a manifestation letter. You don’t have to follow them to the point. Just do what makes you feel comfortable.

You Need To Start Writing Them.

The first step is to take a pen and paper and actually write them down. Don’t keep them in your head. When you write your intention and desires you are giving them more positive power. The Universe can hear all your emotions and writing them down makes it more clear.

Be Clear and Precise.

To get into a clear mindset, you can meditate, go for a walk or cycle. Clear your mind and relax. When you are writing down your manifestations, make sure you are clear about what you want. The universe will not be able to help you if you yourself don’t know what you truly wish for.

Use The Present Tense.

Why not act as if all your manifestations have come true? Do exactly that. Instead of writing in the future tense use the present tense. For example, instead of, “I want to be rich” write “I am rich and financially abundant.” You need to give power to your desires.

Read Your Letter Every Day

Align yourself with your letter. Focus on your desires and know how you felt while writing them. Ready yourself for all the good things that are going to come your way. Reading your letter will help you keep track of your goals.

Write With a Positive, Grateful, and Loving Mind.

Be loving and grateful when you write your letter. Sure, you need to be clear in your letter, but don’t let your negative feelings get into it. Show the universe that you’re grateful to have a chance to make use of manifestation. Love yourself and accept yourself. Trust the universe with all your heart and soul.

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Why Intention is the Foundation when Writing your Desires?

Write A Manifestation letter

The intention is what you intend to have, what you want, and desire. Your intentions are what reach the universe. Intentions play an important part in your manifestations. Manifestation is higher than just wishing for something. It is a grander, bigger process than just wishing for a small thing.  

How To Write a Letter of Intention Manifestation.

Here are all the steps to guide you through the process.

Get Into a Clear Headspace

When you are filled with inner tension and conflicts, your intentions will have a different quality. You should make my mature choices to send out good vibrations. Stop all your negative thoughts and go into a deeper, peaceful, and calm space. Sort out your memories and go into work clear mindset.

Write What You Want

Pick up a pen and a piece of paper. Think about things that you want instead of things you want the universe to correct for you. For example, suppose you want financial freedom. Instead of writing,” I don’t want to be poor in my life” or “I will never be in debt” write with the positive intent, “I am financially sound” “I have all the wealth in this world.”

Act Real

Write your manifestation as though they have already come true. Using future tense tends to take your goal far away from you. For example, instead of saying “I am looking for true love right” write “I have the love of my life with me and I am satisfied”.

Exclude Negative Affirmations

Exclude or avoid the usage of the words “try”, “but”, “if” , “might”. Uncertain words like these should be avoided. For example, instead of writing “I am trying to lose weight” write “I am comfortable and fit in my body.” It makes a difference.

Be Grateful

 Be grateful to the universe in your intention letter. Your pure and grateful intentions will result in the positivity that will bring you even more good things in life.

Be Realistic

Your intentions should be real, achievable, and realistic. If your current intention feels unreal or fantasy-like, you should change the wording in your letter. It should be something believable and something you accept in your heart.

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